I admit I am not much for chick flicks or romances. I am not very girly, I am more likely to sit there watching Ironman or Doctor Who then anything you would expect a 'normal girl' to watch. When I was forced to review The Duff I felt like it was punishment, I hate teen comedy so much. There are a few Disney's close to my heart I can watch over and over again. Chick flick wise, this would have to rate as almost my most favourite of all time. A classic I can watch over and over again. Every time I am feeling low, it’s one of my go to films to cheer myself up.

We see the main leads Sandra Bullock playing Kate, packing up and moving from a house on the lake to the big city. Leaving behind a letter for the new owner detailing her address to forward any mail. You also see Keanu Reeves as Alex as an architect building a house estate, trying to reconnect with his father and brother after years of absence. A father that never really loved them, a cold man after their mother died who concentrated 100% on his work forgetting he had children. He originally designed the lake house, which Kate lived in and now Alex does. He bought it to finish his parents work, to build a home not a house after all these years.

Kate is training to be a doctor, she sits there having lunch with her mother in daily plaza on valentine's day. There is a car crash right across from them, a man is hit. Kate rushes over to try to resuscitate him, but he dies in her arms. He is the first patient she has ever lost, destroying her. Her boss advises her to go back to where she feels safest, to look for herself again. So Kate travels back to the lake house, checks her mail and finds a letter from Alex. Explaining she couldn't possibly have lived in the house as it has been vacant for years.

Which is true, for Alex it is a ruin he is doing up. Their letters both current, but Alex's dated two years before Kate's. They end up writing letters to each other, trying to find out what is happening to them. To why they can send a letter across time. A good scene is where the mailbox flag keeps lifting to show a letter as they pass notes, they both stand in the same spot yet two years apart. They even learn that they share the same dog!

The time travel allows Alex to interact in Kate's past several times as they start to fall in love, giving her memories that she never had before of a man she cared so much about. Alex does his best to take care of Kate even across the miles, he truly is the sweetest man. The kind you would die to be with. When Kate says she misses the trees at the lake, he is only just planting them. So he drives miles to plant one right outside her home so it appears suddenly in her time. When she says she knows little of the city, he takes her on a walk through it by letter. Showing her all the amazing places his father used to show him as a boy. When she says she wishes he could have taken the walk with her, she looks up to see a message left by him on a wall right in front of her.

They decide to try to make a real date, in Kate's time for a lovely dinner. Alex never arrives, Kate angry leaves him and goes back to her ex. With all the same smothering problems she had always had with him, but anything to try to forget how she feels for the other man. As the story moves on we see exactly why Alex never showed for the date. And well its a chick flick, so we know everything is going to always turn out right. No spoilers there! One great scene has to be summed up as Kate's birthday (past) when she and Alex end up dancing to 'This is the Way it Should Be' by Paul McCartney.

Honestly if you love chick flicks you will be crying by the end of this film. Even if you don't, pretty sure you can find this one enjoyable. Alex is the perfect man that anyone would love to be with. If you haven't seen it yet, then go on Netflix and watch it. You won't be disappointed.

10/10 stars

Sarah Beth James

First seen on The Cinemarks