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Throwback Thursday: Queen and Adam Lambert Rocked in Rio

From 2015

Adam certainly brought a Touch of Sparkle to the stages in Sao Paulo and Rio this last week fronting the classic rock band Queen. You can certainly see the transformation he has made these last few years since splitting from RCA. The young man who had been growing quiet and withdrawn from the world is now turning his life around with his new label behind him and the opportunity to work with these rock legends. Last years tour Adam still looked a little nervous, if not in awe of who he was performing with. Now he looks confident and fresh-faced. Completely comfortable with his role. Slipping into an easy sexual performance whipping the crowd into a frenzy teasing as only he can. I mean who wouldn't want to be Adam's mic or mic stand during a concert after Rio!

No doubt this change has been aided by the fact Brian May offered to learn Adam's first single Ghost Town to perform on tour. Gone is the disco diva thumping baseline replaced by the heavy chords of Brian's guitar giving the track a whole new lease on life. I much prefer this new edition to the remix club to the original album version. The guitar God's flying fingers the perfect accent for Adam's crystal vocals. Brian may call Adam their Gift from God, but really it's the dream team of both parts that makes this such a special collaboration.

You can see real warmth in each other's eyes as they perform on stage together. Adam's sweet hand placement on Brian's shoulder during Save Me, making real deep eye contact as he sings "Don't make me live this life alone". So heart felt! Showbiz is a lonely life for anyone. Fame making it hard to know who really cares for you and who is just there for the money. Yes Adam like all-stars has made a few mistakes along the way coping with his new life. It is nice to see now he has a guide through it all, helping him grow up, mature into the artist he deserves to be. To see this deep father/son relationship growing between them is truly magical. The mutual respect, a chemistry with the band not seen since Freddie. Shown by the fact that Brian was sweet enough to feature on Lucy on The Original High album. A breath-taking track I do hope to hear live before the end of this mini tour.

What's next for QAL? No one really knows. Lots of rumours flying around of a studio album together, we can only hope! Or at least for a dvd or cd recording from one of the live shows. Rufus Taylor hints of QAL touring again 2016/2017 so all we can do is wait. I hope this relationship goes from strength to strength between them. I certainly would love to see them live again soon.