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Throw back Thursday: Back to the Future Day 2015

2015, a brave new world. A world full of hoverboards, flying cars, self tying shoes, where the justice system has got rid of lawyers, where you can live a great life. Where Cubs win the world series. Where you can buy retro things like paper books with dust jackets, or Hoovers in antique shops. Or so the makers of this cult classic thought when they were writing the scripts. It is crazy to think the far-flung ideas of the writers, the children's movies we saw every single christmas until we knew every word backwards has now become our past. 21st October 2015, Marty McFly travelled to the future to try to save his family from a terrible disaster. We are currently beyond anything he ever saw, and yet not everything the writers invented is far-fetched.

For a start Nike as invented the self tying shoe lace, and Pepsi is looking at bringing out a limited edition bottle the same as the movie franchise to celebrate Future Day. We may not have robots walking dogs or fixing our cars, but robots and computers are fast becoming an everyday part of our lives with mars rovers, drones, even small children are tech savvy, a good thing when more and more shops are moving over to self-service computerised tills or ordering online. Fingerprint scanners are not in as common a usage as they expected, but they are being used to fight terror for things like airport scans, and some pub chains are now moving over to fingerprint scans instead of clocking in machines. Basic hoverboards are in production at an extreme price, which over time may well reduce to being a norm in all homes. Jaws films are still being made even if there are not as many in number as they said. 3D is very popular in the cinema world, just like the advertisement in the movie and some less advanced 3d advertisement boards have started to crop up. Flat screen televisions have moved into every home. Video calls are getting more and more fashionable, helping people keep in touch from long distances.

I have to say I am greatly disappointed that the rehydrating food idea has never caught on. The idea of bringing home food the size of a slice of bread and rehydrating it to a family size pizza is fantastic. Saving on weight, shopping bags, time, and effort for all of us! Also disappointed that the on the dot weather forecasting has also sadly not yet come to pass, with weather men about as useful as a chocolate teapot. At least for the British weather systems. Seriously guys, these things have to happen and soon!!

When Back to The Future first came out in 1985 I am pretty sure no one involved with the project expected the trilogy to become the cult movie classic that it is today. Followed by the sequels in 1989 and 1990. Taking $910,234,300at the box office alone, without taking into account rescreenings, DVD, Blu Ray editions and so on. The franchise, and the actors becoming a household name spanning generations. When I watched the rescreening of the first two movies at the cinema this week, it was a pleasure to see people from young teenagers right up to grey haired old ladies all coming together to celebrate the wonder of Back To The Future. Although one teenager screaming SHUT UP WITH YOUR SPOILERS to her friends in the break between movies had the whole audience laughing that one person in the room didn't know what was happening! Just goes to show after all this time, people are still finding their way into the fanverse.

The original movie starts with Marty and Doctor Emmet Brown taking an experiment in time travel, when the Doc gets shot by terrorists Marty ends up in the time machine running for his life. As soon as it hit 88 miles an hour he ends up crashing into a barn as he instantly travels to 1955. accidentally stopping his parents from falling in love, risking his own existence and his family as he hunts for the Doc and a way back home. Leading a series of events trying to bring his parents back into meeting, as his teenage mother has fallen for her son. Leaving Marty taking her to the Enchantment under the Sea dance not his father George. While Doc Brown hunts for a way to send Marty back home, and a force that will create the 21 gigawatts of power needed to create the time portal.

The second movie brings the Doc back to Marty in a bid to travel to the future and stop Marty's son making a terrible mistake that ruins his family taking his girlfriend Jennifer along for the ride not wanting to risk leaving someone with time travel knowledge in the past. Unluckily Marty gets the idea that buying a book telling him all the sports events would help him change his life making bets on the side. The Doc finds the book, and tells Marty off. Unluckily Biff Tannon overhears the conversation, remembers seeing the time machine when he was younger and while they go to fetch Jennifer from her future home. Biff steals the time machine, goes back to 1955 to give his younger self the book so when Marty and the Doc go back to their time they find a totally different future waiting for them. Leaving them traveling back to 1955 again to try to steal the book back, returning the future they know.

It's only after several times viewing the masterpiece, you can see just how much care the writers put into writing all the little pieces that put the plotline together. All the little parts that if one tiny little one was missing, then none of it would happen. Like when Doc Brown nearly falls from the clock tower he drops the cable, which just happens to catch on his trousers, if it didn't he couldn't pull it carefully back, and Marty could never go back to his time, never go to the future, never allow Biff to steal the book, never let him go back in time to give to his younger self, and never travel back to sort the whole mess out. Or Marty playing Johnny Be Good, to be heard by a family member of Chuck Berry, who first released the song.

Long live Back to the Future, here's to the next 30 years!

Sarah Beth James