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When a Good Man Goes to War: Doctor Who Season Six

In your best Riversong voice please say it with me .....


Since the new series starts in only a few hours, Graham and I have been talking about running a series of reviews on classic episodes and the newer series of the run running tv show: Doctor Who. Graham will be doing a week by week of every new episode, before later going into the classic pre-reboot series. I will be doing season by season of the reboot, up until last years series. As well as pulling out a few of the best episodes to gain their own review separately. (Angel's, creepy libraries and are you my mummy are high on that list) Any suggestions for what you would like to be reviewed as the God of Netflix has every modern episode right now, please contact pulse or myself or Graham to ask.Although my boyfriend is threatening me if I keep watching so many episodes back to back, after cramming two seasons of Matt Smith this week and asking if we can call our child Stormageddon: Dark Lord of All. Ooops.

We start our recaps with Season Six, yes I know its a random place but I promise I will fill the gaps soon. I like this series as it had the whole Doctor goes to war looking for Amy thread, as well as the who is Riversong thread?

Episodes we cover this season start with:

The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon.

A few letters in TARDIS blue, a location and some friends collect in Utah to have a picnic with the Doctor. A little too innocent for my liking. Why would the Doctor just instantly fancy a picnic with so much forward planning? Why something so carefree? Well, that becomes clear when a mystery astronaut appears from the water killing the Doctor. Before a strange old man appears to offer them the items to make a good old fashioned Viking funeral. In their grief, they try to work out who the last letter went to. Who does the Doctor trust most of all?

Oh..... himself.

No wonder River slaps him.

Leading Rory, River and Amy leading the Doctor into an adventure starting at the Moon Launch into discovering what happened that day while trying to keep the foreknowledge of what will happen from him. Searching for a little girl who phones The President when she is scared, begging him for help. Meeting Canton Delaware the Third (Mark Shepperd in one of his best roles) as they discover a sinister alien (called the Silence) who you forget the second you look away. As well as Amy's instance that she is pregnant, and later that she was wrong. Odd right? 8/10

The Curse of the Black Spot.

A strange pirate vessel, haunted by a siren who comes for blood. One tiny cut, that is all it takes. One cut, one drop of blood and you are marked for death. The black spot appearing in your palm. Then she comes, singing her perfect song tempting the crewmen into her arms. Thinking the evil mermaid comes through the water, the Doctor locks them away in the armoury trying to save Rory from her grasp after he is marked. The Doctor starts to realise that water isn't how she travels and she is not all that she appears. Special note to Amy in this episode, I might not like the character, but she makes a pretty bad ass pirate wench. 6/10

The Doctor's Wife.

Okay, this episode is a complete twisted mind screw from the master writer Neil Gaimon. Which I have to admit, has taken me several watches to actually start to understand. I love his books, Neverwhere being my favourite. Yet this episode is a little difficult to digest. You have a Time Lord distress call, leading the Doctor out of normal space looking for a lost member of his race. The pure excitement in him that he might not be the last is heart warming. They end up on a planet with Auntie, Uncle, Nephew (an Ood) and a very strange woman called Idris who seems slightly obsessed with 'Her Doctor'. As Amy, Rory and the Doctor try to find out who 'House' is, the mystery voice of the planet. And what he plans to do with them. This must count as the weirdest episode this season by far. 5.5/10

The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People.

Another one of the weaker episodes in this season, which does suffer from pretty bad script writing a large amount of the time. A group of people who are mining acid, which due to safety issues use something called The Flesh. Which is a body suit they can create and pilot from their machines so that they are never hurt. We know this innocent looking and a rather dull double episode is going to be important to the storyline this season when the Doctor tries to send Rory and Amy off somewhere to go alone. A little lightning, a few evil doppelgangers and some complications to drag out an answer to a question in a way that just is too clear to everyone. Very much a 'watch once' and ignore every other time you go through the boxset. 2/10

A Good Man Goes To War.

Or, Let's Find Amy Pond. Cause oh it's so shocking, Amy hasn't been Amy for a long time! Given how unAmy she has been acting, I think pretty much everyone knew that one. Plus sides: Reappearance of Rory the Roman. A very impressive 'message' from the Doctor to the Cyber fleet. As well as a clever collecting of past debts from the Doctor's friends. I do love how he storms Demon's Run. This is one of the better episodes. We find out all about Riversong, where she came from, and why she couldn't fight along side of them this battle. Although I have to say the weak ass double fooling the Doctor ending yet again was way too easy to work out. Still, a pretty good all rounder for the mid-season break.

