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Throw Back Thursday: Adam Lambert Era Three Hits

Yes Glamberts Era 3 has hit early!! With all the different worldwide release dates for The Original High starting from the 12th June, Adam Lambert and his managers have taken a very intelligent approach to reducing internet piracy of the new work. Releasing it TODAY on amazon streaming for free right through until the album releases. You can tell that Adam has a much more supportive label behind him now, trying their best to give him everything he needs. The promo is much better, the thought behind the releases, after the train wreck of RCA and Trespassing. RCA I hope you now realise what talent you wasted all those years. You should have backed Adam right from the start! Glamberts all over the world are already flailing over the new tracks. Many only just starting to pre order. Still there is a surprise to wait for anyone who ordered the deluxe version (which lets face it that's most of us) as the bonus tracks are not included on the stream. Well played Warner, very well played.

Of course we already had sneak peeks of many of these tracks since the Ghost Town release. With Evil In The Night, Another Lonely Night and The Original High all being teased early. Even so the stream still has plenty to offer you. The Original High leaked only just this morning ahead of the official release, again great work from the promo team getting the official version out to combat that. You can easily see why The Original High became the title track. The song appeals to all, great class summer block busting pop number. Again like Ghost Town I can easily see that blasting out of every club over the coming months. Most artists at some point write a song detailing the bad side of fame, like Katy Perry and her Wide Awake from a few years back. The Original High and Rumors ft Tove Lo are clearly Adam's side of the story, where he lost the faith after the last record company's ruin of his career. I feel like The Original High is him telling how he went soul-searching to find himself a new direction, looking for what he enjoyed in life again. Rumors with Tove Lo is a very interesting track, sure to do well. However I am always a little hesitant of his duets as no woman ever seems to be able to hold up to his true vocal dexterity. He always has to downplay who he really is to match their ability, when they should really be upping their game to support him.

Lucy ft Brian May certainly shows how far Adam has come in the last two years. Touring with Queen has grown him up as an artist, smoothed out a lot of his rough edges from his theatre background. This is a truly deep rock classic, Brian supporting his new leading man perfectly. I deeply hope that we will get to hear this live during their september South American tour and Rock in Rio. It would make sense if they released it as a single to match the mini tour starting up.

Underground has been up until now my favourite piece off the album. The love song that anyone would wish their lover would write about them. Staying on repeat more often than I would like to admit to. Now however I have a complex rival for my affections in There I Said It. What a moving deep song, the lyrics just tragic yet spell binding. I doubt it could ever make a single release, but I will treasure hearing that sung live. Jesus boy if this really does show the real ups and downs of your life I just want to take you in my arms and hug you better. I'm sure millions of Glamberts around the world agree with me there. Such a raw open and honest piece. I think I can safely bet that Another Lonely Night will never see a single release given 90% of the fan base thinking the 'low down yeah' is a moo, myself included. In what universe is that a yeah?! I can see him cringing every time someone says moo. Crazy that no one noticed what it sounded like before the release.

Era Three really shows just what Adam can do. There are no two songs anywhere near the same, bouncing around through every single genre from pop, house, rave, rock, blending it all to his own special tastes. We always love to hear Adam belt out the power notes, and drop down into his deep sexual low register. This album shows exactly how talented and varied his vocal range really is. It is going to provide an amazing platform for his future career exploits. Any record company would be crazy to ignore him after this! Welcome to Mr Lambert's world domination circa 2015!

Sarah Beth James