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The Used

Lecura here,

On the 26th of November 2016 myself and friends went to go see American rock band The Used. These guys formed in 2001 in Orem, Utah USA with
Bert McCracken – lead singer (2001 - Present) Jeph Howard - bass (2001 - present) Dan Whitesides - drums (2006 - present) Justin Shekoski - guitar (2015 - present)

The former band mates were:
Quinn Allman – Guitar (2001 – 2015) Branden Steinckert – drums (2001 – 2006) Tregan Lewis – bass (unknown dates).

We turned up at the gig on 26th of November 2016 thinking it would be like any other gig we’ve been to ……packed. Unfortunately it was not, which in a way was a good thing. It meant that we were getting a much better view of the bands that play and not having to fight for great photos, well not for the first two bands anyways.

The first band to play was Corpus, an Australian band with only just 2 members. The lead singer played guitar and the drummer did the backing vocals. The vocals for the band were ok for a screamo/rock band.

Unfortunately the band Corpus had feedback come through the speakers, but that was all to do with the person that sets up the amps which should of been fixed when they had sound check earlier so nothing like that would happen when they went live. They sounded a little like Nirvana and Story of the year but less polished. I think the lead singer could have carried himself just for vocals and the drummer not sing at all. They had a lot of energy on stage and their songs were actually catchy, it certainly got the crowd going. They were not bad though and think if they polished their performance they may have sounded better.

The 2nd band to come on was Melbourne based 5 piece band, Storm the Sky. Their songs were catchy and the lead singer had a lot of energy on stage, dancing about and having a good time. They sounded little like Sleeping with Sirens, but they used electric synthesizers. Apart from the lead singers dress sense which looked like he was back in the 80’s, they got the crowd going and getting everyone into their music. I liked some of their songs even though I’m not really into their kind of music, but above all they were good. Anyone that what’s to check them out I say go ahead, you won’t be disappointed.

Now for the final band, you guessed it, ’The Used’. This Australian tour, they gave the fans the decision of two nights per city and one album per night. When they came to Western Australia it was Friday night which was the ‘In Love and Death’ album.

The Saturday which my friends and I attend was their self - titled album.

The mosh pit went crazy when The Used arrived on stage and started to play. I was pushed to the front of the mosh pit where of course crowd surfers (the idiots they are), jumped up on peoples shoulders mine being included, starting to try and get people to lift them up. Some of us got hit in the head from these idiots and yes I’m calling crowd surfers idiots that’s my opinion. People who do this, kind of ruin the show for people who are there for the music not to show off and be the centre of the attention as they are trying to do.

Anyway, the band play for about an hour or less with a couple of encores, some being played acoustic. They played my favourite song ‘A box full of sharp objects’ along with a few others. These guys haven’t change one bit over the years and still know how to put on a cracking good show. The only down side to it was the venue, it wasn’t the best place to have a gig but we all made the most of it as well as the band.

I loved this gig even though the venue wasn’t great I give the whole gig a 9/10.

You love these guys and have never seen them live I say this, go and see them it’s a different way of listening to them, a better way. When a band or artist can sing the same as what they sing on the album and stay on stage for ages you know they are great bands/ musicians that do it for the fans and the passion of making music.

Keep the music alive