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Team Adam Wins Xfactor Oz!

Adam Lambert as a judge on a talent show is something we have waited for a very long time. Even longer then us, he has wanted to do it. Ever since his came second on American Idol season eight, he has been closely connected to the talent shows. Coming back as a mentor, or performing. Even coming over to the UK to appear on Xfactor UK with Queen. Guesting as a judge on Idol to cover a judge’s personal situation in auditions. It was long passed time he had his own chance to shine, thankfully Xfactor Oz finally gave him that chance this year. When they gave him the under 22’s to mentor and judge in this years competition. As well as giving him the chance to work with children, something he seems to enjoy greatly.

I would have liked to review this show week by week, unluckily I got called away to report on a series of live events limiting my time here which means I literally only today managed to catch up on the full series although I knew already who the winner was. After all Adam wasn’t gonna stay quiet that he won the series with his act was he?

Although I have to admit I was glad in a way to be able to play catch up and skip parts because the auditions took way too long! A whole six episodes of auditions really?! You could tell who wouldn’t get through because they barely showed them on screen. It dragged on way too long, and was very dull. The three episodes of boot camp seemed so rushed! Adam’s most of all, as he only got a third of an episode barely. Instead of just hearing about them at boot camp, I would actually have liked to see boot camp! Like days of them going through vocal exercises, training, songs. Not just glimpses of them doing an accapella piece to impress before the three seat challenges. I happily would have got at least one episode of auditions to extend this instead. Would have made for a better rounded show. A large amount of people I know didn’t even bother tuning in until live finals saying that it was too long winded.

As for Iggy giving a seat to a group we have never seen perform? What a joke! I swear the Mel B Underdog section did my head in as well. All the three seats, oh oh oh, I am so scared of giving Mel a good act!! Yet the producers and judges still seem under the insane dream that the contestants had no idea about Mel’s underdogs? They are not deaf, dumb or stupid. They can hear what you keep discussing! If Iggy said oh I don’t want to give the act to Mel one more time I swear I would have strangled her, learn a new sentence woman!

I did agree with Adam’s choices for his top three, although I was sad to see Vlado go. Mel B picking him up was a very good idea. Amalia is simply stunning! Natalie’s vocals are completely insane. Isaiah was the real person your heart went out to after failing last year, with you really wanting him to do better this time. To get over his forgetting lyrics issue.

Guy, well I think it’s clear to the entire world that he lost his mind when he picked his top three. No Ms Powers, no Ruby Mills, none of the acts who were actually good got through. Davy’s performance was in no way good enough to get through however much he improved over the series. I did hope that Mel would right a few wrongs there, unluckily she didn’t. I was highly disappointed to see Maddie return, after her shockingly bad audition. I agreed with Adam totally. She picked a Queen song she knew he liked, just to pander to him. Then sung it technically perfect, not to how Queen sang to, but to how HE did. Giving zero emotional connection or commitment. Leaving it soulless and empty. Adam was clearly vindicated in his choices when Maddie left the competition early on in the live shows. Not able to keep the vocals up when she then decided to work an Avicii song. Again pandering.

Out of the four judges, Adam was my favourite, followed by Guy. Reasoning behind it, both men seemed invested in their acts. Adam most of all, you could see how gutted he was to lose one. How hard the choice was to pick an artist to stay or go. How much he got behind supporting them. Same for Guy, he put everything into his acts. Whereas the girls highly disappointed me. Mel B was the better of the two, always very behind her girls. However her bitchiness of 90% of the other acts got annoying fast. As did her constant usage of her fake nails like talons when she was talking. All I could think of was Come here my pretty. and cackles every time she did it. She had zero dress sense, and dared to complain about Adam’s and his styling of his acts several times. When she dressed hers looking like something from a garage sale. Then we come to Iggy, who I violently disliked from pretty much the first episode. Not only did she dress completely inappropriately for the show, worst of all in the finale where she turned up in knickers, bra and a see through night gown. She had no personality. No heart, ripped people apart for zero reason. Never gave her acts much support, couldn’t style them or pick half way descent songs. Never showed a human emotion, always sat there looking bored. Or maybe that was just too much botox making her face unable to move. Along with more make up than the entire glam band during Adam’s Glam nation tour. To hear she also didn’t go to the after party to support her artists is shocking! I am very glad her acts exited the show quickly, showed her complete impossibility of being a professional judge on the show. I would also comment that Adam and Guy both performed on the stage to show their students how it was done, neither of the girls bothered.

The Halloween episode was highly disappointing. You would think the judges would get together and THEME the night around songs, outfits, staging that suited the celebration right? Nope! Only Adam with his constant obsession with the holiday. Blasting onto the stage, with fire, and devil eyes for a very special version of Evil in the Night. Which I only have one comment against the fantastic show. They said it was filmed live, however Adam singing couldn’t possibly have been. He didn’t have time to change, to do all that make up and put his contacts in and carry on with the show in a different outfit and calmer make up. It must have been recorded in rehearsal and just added into the final piece. Which if he was going to do it, I kinda wish he had opened the show and then just taken pieces of the costume off. Like contacts.

Amalia did get into the spirit with him, doing a very witchy inspired version of Madonna’s Frozen. With a long black dress, purple flowers and back drop. You could see how she grew over the season, becoming comfortable with her stage presence. Showing clearly how many years she had been watching the show waiting to be old enough to audition. Constantly getting slatted for being overly dramatic, worst of all after her version of Mamma Mia. Which I actually found very entertaining, one of her best as she was so RELAXED! Although her floating around on a wire was also spectacular, how she kept those notes doing it I will never know! Just to mention I remember an American in 2009 who was told he would be too overly dramatic for mainstream as well! She deserved her spot in the top four, in fact I think she should have won.

Isaiah was always an odd ball for me. Great vocals, talented, soft spot for him giving how he was battling every week to put behind him the events of the season before. Stylish, fun, excited, very good vocal control. Had some serious notes when Adam gifted him his own song from Idol in Change is Gonna Come. However, I am sorry to say. I never liked him. It just didn’t click for me, but given the fact I am 34 I don’t think it’s actually meant to. I am too old to understand the young pop market and if that is this kid, then he deserves everything he gets from now on!

Well done to Adam, and his three students, Natalie, Amalia and Isaiah. You all blew the competition away! If Adam hadn’t been force to lose one student on week one live shows I have every confidence that the top four would have been his! As he already stated more than once he seriously wished he could also have taken Vlado.

I hope we see a lot more of Adam mentoring on shows like this from now on.

Sarah Beth James