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UBISOFT E3 2017 Press Conference Highlights

Last night was the fifth Press Conference of E3 2017, featuring game reveals and news from Ubisoft. If you missed the press conference, you can watch the saved stream on Pulse Entertainment here.

Here are some highlights from the show, listed from most favourite to least. Videos are compliments of GAMESPOT.

Please note: some videos are meant for a mature audience


After you watch this trailer you will see why this is my most anticipated game of the year. There are no racing motorsport vehicles that are not available, from bikes to cars to planes to... everything! This is set to be one hellava game! There is also a Beta Test available, for which I have already signed up. Here's a gameplay trailer for you too.


Maybe in years gone by, Assassin's Creed would have trumped Far Cry for me, but I am quickly growing tired of the AC series. The new teamwork and dynamics in this new FC edition makes for some exciting gameplay, as you can see here below.


Notwithstanding my previous comment, ACO still stands high on my list. Previously, I had stated to all that cared that Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor leaned heavily on the mechanics of Assassin's Creed. Well, now it seems it has swung the other way round, as you can unleash lions from cages in the same way you could unleash Caragors. Just saying....


I am always excited to try out a pirate game, and this one takes you out on the open seas. From the looks of the gameplay, it feels very much like a copy of the sea mechanics from Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. I guess it worked so well that they wanted a standalone game for it.


The footage from this trailer was incredible and I so dearly love that monkey's accent. Even the crowd at the Press Conference went wild when this was announced, so I guess it was a pretty big deal.


Just because this is far down on my list does not mean that I am not excited about it. Sure, I didn't play the first South Park game and I probably won't play this one, but I love the TV series and feel it is great to have the games out. Here's some gameplay that we were shown.


Starlink reminds me slightly of No Man's Sky. Besides the obvious flights through space, the identification of Atlas is a big deal. When did Atlas becoming the personification of space flight, I wonder? Maybe it's a mythological thing.


I don't remember seeing this trailer during the press conference. It might have been when I stepped out for a moment. Still, it's gotta be better than the next three games in my personal opinion.


Ok, so before everyone goes up in arms for being in my top three bad list, lemme explain. The last time I played any form of Mario Bros was with the original Nintendo somewhere in the 1980s, 90s. I've never really been into Nintendo consoles or games after I got my first PS1 in 1998. I loved the original Mario Bros, but didn't really get any of the hype after that. Rabbids joining them could be cool though. Here's some gameplay footage, which didn't excite me either.


I don't know much about Steep, but the trailer didn't excite me either. Fellow Pulse writer and buddy of mine, Andi Hodgetts, informed me while watching this live that he had tested the Beta when it came out and it sucked. And anything that Andi says about a game is law.


I don't do dance games... period. No interest whatsoever. Be glad I even bothered posting this on here. To me these games come out simply so that restaurants with kiddy play areas have something to keep the kids busy with.

Well, that's it for the main highlights of the Ubisoft E3 2017 Press Conference. Up next will be the highlights of the Sony PlayStation Press Conference before stepping into the highlights from the PC Gaming Show Press Conference. Finally, we will be streaming the Nintendo Press Conference live at 17:00 BST tonight, followed by the highlights thereafter. Right here on PULSE ENTERTAINMENT

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