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The Vampire Diaries: season 1

Lecura here,

I love all things supernatural and things like vampire series. So thought I’d start off with season 1 of The Vampire Diaries.

Actors :
Paul Weasely - Stefan Salvatore ( the Originals, Fallen )

Ian Somerhalder - Damon Salvatore ( Lost, Smallville )

Nina Dobrev - Elena Gilbert ( The originals, The roommate, xXx : Return of Xander Cage )

Steven R. McQueen - Jeremy Gilbert ( Chicago Fire )

Candice King - Caroline Forbes ( Juno )

Kat Graham - Bonnie Bennett ( Honey 2, Addicted, Hannah Montana ) If you loved Teen Wolf, The Originals, and Shadowhunters then you’ll love The Vampire Diaries, I know I did.

Elena and Jeremy Gilbert are young adults grieving after their parents dying in a car crash that nearly took Elena with them, if it wasn’t for a young man saving Elena she may have left Jeremy all alone. Who was this Mystery man? Will Elena know who saved her that night, will she ever find out?
Elena is back at school, getting back into her old routines and hanging out with her friends.
A young man arrives, Stefan Salvatore, Elena and the rest of girls at her school are all drooling over this young hansom man. Only problem is he only has eyes for one girl and one girl only, Elena Gilbert.
Little did Elena know Stefan holds a dark past and dark secrets, will she get to the bottom of Stefan’s dark past before it’s too late before everything is ruined or will she find out everything will be ok? Time will only tell, and the stories behind the small town of Mystic falls which is known for its supernatural stores and well could say fairy - tale stories, but more like horror stories that everyone thinks are fictional of what happened just a 100 years ago with the founding families, It’ll will start to unfold and everything will be revealed.

Secrets always come out in the end, it’s just a matter of how it happens.

Elena gets to know Stefan more and find that mysteries things start to happen only when Stefan came to town.
Stefan’s brother shows up Damon Salvatore, Elena right away doesn’t like him. He’s very cocky and just like Stefan holds dark secrets but darker than Stefan’s.

What are they?

Who are they?

Brothers being part of the founding family of mystic falls will this be the thing that brings up the past? Elena will dig deeper into the past of the boys finding information that no one would ever believe. Finding out things that the town has been keeping secret for so long, and these secrets haven’t resurfaced until now. The town will be faced with new comers, and be prepared for what’s going to happen.

Without giving too much away this show is in fact based on a book series by L.J Smith, but as usual the TV show doesn’t always stick to the book series.
I still loved this show though and has lasted 8 seasons, this year will be the final season. It’ll be sad to see the show off air, but sometimes a show is better to go off air when it’s popular and at its peak. You never know though it could come back on later on in the future.
Let’s hope.

I give this show a 9/10

Who couldn’t resist the Salvatore brothers!

Check out season 1 on Netflix and buy the books from

Do you believe in the supernatural?