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Wicked Lovely: Melissa Marr

Rule Three: Never stare at invisible faeries

Rule Two: Never speak to invisible faeries

Rule One: Don’t ever attract their attention

Aislinn has lived by those rules her whole life, pretending she doesn’t see the faeries every where she goes. Her grandmother insists, tells her it is dangerous to admit that she has the sight. Allows her very little freedom, making sure she checks in constantly. Only allows her other to her friend Seth’s as often as she does as he lives in a converted train. Steel walls, perfectly safe from all bar the strongest of faeries. Iron, steel, salt, protect yourself. Never get caught, never look at them, and keep yourself safe.

What happens when the rules change? What happens when the Summer King to be Keenan decides you are the only one that can be his bride? The one woman to change the status quo, to over throw his mother the Winter Queen. Allowing summer to return to the land, otherwise the faeries and eventually the humans will all perish. What do you do when everything you believe will keep you safe isn’t enough?

That is the dilemma facing Aislinn as she tries to juggle school, her growing affections for Seth, as well as her visions as she is chased constantly by two of the strongest faeries she has ever seen.

Keenan can not afford to take no for an answer with so much at stake. Countless lovers of his have tried to become the Summer Queen before, none of them have been able to survive his mother’s chill poisoning them. Poisoning, binding him so he is almost powerless against her as well. He needs his bride, so they can stand together against the evil rotting his world.

Aislinn however is determined to say no, to keep saying no, to spurn his every attempt at winning her heart. Or her consent to attempt the test that will kill her, make her cold forever or make her the Queen he needs. Keenan is not used to a strong woman going against his will, unsure how to approach the subject. He doesn’t want to threaten those she loves, yet sooner or later he may have to. Shocking him even further is when she admits to him she knows exactly what he is. For the first time, he can be his real self.

This is a book I picked up in a second hand store simply because the artwork is stunning. I do have a little crush on faeries from having an obsession with Labyrinth growing up. I hadn’t read anything on the subject in years, so it was a random ‘I need something to read on the bus home’ choice. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Melissa is a highly talented writer, bringing to life the themes with a lavish touch making them seem perfectly logical. Something that could easily happen in real life. Although this book is marketed at teenagers, it is pitched in a way that makes the world accessible to any age group. I can see why this is an international best seller, I shall be sure to search out the other books in this talented series.

10/10 stars

Sarah Beth James