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Throw back Thursday: Adam Lambert on Chatty Man 2015

To celebrate the release of Another Lonely Night, the second single release from The Original High album Adam has recently had a short stay in London doing promo and radio work. While here he attended The Attitude Awards, where he won best international album. He also has a staggering five entries for nominations in the Grammies later this year with:

  • Album of the Year
  • Record of the Year
  • Song of the Year
  • Best Pop Solo Performance
  • Best Pop Vocal Album

During his stay he recorded his second interview this year with Alan Carr on Chatty Man. For which thousands of fans and glamberts like applied for tickets, with just 600 managing to get through those doors for the secret filming. I am happy to say reporting for The Cinemarks I was one of the 600. Sat in the middle of the third upper row, sat with a glambert friend I wasn't really sure what to expect. I had never seen a tv show being filmed before, all I knew of Chatty Man was the few minutes that Adam had been on it a few months before. I am not the sort of person to watch tv unless it is box set series, so reality and entertainment shows I usually skip over and read the highlights on the interview on my lunch break. I never realised how tiny the stage is, or how cleverly they film it. Or how huge cameras were up close before that night! I was also pleasantly surprised how entertaining Alan Carr was, this being one of my first experiences of his humour. I very much (perhaps sickly) enjoyed his fake pregnancy during the interviews, the labour pains knocking him off his chair several times, and once even knocking over part of the mini bar.

Sat there taking it all in from Johnny the very funny singer who was warming the crowd up, and instructing us on what we needed to do, when to cheer etc. 600 audience, 90% glambert pretty sure they knew where to cheer but never mind! Adam had to shoot his (the finale section of the show) first due to red carpet commitments for the awards. Not that any of the glamberts seemed to mind not having to wait through hours of filming to see their 'rock god'. From the second he was introduced, and stood at the top of the stairs waiting to come down Adam owned that stage and the interview. The smile on his face when the whole audience was cheering his name, or when they were all singing along to Another Lonely Night when they showed the video clip. You could see that he clearly loved being there with his fans taking in the deep commitment from his fan base in their raw honesty at seeing him live.

The UK has always been a little bit behind the rest of the world when it comes to Adam's music, often due to poorly timed promo or late release information compared to the rest of the world. Adam's UK visits always seem to be very last-minute plans, so there is very little time for his fans to try to apply for tickets or attend his work here. UK Glamberts are also often declined from waiting around stage doors unlike the rest of Europe, being told Adam has too little time to see them. Whereas Adam seems more of the opinion gimmie a pen bitch I wanna see MY glamberts and rushing off to try to spend a little time with them! A lot of the UK fan base feels put back because of the lack of organisation and the unfriendly attitude press upon them by some of the locations when polite enquiries are made about things such as possible signing opportunities. Hopefully this is something that will change in the future before Adam himself starts to get tarnished with being unfriendly due to his team be it at his end or the venues. I already know at least a dozen people who have stopped buying his music because of it.

Adam was onstage around an hour of filming, it was a crying shame to see that cut down to just over 13 minutes of actual air time. He was by all means the most charismatic interviewee of the evening, giving the most engaged, full and interested answers to everything put to him. Even audience cat calls, and friendly heckles. Leaving the two comedians whose names I barely remember seem nothing but uninteresting and dull after he shined so brightly. As for the music from Roisin Murphy, her backing singers who were dressed and moving like they had just fallen through a time portal from 1984 and her hodgepodge collection of scarves, dress and various cardigans covered by a long raincoat she removed during the song. Topped up with what looked like a huge grey moon mask around her face, again swiftly removed to be replaced by a red hat. The song was dreadful, the performance very much lacking. First rule of being on stage NEVER use accessories you have no idea how to work with! Leaving the glamberts requesting a just Adam Lambert special of Chatty Man very soon! Including his music as well as interview time. Perhaps a seasonal special Alan please?

Highlights of the evening were clearly Adam bringing his own stash of 'the good stuff' as Alan only had 'cheap shit' last time. Persuading Alan to down the strong drink in one, leaving the rest of the night open to slightly tipsy antics. As they relaxed into the evening talking about Amsterdam, and its loving way of supplying your 'needs'. Alan asking if Adam had been partaking while he was away. Adam replying he was too busy working, but he was looking mournfully out of the window thinking 'ooooh tulips' (yeah right Adam!). A huge highlight was the 'stripper' scene with Adam throwing money at Alan, and placing in various places around his body. I half expected him to go much lower than his jacket after rubbing Alan's back! Various cut scenes where they were playing around and Alan's money falling from behind his ear and asking Adam to put back were hysterical.

The finale of his performance the duet with Alan Carr doing voiceover on Bo Rap, after bickering were they allowed to sing or would they be sued the answer did come back yes you can sing but ONLY over the top. Left them stood centre stage (right in front of me, yay me!) while they went through several run through's of the song. With both of them bursting out laughing and missing song cues. Not to mention getting words wrong, Adam did say in his defence this was a part he never sang on stage. You could see the real man underneath the 'star' as he bopped along, playing with his microphone on a stick prop and singing at the top of his lungs along with the song. He reminded me of friday night rock band and pizza nights with your friends. His beautiful honest laugh when it all went wrong, and places were he was stroking and preening Alan's wig back in place seriously needed leaving in the final product.

Sarah Beth James