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The Martian

Matt Damon returns to the big screen in the recent film release the Martian. Directed by Ridley Scott, the thrilling sci-fi plot is set on mars, in the apparent not so far (hopefully) future where NASA astronauts , as part of the Ares III mission are exploring the Acidalia Planita section of mars, on martian solar day (sol) 18 of their 31-sol expedition. A powerful dust storm materializes in a matter of minutes, forcing the crew to return to their orbiting vessel the hermes, Mark Watney (Damon) is struck by flying debris , and whilst the crew wait as long as they can , his suit indicates no sign of life. The crew hesitantly escape the planet to orbit under the orders of Melissa Lewis (mission commander) leaving a presumably dead Watney behind.

Awakening to a low Oxygen warning, Watney stumbles to the "Hab" ( The crews base of operations on mars) a mere few feet away ,eventually coming to , and realizing he is partially impaled by some antenna debris, which he painstakingly removes. Through brisk calculation , Watney finds he has only 300-sols (days) worth of food , in the slim chance NASA realize he is alive and organize a rescue mission, the minimum amount of time it would take is around 4-years. Watney would be long gone before they arrive.

Watney , doubling up as an experienced botanist as well as a NASA astronaut improvises a farm with martian soil , vacuum-packed human waste, a tarp and water produced by the extraction of hydrogen from rocket fuel which is oxidized by burning, creating condensation (just pretend you understood and read on). Later, he optimizes the only functional rover to travel longer distances on the planet through the use of buried Nuclear fuel (disregard workplace safety with this one).

"I don't wanna come off as arrogant here, but Im the greatest botanist on this planet"

I wont divulge the story any further as I want you to watch the film ( yes, the entire 141-minutes, not a minute less, promise its worth it) lots of pro's; full of twists and unexpected turns, a gross profit of $608.3 million , What's more, you don't need a degree in theoretical physics to understand it.

Tickle your fancy with the trailer.

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