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Would you attend a Skin Clinic with RESIDENT EVIL Umbrella Logo on it?

And in random, somewhat creepy, news today, it was discovered that a skin clinic in Ho Chi Minh City, a city in Southern Vietnam, has chosen as its emblem the Umbrella Corporation’s logo from the Resident Evil game franchise. Not that it knew this of course...or, so they say.

The article appeared on Geek Culture's site and facebook page at first, and is now fast infecting the internet. I'm surprised CAPCOM has not hit them with licence infringement subpoenas.

This patient might not know what she is in for:

You can check out the Clinic's official site, where the logo is quite visible. If this is Umbrella, they are not hiding their presence very well. One wonders if they are preparing a special 'S'-virus (skin virus) to assist their evil plans in unfolding.

Facetiousness aside, it would seem from the site that the Clinic really did not know that the logo is an Umbrella emblem nor that it is a symbol from the Resident Evil franchise. I would still steer clear from a clinic using such an eerie symbol, and if there was a Doctor Wesker listed under employees... well, that would make me run to the closest airport.

Even their statement, "Our mission your satisfaction" seems creepy now.

Source: KOTAKU

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