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White Collar Season Two

White Collar Season Two

We carry on from the cliff hanger ending of the last series where Kate was killed when the plane exploded. Neal is falling apart, flash backs, shaking, not coping in the slightest yet constantly faking he is fine. Trying to hide his true emotions from everyone around him, not trusting anyone enough to let them in. Peter is so worried about his partner, he meets secretly with Mozzie to talk about Neal. As they both try to be a good friend supporting him in their own different ways. Distrustful of each other.

Neal tries to hide the fact he is going after Kate’s murderer, which fools no one. There is little chance he could ever give up that obsession. The obsession that had first caused him to break out of prison just to see her for a moment. Meanwhile Peter hides the fact he had the music box not the FBI. Trying to keep Neal from making a terrible mistake that could land him back in jail for a long time. Only admitting that he actually has it when he sees that Neal is starting to heal, coming back to himself enough to work on the project together.

Added tension comes from the entrance of Sara, from Stirling Bosh. Who wants her artworks back that he stole from her company long ago. A painting worth over 15 million dollars. She hates him violently which of course makes Neal all the more interested in her. Trying to win her heart, distracting him from missing Kate just a little.

Most of this season is spent chasing after the contents of the music box, once they realise that it makes something. This leads them into danger, the discovery of the people behind the plot to kill Kate and Neal as well. As well as other more interesting artefacts this will be key in later seasons.

A very touching scene between Neal, Mozzie and Peter also exists in this season. When Neal thinks he has discovered who is behind her death, steals a gun and goes after him. Mozzie selling out his best friend to the suit to try and stop Neal making that terrible mistake. Peter arrives when Neal is holding a gun at the other party (which I won’t name to not give away too many spoilers). Talking him down, telling him he isn’t a murderer, trying to convince him this is for the best. One of the very first times that the three men start working together as not only a team, but as friends. You can really feel Neal’s pain in this season. How worried everyone is about his mental health. How his friends would do anything to help him, even break the law.

This is the season which really started to drag me into the show. I love deep meaningful characters, dark pasts, things that make people feel real and human. I love when a series breaks a character just so he can learn how much people care about him as they try to put him back together. I only wish that they had gone a little deeper into this, but they had to leave plot for other series as well.

Well worth the viewing. 8/10 stars

Sarah Beth James