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This quest is activated by traveling to Froki's Shack and talking to Froki Whetted-Blade.


Defeat the Guardian Mud crab

Defeat the Guardian Skeever

Defeat the Guardian Wolf

Return to Froki

Defeat the Guardian Bear

Defeat the Guardian Mammoth

Defeat the Guardian Sabre Cat

Return to Froki

Defeat the Guardian Troll

Return to Froki

Froki's Shack will appear on your compass on your way to Ivarstead for the greybeards quest. Go there and talk to Froki Whetted-Blade. He tells you to defeat the guardian Mud crab, Skeever and Wolf which are large ghost versions of the real animals usually accompanied by some friends. These are spread out all over skyrim, are marked on the map, simply find them and kill them.

After killing the three guardian animals, return to Froki and tell him they are dead. He will then tell you to go kill the guardian bear, Mammoth and Sabre Cat which again are large ghost versions of animals. These guardians are a bit tougher and are a harder test of your abilities as a hunter. Again they are spread across skyrim and marked on your map, find them and kill them

NOTE: when you are killing the Guardian Sabre Cat, look around the area and you will find a Skill Book for restoration along with a chest.

Once the next three guardians are dead, return to Froki for a second time and he will tell you to go kill the Guardian Troll which is located at Graywinter Watch and again is a large ghostly version of a troll. The Troll is the toughest of all challenges, and comes with one or two other normal Trolls

When the Guardian Troll is dead, make sure you grab Froki's Bow before you leave Graywinter Watch. Return to Froki for one last time and he will congratulate you and reward you with Kyne's Token. If you got Froki's Bow he will be grateful, and allow you to keep it as he is growing too old for hunting and figures you would get more use out of it than he will


Kyne's Token
Froki's Bow


The Blessings of Nature can be started by visiting Danica Pure-Spring in Whiterun.

This quest should preferably be done before the Battle for Whiterun quest begins, as this NPC may be killed during the fighting, and this quest alongside with her.


Retrieve Nettlebane

Bring Nettlebane to Danica Pure-Spring

Retrieve Eldergleam sap (or sapling via Maurice Jondrelle)

Return to Danica Pure-Spring

The priestess of the Temple of Kyrnareth, Danica Pure-Spring, is a gentle soul who wishes only to help the ill and less fortunate as well as restore vitality to the withering Gildergreen, the special tree in Whiterun. If you press her to tell you more about this temple, the dialogue steers itself toward this very topic, allowing you to offer your assistance. She requires a weapon strong enough to extract the sap from the mother tree, and that weapon is in the possession of a rather rowdy monster that resides in Orphan Rock.

For this quest, bring along a Follower - it couldn’t hurt for extra damage and to divert attention away from the Magicka-users in that area. The best way to get there is by first fast-travelling to Helgen, which is located closer to Orphan Rock. Follow the paved path for a ways and, checking the map or using Clairvoyance, cut left through the beaten path. You eventually stumble upon Orphan Rock, but you don’t need to venture in much to find the Hagraven on the rock above. There are, however, witches with an affinity to fire or ice magic in the vicinity.

Once the lone Hagraven has fallen, rifle through the body for the Nettlebane and other items, then return to Danica, who sends you to Eldergleam to get the sap. Nearby, Maurice Jondrelle overhears of your visit to the Eldergleams and asks to tag along. If you accept he can add another way to complete the quest. Make the long journey east to the Eldergleam Sanctuary with a companion.

The sanctuary serves as a tranquil place for people to come and marvel at the Eldergleam’s glory. You’ll find The Mystery of Princess Talara Part II along the ground here; reading it increases your Restoration skill. Equip the Nettlebane as a weapon and travel along the path until you’re obstructed by the Eldergleam’s giant roots. Slash at the roots to force them to let you pass.

Once the path is open, if Maurice Jondrelle is nearby he may ask you to stop attacking the tree. If you follow the conversation and allow him to try another method, he will pray at the tree and get a sapling for you (no Spriggans will appear). If you decide against this, or he's no longer around, approach the trunk of the Eldergream Tree and "activate" it to collect the sap. After extracting the sap from the tree, some Spriggans suddenly appear and slaughter all the peaceful visitors to the sanctuary. Defend yourself against their attacks. Spriggans are particularly vulnerable to ice-based magic and can regenerate a bit of their health.

There is also a hidden treasure chest just in front of the tree - behind more roots - close to the wall of the sanctuary that contains valuable loot. Be sure to check it out.

Leave the Eldergleam with the sap or sapling and return to Danica Pure-Spring to complete the quest.


To start with, speak to Dinya Balu at the Temple of Mara, in Riften. Pretty straightforward... Go to Ivarstead, find the Fellstar farm and then talk to the girl. She will then ask you to speak to her parents, do so. The mother will then say she will take care of the father. Go speak to the girl's young lover and convince him to go elope with her. Follow him back to the farm and listen in. Congrats, a done deal yeah you're a matchmaker!! Head back to Riften and talk to the priestess, who will then ask you to go speak to someone else! Oi. Go to the marvellous city of Markarth far to the west. if you don't want to walk quick travel with a carriage ride.


This quest is started by accepting the errand given by Hamal, deep inside the Temple of Dibella's sanctum in Markath. You can also talk to the beggar named Degaine and he'll give you a miscellaneous task to steal the statue inside the temple.


Find the future Sybil of Dibella

Rescue Fjotra from the Forsworn

Bring Fjotra to the Temple

Pray at Dibella's Altar

Travel to Karthwasten then look for Enmon who is working in the mines. Talk to him to learn that his daughter has been taken by the Forsworns to Broken Tower Redoubt. You have the chance to let Enmon join you in rescuing his daughter or leave him behind and take care of business yourself.

The location will be marked in your map. Once you're inside the fort, make your way upstairs and continue following the marker until you find a door on the topmost floor leading outside. Kill the guard and enter the next room to find the girl and a Forsworn Briarheart guarding her.

Kill it, loot the prison key from its body then talk to Fjotra. Fast travel to Markath and escort the kid to the temple.

Once in the temple, talk to Hamal to update your mission objective. Next, pray at the altar to complete the quest and earn the active effect, Agent of Dibella.

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