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Xmen Apocalypse

Xmen launched into the box office on Tuesday, long awaited in the marvel community. The first three Xmen movies, although good were slightly disappointing. I personally hated several things they did in this verse. Including turned Jubilee into just a girl who shoots out pretty sparks. Turning Rogue into an energy leech completely avoiding her flying ability as well as her super strength. Before making her take the mutant cure so she can be normal, to be with Bobby. Gambit highly under used, only appearing in the Wolverine movie, instead of being a permanent member of the Xmen. I think even Marvel Studios will admit that there were plenty of mistakes with the first three movies.

However, since Days of Future past and the complete rewriting of the Xmen universe, we have given breath to a whole new series of events. Allow them to start from the very beginning of Xavier and Erik building the school, meeting and collecting their Xmen. I have to say that Days was my very favourite of the movie verse to date. Exciting, ground breaking ideas. Making this universe just as important, and as exciting as the other Marvel movies.

We start with an old enemy in Ancient Egypt, believed to be the very first mutant trying to perform a body swop to a younger body to stay alive. Gaining new powers from the next vessel. The Egyptians overthrow him, destroying the temple to bury him. Moria McTaggert discovers the temple and the creature as it ascends to build a new life. While Jean Grey at the school starts to have uncontrollable visions, affecting the world around her as she picks up on the energies of what is happening. We see Scott Summers find his way to the school after a sudden appearance of his mutation. The Professor impressed by how much raw power he has.

Raven aka Mystique has become the face of the mutants, a hero of sorts. As she traveling freeing mutants from human control, such as Nightcrawler. Erik has a wife and child now, living a normal life. Until he accidently lets his powers show to save a man’s life at work. Leading the town’s people to come after him, accidently killing his wife and child in the process. In his grief, he allows Apocalypse to recruit him, along with Arch Angel, Storm and Psylocke to his ‘horsemen’ as he tries to regain control over the world after his long slumber. While Charles tries in his own ways to hold things at bay. Doing all he can to win back his old friend from the darkness once again.

Apocalypse is really the anti villain of the production, as all he cares about it ridding the world of its technology, its false idols and bringing back his world, his peace. While unlocking the potential of every single mutant to make them as powerful as they could ever possibly be. Of course doing so he will destroy the world and 90% of the population, but details! I really do love how they show the ‘baddy’ as just someone trying to make the world a better place, even if it is through very dangerous misguided means.

Not as exciting as Days of Future Past, clearly a set up movie for the next few in the series. I really enjoyed the whole thing, other then the fact that Angel and Psylocke were reduced to little barely spoken of side characters in the back ground. Even Storm was barely used. It was more about Raven, Charles, Jean and Scott coming into acceptance of themselves and their powers. I did however greatly like how they tied in meeting Mutant X, helping him escape from the labs.

All in all I would give this film 4/5.

Highly enjoyable.