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Whatever Happened To Saturday Night? Adam Lambert as Eddie!

Since Fox hasn't seen fit to release Rocky Horror: Lets Do The Time Warp Again in the UK for another week I can't report on it for you yet. I really hate when a worldwide release isn't everywhere at the same time. You spend forever waiting while everyone else gets bored of watching it.

However for all the Glamberts out there that just can't wait (myself included), they have released an official video of Adam performing as Eddie. I would assume as a way to combat piracy. We may not see where Eddie comes out of 'the freezer' or whatever format they have used this time, but we do start with him sat on a motorcycle with Columbia with him. Before he launches into the song full blast. Dressed in a grungy, dirty version of his usual rocker look. With added (and very strange looking) side burns to match the original Meat Loaf version of the role.

Grabbing his microphone and slamming his way through the number, getting everyone involved. Even Rocky to Frank's disgust. I do love how Ms Cox plays Frank at this point, although I may not at others. The disgusted glaring of being upstaged by her ex when she is trying to unveil her greatest creation. Rolling her eyes and just why, why did I never date that! clear on her face the whole time.

Adam clearly enjoys himself with the crowd surfing, as well as riding his bike around scaring people. Rocking out for all he is worth. Stabbing him and sending him out through the castle window instead of a full off screen axe murder is a good way of keeping the show's age rating down. That poor innocent look on his face of, but I was just having fun mom! before he falls back.

Adam gave everything he had during these few minutes of film, bringing life to the old role. Performing it in his own way, yet still showing that he respected the original. Trying to keep as close to it as he could, while still being himself. I look forward to seeing him performing the end titles with Ms Cox when it eventually does air here.

I still reserve judgement on the show as an entire creation, yet I find this a very good version of the song. Love all of Adam's excited tweets while it first aired. Great to see how much he enjoys his work.


(Well I can't give it a full ten if he dies can I?!)

Sarah Beth James