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Throwback Thursday: Another Lonely Night for Adam Lambert

Still reeling from his tour with Queen, Adam isn't stopping pushing his career any time soon. Solo performances in America, Amsterdam, more coming up across Europe and the US during the winter months, appearing on Chatty Man and Swedish Idol soon. All intermixed with endless interviews and fan pictures. Everyone waiting eagerly to hear where his New Year’s Eve concert will be this year. Let’s hope he finds time to recharge his batteries before The Original High Tour starts in January. I have the greatest respect for him as an artist to keep going through such a crazy schedule against other pop stars who cancel concerts for a simple sniffle.

Another gem from Mr Lambert this week was the long-awaited release of Another Lonely Night official music video. His second release from his current album. Proving extremely popular with the glamberts, already reaching 238k hits in just two days:

Nice to see Adam returning back to his more typical storyboard videos then just the bump and grind disco of Ghost Town. Following a group of people (stripper, singer, girl who marries people and dancer) through their lives in Las Vegas. Four stories linking together into one seamless piece from the fact they all share the common theme: Loneliness.

Each one of them performing their function, painting on a smile and doing their job. Faking happily to bring the rest of the word exactly what they want to see. Give them the great Vegas experience. And while they are on that stage, or in the wedding chapel they do exactly that. Forgetting their lives for a short time, while they experience life through the others they perform to. Directed by Luke Gilford and starred in by the talented Gigi Gorgeous.

Until they have to go home, back to a lonely life. All of them just laying on their beds, just existing waiting for it to be time to go back to work. Afraid to go out, afraid to meet people in all that fakeness. Never knowing if who they meet just wants what they are not who they are. So they live their lives alone, in their rooms, with whatever pets make them feel slightly more alive. Just going through the motions of a real life, without ever really partaking in one anymore.

Perfectly highlighting the side of fame that nobody ever thinks of. Everyone just thinks oh wow, lots of money, everyone loves me, oh the spotlight the spotlight!!! Never the press following you everywhere you go, hounding you, your friends, stalking your relationships, taking pictures of you even when you go to the shop to buy food. Not being able to have a life outside of the work, or a family easily. You are always the star 24/7, never the person anymore. Makes you really think deep into the kind of life that not only Adam has to endure, but all of the stars. Makes me feel more than a little sorry for the lonely man on stage. I'm glad Adam has told his personal story, that his experiences can guide the next person going through the same things to know they are not alone. Adam has been through his trials by fire and will be stronger for it, happier in his new life he builds for himself with his new record label.

Update Nov 2016: Over 8 million views!

Sarah Beth James