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Torment: Lauren Kate

First printed 2010

Lucinda survived Sword and Cross, her first kiss, and discovering that Daniel is an Angel. The furthest they have come to being together in any life time she has ever had. Daniel and the other Angels take her away from the school, to a safe place. While Cam and Daniel broker a truce between Angels for 18 days, before everything changes again.

Shoreline is a perfect place for Luce to learn about herself, and their ‘curse’. A school run by two angels, one light, and one dark. A romantically involved couple, it seems that teaching the school by a means of balance allows the students to make the bets life choices at the end of class. Francesca is the voice of light, whereas Steven is the voice of darkness. They often bicker over how the children should be taught. This isn’t just any school, not only are there humans here, a large number of the ‘gifted’ are also in attendance. Nephilim, the offspring of Angel and Human. Each with their own special powers, and knowledge that leave Lucinda struggling to find a footing at the school.

Daniel and Cam have both promised to keep away from Luce to allow her to remember and develop in peace. Of course Daniel being a love sick angel can not keep to the promise. He sneaks often to see his girlfriend, take her places. This always seems to end in a fight because he won’t tell her why he expects certain things of her. Once even over the fact she dyed her hair blonde. Just orders her to stay in the school, not leave, not explore. Luce being Luce does everything she is told not too! Including learned to work with the announcers, the shadows she has seen all of her life. Although Francesca will not allow the students to even try to develop this skill, Steven has other ideas sneaking Lucinda hints on how to continue her studies.

Lucinda starts to wonder if she and Daniel are meant to be, starting to get strange feelings for another boy at the school. A boy who likes her and Daniel sees kissing her. She gets tired of being controlled, starting to find her feet in this world. Wanting answers for herself. If people won’t give her the answers she needs to work out if her love for Daniel is real, then she will break off on her own and discover it for herself. She refuses to be controlled by anyone.

What she doesn’t know is her dangers are far from passed, now she has the Outcasts after her as well. Wanting to take her away from the school, and from Daniel.

Great second book in this series, you can really feel the emotions from the characters once again. Daniels heart break when Luce starts to question if this is true love or not, because for him there is nothing else. He doesn’t understand that controlling her for her own good is just poisoning them. Pushing her further away.

9/10 stars

I can’t wait to start reading the next in the series for all of you.