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Tribute to George Michael, sadly missed.

Tribute to George Michael.

Like most 80’s kids I remember his music from growing up. Wham posters on my wall, singing tunelessly Last Christmas every year to the radio. Along with his other big hits Wake me Up Before You Go Go, Careless Whisper and Faith. Songs that even now if they come on the radio at work I find myself singing along. I loved boy bands growing up, the 80’s hair, the crazy clothes and catchy tunes. Did I care George Michael was gay? Not really, I don’t even remember if I knew until I was much older. I didn’t (and still to this day do not) care about a person’s sexuality just their craft.

In my adulthood, I learned how much Mr Michael campaigned for rights, and charity work. I remember Live Aid, I remember him working with Queen. Yet I didn’t know just how much of his money he put into helping others. Reports on social media the last few days tell us how he funded a woman’s IVF treatment, as well as tipping a waitress to pay off her student nurse fees. I do not know how true they are, but I would like to think they are. As well as actively supporting The Terence Higgins Trust after losing his partner to HIV. Along with countless other HIV, NHS, Macmillan cancer, children’s and LGBTQ charities. As well as performing with Band Aid for Do They Know it’s Christmas.

A gut of hate messages and drama on social media rumouring that Mr Michael had Aids, or drug problems which resulted in his death at just 53 years old. All I will say about this is who the heck cares? Mr Michael was a kind hearted, amazing man, who made a real change in the world for the better. If all you have to do is spread rumours about a man who can not defend himself, then you are a very poor human being indeed. I would rather concentrate on the good, as I know most of my readers will.

As well as being one of the finest champions for LGBTQ rights, Mr Michael is the third activist we have lost this year. Along with Mr David Bowie and Prince. Heaven will be a brighter place for the having him, and Earth a much sadder one.

Celeb tributes are sure to come flooding in soon, when the time is right. Already there is talk about who will appear as the tribute next year, fans have Adam Lambert high on the list after his amazing cover of Faith.

Best Wishes to his family at this difficult time.

Sarah Beth James