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Welcome To The Show Official Music Video

There we were thinking Adam Lambert was resting after his double tour this year, both solo and then with Queen. Just chilling out, enjoying the sun in Oz in between filming Xfactor. When he does an about turn and drops us not only new music by appearing on the Orlando Tribute Hands, but also a surprise video for his new track Welcome To The Show on the same day!

Welcome to The Show hit months ago when Adam sung with the talented Laleh during American Idol’s final season. You could easily tell by his performance there and in the Original High Tour that this track meant something very close to his heart. Although Adam always sings to an amazing degree, somehow the lyrics that mean the most to him always appear more intense in his performances.

This video is no exception to the rule, even before I read the letter he penned to go with the release via Flaunt magazine I could tell that he had put every inch of him into those few minutes of screen time. Back working with Lee Cherry, who has always brought out the best in him during shoots. Adam has directed a very personal transformation, showing his deep vulnerable side for the world to see. Yet again pushing that every one should feel free to express who they are, free from limitations or fear.

Adam has changed a lot these last two years, coming into himself more. Concentrating as much on being a great role model as his career aspirations. Bringing hope to countless LGBTQ+ youth, hell any youth of the era to be exactly who they want to be.

Sarah Beth James