The Elder Scrolls 5 - Skyrim - Master Magic Quests


When you get near Mastering the Alteration Skill (around Level 100), talk to Tolfdir at the College of Winterhold. You can ask if there's anything else to learn. Conversate until you start the quest Alteration Ritual Spell.


Use Kavohzein's Fang to collect Heartscales

Bring Dragon Heartscaled to Tolfdir

After getting the quest from Tolfdir, head to Ragnvald. You need to fight Otar The Mad, a Dragon Priest that will drop the Otar mask, in order to open up a gate holding Kahvozein's Fang. Find two skulls inside Ragnvald to open up the sarcophagus that holds Otar. After the battle, the gate will open.

You can also find a Shout wall next to it. Word of Power - Kyne's Peace.

Next step is finding a dragon. There's many Dragon Shrines where you can find a dragon. Or you could run into one by luck. All you need to do is kill a dragon and search it's body with the Kavohzein's Fang in your inventory. Dragon Heartscales will be added to your inventory automatically.

NOTE: This will not work if you turn the body to ash with high level magic spells.

Head back to Tolfdir and give him the Heartscales. He will give you a Spell Tome with Dragonhide in it.


Once you get near Mastering Conjuration, talk to Phinis Gestor and the College of Winterhold. Ask him if there's more to learn and he'll give you the Conjuration Ritual Spell Quest.


Summon and subdue an Unbound Dremora

Deliver the stone to Phinis

What you need to do is summon an Unbound Dremora and subdue it. You need to get it to bring you a Sigil Stone from a Oblivion. Take the Sigil Stone back to Phinis to get the Master Conjuration Spell.

Phinis will give you a Novice Conjuration Spell called Summon Unbound Dremora which will summon it for 999 seconds. Walk over to the Hall of Attainment and climb up the stairs to the roof. You'll find a few candles set in a circle at the top. Use the spell and conjure the Dremora in the middle of the ring. Talk to him and say "I summoned you. I control you now." He will attack with a Dremora Warhammer. Kill him off and summon him back. Talk to him again and say "Admit that I control you." He will attack again. Kill him off, yet again, and summon him back. Ask him "Will you submit, or do I need to banish you again?" He will submit. Tell him to bring you a Sigil Stone. He'll tell you to summon him again and he'll have the stone. Summon him once more to get the Sigil Stone. Bring the stone back to Phinis and ask him what he sees. He will give you the Stone back and give you the Master Conjuration Spell Tome: Summon Flame Thrall.


This quest is given to you by Faralda at The College of Winterhold after your Destruction skill reaches 100. By completing this quest you gain the Fire Storm Tome and the ability to purchase Blizzard and Lightning Storm from Faralda. The only master level Destruction Spells


Reach Destruction 100

Talk to Faralda at the College of Winterhold

Take Power of the Elementsto Windward Ruins

Place on the pedestal and cast a fire spell on it

Retrieve the book and proceed to North Skybound Watch

Place on the pedestal and cast a frost spell on it

Retrieve the book and proceed to Four Skull Lookout

Place on the pedestal and cast a lightning spell on it

Pick up the book and read it to complete the quest.

After you have reached Destruction Level 100 a new dialogue option appears with Faralda, the Destruction trainer at the College. Asking her will result in the player being given the book Power of the Elements This book is not yet complete but the poem inside is as follows

Northward, haunted northern coastline And south, Dwemer live and toil
A simple place, a shield from draft
At this stand wield mage's craft
So fierce the sea will boil

The Poem refers to Windward Ruins. Just outside Dawnstar. Upon entering the barrow there will be a pedestal upon which you can place the book. After placing it cast a fire spell at it. Pick up the book and it will have an addition to the poem that reads as follows.

Under Greybeards' morning shadow At this northern watch, long lost
Nirn's hoary Throat does scrape the sky.
Here unleash a chiling cry And gild this stand with frost

This addition refers to North Skybound Watch. It can be found on the southern side of the Throat of the World, Just a short walk NE of Helgen. The pedestal is on a stone lookout post. Place the book and cast a Frost spell this time to obtain the next part of the poem, which reads as follows.

Over western river waters, By Karth bounded, south and north
On mountains sits a humble crown.
Sky's wrath on this stand bring forth
To shake these snowcaps down

This addition is the last of the four verses. It refers to Four Skull lookout. It is near Karthwasten and north of Karthspire. The pedestal is behind the stone building. Place the book and cast any lightning spell on it.

Once done pick up the book and read it to gain the Fire Storm spell. Once the quest is done Faralda will then sell the spell tomes for Lightning Storm and Blizzard.


When you reach near Master level (100) in the Illusion Skill, talk to Drevis Neloren at the College of Winterhold. Ask him if there is more to learn to start the Illusion Ritual Spell.


Bring the Four Master Illusion Texts to Drevis Neloren

Once the quest is started, Drevis will give you a special Illusion spell called "Vision of the Tenth Eye." You need to use this spell to find four Master Illusion Texts hidden throughout the College of Winterhold. The spell takes no magicka to use, but it has a pretty long charge time. It allows you to "See what others cannot" for 30 seconds. The books look like normal books, so they will not be too easy to find. They will be called "Master Illusion Text."

One book can be found on a table inside The Arcanaeum. The table will be on the left outer circle when looking from the entrance. West area.

One book can be found on the second floor of the Hall of Attainment. It will be under a bench right near the stairs.

One book can be found on the second floor of The Hall of Countenance. It will be on a barrel inside the room to your right from the stairs.

One book can be found in The Midden. For those who don't know where that is, it's the basement under The Hall of Countenance. The book is down a some steps to the left, near an Atronach forge. You can find it on a table next to the "Atronach Forge Manual." This area is to the East of the Hall of Countenance entrance.

Once you have all texts, bring them back to Drevis Neloren. He will give you the Spell Tome: Hysteria and end the quest.


When you near mastering the Restoration Skill, talk to Colette Marence at the College of Winterhold. Ask her if there is any more to learn and she will give you the Restoration Ritual Spell Quest.


Gain the Augur's Approval

You will need to find the Augur and gain his approval in this quest. You can find The Augur in The Midden -- the basement under the Hall of Countenance. If you finished the College of Winterhold Quests, you would have already met the Augur of Dunlain. He's kind of like a ball of light. Talk to him to start the test. The test is to see how well you know Restoration Spells. A few ghosts will appear and start casting a low-level fire spell on you. One may get a dagger and attack you head on. Use healing spells to restore your health. Circle of Protection may keep them at bay. You can also use Turn Undead Spells to keep them away or Ward spells to deflect their magic. Survive long enough to get the Master Restoration Spell Bane of the Undead. It's pretty simple.

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