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Why I am looking forward to AVEN COLONY On PS4

On Saturday I mentioned 23 games that PlayStation would be releasing this week. One of them is called Aven Colony, and here is a quick trailer for the game being released tomorrow.

Aven Colony is a city-building strategy game about mankind’s first colony on a moon orbiting a gas giant ten light-years from earth called “Aven Prime.” I am immediately reminded of my love for No Man's Sky and my fond wish that you could build much more on your base planet.

Just looking at the videos and the available images, it looks like you will be able to build much more. Unlike NMS, you are restricted to one planet it seems, which is probably why you can build so much more.

Paul Tozour, founder of Mothership Entertainment, gives us a glimpse of what to expect on PlayStation's blog:

We particularly wanted to explore themes of survival and all of the science-fiction aspects of a future version of humanity landing on an alien world, learning its secrets, and discovering the traces of a vanished alien civilization.

Beginning with the Hyla’s Crescent campaign mission, the Aven Expedition begins to discover awesomely powerful artifacts left behind by the mysterious species that once inhabited this world. After collecting an artifact, storing it at an Artifact Containment Unit, and then researching the artifact at a Research Center, you’ll be able to use it to produce powerful effects to help your colony.

This has more of a feel of Sim City, with the earth being replaced with a moon in a futuristic setting. Perhaps some secret NASA Agency is testing us for ideas for when we finally establish a colony on Mars.

Either way, I love space travelling and colonization games, and this will be the number one PS4 game to acquire on my list this week.

Shaun M Jooste

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