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White Collar Season One

White Collar

Season One

Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) is an FBI agent, heading a white collar crime unit. He chased Neal (Matt Bomer) for years, putting him behind bars finally for bond fraud among a host of other things. Just weeks before Neal’s four year sentence is up, he breaks out. Peter chasing him down, to find out that Neal left prison to try and win back his girlfriend Kate. Who had visited the prison to tell him that it was all over. Peter finds Neal clutching a bottle in their old apartment after trying to find Kate. Rearrests him, but Neal notices a fine thread on the detective’s jacket. He offers Peter a deal, he will tell him what the thread is if he gets Neal out of prison. The thread is from the new Canadian bill that isn’t even in circulation yet.

Peter once he discovers this gets Neal Caffrey out of prison to help him close the case. They end up striking a deal that Neal will advise on FBI cases for the next four years, wearing a tracking anklet which keeps him to a two mile radius instead of going back to jail. Neal is more obsessed with chasing down Kate then staying in the fresh air, but he does as he is told. Most of the time! While consorting with his old friend Mozzie over the Kate case.

As the series moves on Peter and Neal start to become friends, even if Peter doesn’t trust him. After all Neal tries to run every chance he gets, to search for Kate. They discover that Kate needs something that Caffrey once stole, a music box. Someone from the FBI is threatening her unless she can bring them that object. Things start getting complicated as Mozzie and Neal try to trace which FBI agent has a hold on Kate, when the facts start pointing to Peter.

This is an amazing, gripping series I found by accident on Netflix box set catch ups. I always love crime shows from Criminal Minds, to Law and Order, Castle and so on. This is equally as good as any of the others. Excitedly working through the other five series now.

8/10 stars

Sarah Beth James