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Test Your Comedy Stand-Up Skills in COMEDY NIGHT's Beta

Something exciting and hilarious this way comes...

Comedy Night is an upcoming Steam game that will allow you to virtually stand on stage and tell jokes to a live audience. You will have real people in the virtual audience, who can either cheer or boo you for your performance. They can actually vote you off stage.

I am not so sure I want the experience of being voted off, and I rather hope those that are in the audience with be appreciative of good humour. You know, British humour.

What is fun about the game is that you can choose between going it solo or facing off against a challenger for the comedic title. Now imagine if they had tournaments and Roasts and leagues for this type of thing. Ok, yes, maybe over the top, but is anything really over the top these days?

If this is the type of thing you want to try out, you can visit the Steam page and sign up for their Beta test that launched today.

Source: KOTAKU

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