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The Duff

The Duff, yet another american teenager romcom. Bianca (Mae Whitman) discovers she is the DUFF in her friend group. Duff stands for designated ugly fat friend, the one who makes her prettier friends seem even more beautiful. The one who the boys approach to use to get close to the pretty girls. Seems every social group in the school has one, or so her jock friend Wesley (Robbie Amell) informs her. Sat at lunch Bianca looks around at her fellow classmates and realises that he is right, every single one has that one person who makes everyone else around them seem more everything. So she decides to enlist Wesley’s help to make a difference in herself, and be no one’s Duff ever again, to gain the boy of her dreams. Of course the usual stereotypical things get in her way, including Madison the mean girl who takes embarrassing film of Biana and sends it viral to the whole school to ruin her.

This film takes teen movies to a new even more embarrassing low then ever. Madison is the type of ‘mean girl’ that makes a carebear look grouchy! Bianca is the most peppy, happy bullied girl ever! She gets humiliated in school and spends the weekend in her room eating pizza and that is the end of it. The film tries to tackle very serious issues, but does it in such an upbeat way it destroys the message. With poor script writing and acting that is so wooden the whole cast could audition to be a forest. And just to top it all off, the girl isn't even fat nor is she ugly! Saying she is just brings yet another Hollywood fueled case of body issues for the next teenage generation.

I would have loved to see Bianca actually deal with much more serious issues, like depression, cutting, real teenage dramas which come from cyber bullying. Would have made the film much more believable, and also use it to really help young teens who deal with these issues. As it stands, your brains will be dribbling out of your ears within the first twenty minutes. As romantic teenage comedies stand, this is level bottom with Clueless for least entertaining movie. So much more could have been dealt with in the screen time, however hollywood seems to enjoy glazing over anything that would actually look vaguely like real teenage life. There is nothing in this movie that is actually entertaining.

1/10 and only because I can’t give a zero.