Let's Kill Hitler.

Now we have The Doctor off looking for Melody Pond, while Amy and Rory live their lives waiting for news. In the end, they form a crop circle of his name in hopes he answers. He does, and a mystery girl drives up (called Mels). Someone who claims to have grown up with Amy and Rory, with all three holding memories that support that. The Doctor knows better, he knows he was at the wedding and danced with every guest. So who is Mels? Being the fact she is being chased by the law, she forces the Doctor to take her into the TARDIS and somewhere else. Deciding she would like to kill Hitler. And along the way The Doctor as well. Here you discover the Pond's saw a lot more of Melody than you first thought. Although it has some good ideas, this episode is a little bland other than River shopping for her new clothes and a rather Sherlock Holmes like the moment between River and The Doctor. 5/10

Night Terrors.

The Doctor comes to fetch Amy and Rory accidently kidnapping Rory's Dad along with them. Not the first time, as he also once kidnapped Rose's mum. Via an SOS on his psychic paper, the Doctor finds himself making house calls to a block of flats trying to find who sent it. Who turns out to be a little boy called George, who brings his nightmares to life. Trapping Amy and Rory in a dolls house, creepy peg dolls and so on. As they fight to try to discover what is going on. Strange episode again, very creepy in the monsters yet the plot is rather lacking. 6/10

The Girl Who Waited.

Apalapucia, a place of wonders for Amy and Rory to have a form of vacation with the Doctor. Ever since Peter Davidson years, The Doctor has tried to do this. (The Eye of Orion) Amy goes back to get her phone to take photos, while The Doctor and Rory press the button to enter the next room. Coming back out Amy calls for them, and when told to press the button presses a different one taking her into another room away from them. A room where the time stream is different.The planet has a deadly plague which kills anyone with two hearts, so The Doctor sends Rory out to find Amy as they try to lock onto her time stream. The only problem is, they arrive 36 years too late to one very angry Ms Pond. As Rory and The Doctor try to come up with a way to return to earlier in Amy's time stream. I have never kept it secret that I am not a fan of Amy, I always thought she took the spotlight too much. Making it the Amy Pond show, with her friends Rory and The Doctor. She was whiny and weak in so many places, and pretty much a slut. Yet here, she developed her character into an amazingly bad ass creature which I wish we had seen more of! This is my favourite episode of the whole season, and I think my favourite of the Matt Smith years. 10/10

The God Complex.

One 1980's style hotel, a few visitors who ended up here with no idea where they are. The TARDIS gets stuck here, as they go deeper into the hotel which moves like a labyrinth. One by one the guest locate their 'room' full of their own personal terror. After seeing it, they soon start praising the God of the hotel. Before it comes to take them. Other than a few interesting fears and the nice idea of the hotel moving around this episode is a complete disappointment. For scare factor, it reaches barely a two. The plot maybe a 3.As for the ending, it is just pathetic really. Worst episode of the series by far. 1/10

Closing Time.

Craig (from the episode The Lodger) reappears here when The Doctor decides to play him a little visit before the end. Knowing very soon he must go to the lake and his death. Finding Craig home alone with a newborn baby, and strange happenings. The pair launch into an investigation to protect Alfie (who prefers to be called Stormageddon: Dark Lord of All. Which I am told I am not allowed to call my son, dang it! Laughs). The Doctor gets a job in a shop, investigating small 'metal rats'. An interesting episode, it is nice to see The Doctor just having casual friend time, even if it does end up in saving the world. It is also cute watching him interact with little Storm, protecting him from the cybermats. James Corden and Matt Smith play off each other perfectly. Although the storyline isn't amazing, the characters bring it up several extra degrees. 8/10

The Wedding of River Song.

And now, we reach the ending of the series. When River refuses to take her friend's life even though the suit is programmed to do it anyway. Of course, this causes a huge space/time disturbance. Locking them into one second in time, past and present mixing with future. In one huge mess, as the world starts to come to an end. The team have to come back together to try and fix things, even if they don't completely remember what they need to do or who each other are. This is a very fast-paced, and complex to the point of confusing episode with a wedding shoved in for kicks. This should have been split over two episodes to give it proper time to develop. Disappointing series finale. 5/10.

Sarah Beth James