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Syfy's Sanctuary

I've been a big fan of sci-fi as far back as I can remember. Star Trek, Stargate, Star Wars, Other Things with Star in the Name, I devoured them with an audacity that not many others could claim.

That was, until a little show called Sanctuary came along, and ruined me for any other sci-fi show for the rest of my life.

(this trailer is from the unaired pilot, the CGI in the actual show is far better)

Take Amanda Tapping (with brown hair) from Stargate SG-1, chuck in a bunch of other talented actors, a weird sci-fi/fantasy plot, and a little bit of sexuality and I was hooked.

It was like Torchwood, but not as male-driven.
It was like Merlin, but less British.
It was like Supernatural but without the queerbaiting.
It was like Doctor Who but instead of a run of hit-or-miss episodes, pretty much everything was on the mark.

Big Guy and Kate

Yes, I'm a little bit up this show's ass, but it shaped me as a kid. My childhood/teenagehood/adulthood crush on Amanda Tapping was one of the first ways I realised that I didn't just exclusively fancy boys, and I aspired to grow up and be as badass as Helen Magnus (Amanda's character in Sanctuary was). I'm an actor now, instead of a scientist, but I did try.

The plot is thus: Helen Magnus, an immortal cryptozoologist, hunts and contains Abnormals (cryptids, such as Bigfoot, and mermaids) around our world. She has a team of people who help her do that. Along the way, she meets up with people from her past, and they all kick a lot of evil guys' ass. It's a monster of the week show, but it doesn't fall into Supernatural's trap and it never fails to be interesting.

I gotta say, that synopsis is not the best, but it's a hard show to describe. It's like Warehouse 13 but there is more fighting and better 'bottle episodes'.

This show wasn't given too much money, so occasionally they had to have 'bottle episodes' (episodes set in one room, so it was cheaper to shoot) in order to keep costs down. While some television shows use their bottle episodes as a chance to be lazy. Sanctuary always excelled in that department. Their 'cheaper' episodes were tense, fast-paced, and often ended in ways you wouldn't expect.

Kate and Magnus

Check out Sanctuary. It got four seasons, and there were definitely some episodes that stood out. I'd recommend watching from the start to get context, however. My favourite episodes were 'Nubbins' (the infamous sex pollen episode), 'Requiem' (where Magnus and her partner get trapped underwater in a sinking submarine), 'Out of the Blue' (an alternate universe fanfiction), 'Monsoon' (a job gone very very wrong), and 'Fugue' (the infamous musical episode).

Sanctuary has something for everyone. I guarantee it. (It gets sexy on occasion too - this isn't really one for the kids).

Requiem cap

Also, the lead female character is canonically bisexual! How often does that happen in modern television?

Check it out. It's a very fun show.

Emma Maguire