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The strange case of Daemon's Roost for Jonathan Creek

The new episode is strange to say the least, even for Jonathan Creek again after a two year wait for a new case. We see a young girl (Alison), go back to the home she grew up in. A home her mother and sisters died in. Her stepfather (Nathan Clore) an actor in low budget horror movies, posters all over the walls of his past projects. Her stepfather asked her to come home to tell her the truth about her past, before she could get back he had a stroke. Leaving him unable to talk or move. Taken care of at all times, by the house keeper.

There is evil in this house, so everyone says. Even Alison feels it, her husband knows of Jonathan Creek from six years before when he was arrested for the impossible poisoning murder of his wife. Which Creek got him freed from. He asks that Jonathan comes to Daemon’s Roost to try and help them uncover the past. Jonathan is busy selling the windmill (finally), and getting rid of all his magic items to have a new life with his wife (Polly). She doesn’t like him solving crimes, wants him to properly settle down. She will help him on cases, when she needs to, but would prefer it if he could just cut all ties. You can see how sad he is when she pressures him to throw away huge parts of his past. To just make a scarecrow for the village competition just like a normal person.

We flip between hearing about the six year old case, which was never completely solved of the stripped unicorn as well as the past of the house. A criminal hunting Creek trying to track him down starting at the windmill. A 19th century legend of a sorcerer who killed people in a flame pit. A treasure hunt of sorts looking for what Alison’s stepfather wanted her to know, as they hunt for any clues to solve the problem. Starting with a changed number on the letter she was sent, how page 6 has become the 6th as well as five missing pages form the document.

This episode has the creepy going on, I love the staging, the solving of the legend towards the end is brilliant. I just find this a highly messy episode, far too much going on at one time. Leaving the viewer confused trying to keep all the threads together. I personally would have liked them to remove a few of these random pieces to make the whole episode flow better. It just didn’t feel like Jonathan Creek, I hate how his new wife tries to remove him from the cases. In some ways if it continues on in specials or a series, I wish that they would kill her off.

Mixed bag means I can only give this a 5/10 even with the fantastic sets and ideas.

Sarah Beth James