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Walk of Fame

Lecura here,

As I was flicking through trying to find a movie to watch I came across one of Scott Eastwood’s new movie, Walk of fame, Came out in March 2017.

Drew – Scott Eastwood
Evan Polus – Malcolm McDowell
Alejandro – Chris Kattan
Nikki – Laura Ashley Samuels
Lele/Lulu – Jane Le

Its starts off with Scott’s Character working at a telemarketing sales/ technical support company where customers or clients ring up with sometimes the stupidest of things.

One of his co-workers/mates and himself hangout but notice a girl named Nikki who just got fired from her air hostess job, walking down the street when she got humped by a guy dressed in black. The boys go over to help because they thought she was getting attacked.

Scott intervened and chased the guy away. The cops showed up and tries to blame it on Scott’s mate because Nikki kept saying it was a black guy that came up to her, where Scott’s mate said it was a guy dressed in black, so the cops try to blame it on him just because of his colour. It was a little funny at this stage of the movie but after that it went little downhill.

Scott finds a card of the girl he just helped and turns out she was studying acting. Scott goes along to these classes and meets “new people”.

Scott’s only there for one reason and that’s to get the girl. He didn’t care about the classes or anything but decided to get involved anyways. In the acting classes, they are put into groups and must come up with a play of something of their choice together. By now the story line was a little all over the place and just didn’t get why this was even a movie.

Lele another in his acting class fancies Scott’s character but would she be able to get the guy or will Scott choose the girl he’s really after? Lele can only try.

Malcolm McDowell plays Evan Polus an acting coach in this movie, shocking movie for him to play. Evan tries to teach the class even though he thinks the class has no talent what so ever, instead loves the money coming in. What’s the saying’ work with what you got’?

They are rehearsing for a showcase and have less than a month to prepare will the show go ahead or will it be canceled? Watch the movie and find out for yourself.

This movie I thought would have been good just because of Scott but I guess sometimes an actor can pick a movie and it turns out to be a disaster. Not one of his best and his acting could have been a little better in this movie. This is a B rated movie.

The acting was bad and the story line was even worse, not sure what they were trying to accomplish but this movie was ridiculous and only funny in certain parts, but it was more stupid funny rather than hilarious funny.

I give this movie:

Sometimes got to give movies a go even when they aren’t great.