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The wait is over! Adam Lambert releases Two Fux!

What a day! Not only does hate take a massive nose dive, as Germany allows same-sex marriage. But also, the studio version of Two Fux hit on Adam Lambert's official youtube. Already gaining nearly 19k views in the first four hours. No more trying to pick out the lyrics from the live version with Queen. Although the Glamberts did an amazing job with writing the lyrics out. Well done!

The studio version is different to the live version. This being a little more blues, which is already rumored to be the theme of Era Four. Could this be a track from the new album, not just a random solo release? Only time will tell. It has a gentle beat, with a heck of an earworm. leaving you humming the tune after only a couple of plays. As well as deep, interesting lyrics somewhat lacking in a lot of today's music. The partnership with Queen only continues to push Adam into creating more complex, deep music.

Unluckily last night, a pirated version, ripped from the NZ/OZ release did brush passed the circuit. I have to say, well done to the Glambert sites for crushing this release and refusing to share it. To keep Adam's official release gaining the hits that it should. Below is the official link to the lyric video.

I have to say, its a hard choice to if I prefer the live version or the studio as both have their own merits. Which do you prefer? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments.

Two Fux Purchase here:
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Let's get the video shared, watched, played and purchased.

Make this the hit it deserves to be :)