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Take a trip to Tomorrowland

An interesting idea from Brad Bird bouncing around complex plot lines and different time streams. We start with a young boy (Thomas Robinson - Young Frank Walker) in the 1960's going to an expo trying to promote his 'jetpack' idea that practically almost works. He just has a slight control issue with the jet streams for now. As in he crashes into the ground more often than he does fly. A young girl (Raffey Cassidy - Athena) takes an interest in him and his project slipping him a pin badge before telling him to sneak after the group she is in. He does so and finds himself somewhere he really doesn't expect to.

Cue teenage modern tear away girl (Britt Robertson - Casey) who lives near an old NASA launch pad that is about the be torn down. Every night she breaks in to sabotage the work. Believing in unfaltering faith that one person can make a difference, just one random act can change your whole future. She finds herself arrested for her terror attacks on the platform. When her father bails her out she finds a strange pin badge in her belongings. A badge that when she touches it she ends up somewhere else, yet still where she is still allowing her to bang into things and get hurt by the items in her own reality.

When the badge runs out of power and she loses the visions, she goes in hunt of a fresh badge and the truth behind what and where she is seeing. Enter 'robots', time travel, multi time streams and a good old-fashioned 'big bad' to fight. Along with amazing special effects as she discovers the boy all grown up (George Clooney - Frank Walker). Together they set up to change the future, which only she seems to be able to do with her blind faith in all that is good.

This is a very good, deeply inspiring movie, even if it seems to be making a current loss of $140 million at the box office. A must see of the summer sci-fi season, full of good action sequences, intelligent screenwriting and a cast with fine chemistry. Highly important when 90% of the film rides just on the interplay between the main three actors. I found this a gripping film, very impressive, badly advertised and a little slow to start hence the current loss of the box office. However as a DVD release i think it will fair much better.

Sarah Beth James

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