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The Client List: Season Two


We continue on with Riley Parks, and her continuing mission to help her family survive through the means of 'extras' at the massage parlor she works at. Starting with the shock ending of series one (yeah right) where Riley and Evan (her brother in law) finally kiss and oh look, the husband finally comes back into town after a year.

Riley and Evan keep trying to work at the relationship, even with Kyle back in town. Riley insists she wants nothing to do with her husband anymore, that she has made her choice and wants Evan. A choice they are hiding from everyone around them and Riley's children. Kyle, of course, brings trouble to his families door as he is wanted by the police for stealing a large amount of copper wire from his last workplace. Riley decides to do everything she can to help free Kyle, whatever the cost to herself or her family. Breaking the law when she wants to, using money from the Rub (which she now owns, or at least is paying for via installments). Even Evan starts remarking on where is she finding the money?


Riley had sex with a client from The Rub for $50,000. Really? What kind of woman would prostitute herself to try to win back the freedom of an ex-husband she doesn't even love, who abandioned her and the children for a year without a word? With Evan training to become a police officer, Riley has to keep on her toes even more than usual to hide everything she is doing. It becomes clear that she isn't doing this for her family anymore, she is doing it because she enjoys the lifestyle and the nice clothes.

This season has a lot of structural issues, far too many subplots going off at once just making it look messy. Firstly there is the Evan/Riley thing, which is completely disgusting. You do not screw around with your sister in law! Then you have the Kyle/Riley subplot of him trying to win her heart back, and her trying to save him from jail. Then we have Lacey and her wanting a baby. Lynette and her drug addiction, which let's face it, was only written in so Kyle had a bigger part as he had a drug addiction as well! Then Evan and the police training. Evan and the cute young police officer. Georgia and her husband to be and giving up The Rub. All the problems at The Rub. The new members of staff as they mysteriously just cut almost every member from last year. The Client list getting stolen.

I'm sure I am forgetting a million of their subplots right now, so regrets if I missed your favourite subplot. They tried to shove two seasons of plot into just 15 episodes, it was never going to work. it just came off as a very bad soap opera. Riley going from concerned mum, to criminal taking matters inter her own hands is seriously the most stupid idea of any soap opera in the history of man.

As for the ending of the series? Well, I am glad I can not talk about it here, incase my readers want to watch it. As the final episode is just a complete joke. I can completely see why the network cut the show. There was nothing about it which was even slightly watchable.

1/10 stars

Avoid this terrible show!

Sarah Beth James