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The Client List: Season One

Another of my little Netflix box set finds.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is Riley Parks, a young mother of two who finds her world turned upside down when her husband runs off. No idea where he is, or if he is ever coming back. Leaving her trying to deal with the pile of bills from where her husband has been off work ill, as well as her children and how to keep a roof over their heads. She isn't alone, her mother, best friend Lacey and her brother in law Evan are doing their best to help out.

Proud as she is, Riley is determined to sort this out by herself. While keeping the fact from her children and the neighbours that her husband has run off, by saying he is working away a lot. Looking for work, she tries several massage parlours before knocking into an old friend Selena, who tells her to try where she works. The Rub of Sugarland

Riley does so and gets offered a job by Georgia (the owner). Only to find out on day one that they offer a lot more than meets the eye. Disgusted she tries to quit, but Georgia convinces her to stay and do 'straight' clients: no extras. However as bills start to pile up, Riley finds herself having no choice in putting herself forward for The Client List. Needing the extra money from the larger tips to keep herself, and her family from going under. Although people around her do start wondering where she is getting large amounts of cash from. Cash that she is using to pay her mortgage off. Large cash deposits always look fishy. With the police sniffing around the Rub as well, she is going to have to be very careful to not get caught.

If not for herself, for her children who rely on their one remaining parent to keep them safe.

This is an inventive series, based on the 2010 movie. It's pretty easy going, soap opera, chick flick style stuff to keep you mildly interested. Nothing overly special. It is like the Doll House, just not as cool. I would have liked to see some more interesting storylines thrown into the mix. Instead of the will they/won't they between Evan and Riley. I mean come on! They are brother and sister in law! That is just gross. If nothing else, even if they were long divorced bro code should mean your brother's ex-wife is off the table for dating!

Then there is Riley's mother, who has already been married six times and still looking for love and Lacey who wants to have a baby. I would have liked to see more about the children and their problems adjusting. Or some more realistic means of Riley struggling before turning into a happy ending girl at The Rub. Jennifer is just too perky to be a mother on the edge. Even Selena and her attempts at being the mean girl seem a little unimaginative. As well as the fact the storylines are clearly aimed at women, yet the half-dressed females clearly more aimed at a male audience. The idea of the show just doesn't mesh.

If you want some mindless Bridget Jones type tv, you can't do wrong by watching this. Just don't expect much that much from it.


Sarah Beth James