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Summer Shadows: Joss Stirling Season (book 6)

And here we are again. The finale book in the series, sob. I am so sad to see that it is ending. Although we do also have the shorts that Joss has released on Amazon for free, which I will be reviewing soon. I can only hope she takes up another series later on continuing with the savant’s lives, as there are still many without their soul mates.

Summer, we have heard about her in other books, yet we know little about her until Victor goes tearing off after his soul mate to try and free her from jail. Victor goes AWOL without telling a single person he knows where he is going, not even the FBI he works for. Summer knew something was wrong that last time she saw him. If only she had probed a little bit deeper! She saw what he was getting ready to do, but that would have given away one of her biggest secrets: the fact she can control minds completely against their will.

Summer is asked by the savants to go with a small team to Afghanistan to help look for Victor, to mind shadow him and find out where he is, which is another of her strange gifts. She refuses, scared that her friends have turned up at her home after begging them to never come and worried that the secret in the attic would show itself. Trying to get them to leave as quickly as possible.

Too late, Summer’s mother comes downstairs. Summer’s mother is a vampire leech who feeds off the emotions of others, getting drunk on their feelings. She has been attacking and leeching off Summer since she was a child. Summer and her father always trying to keep the secret hidden. Vampire leeches are thought disgusting and wrong in her community. She could be jailed or even killed. Their kind isn’t allowed to breed, so Summer and her brother Winter shouldn’t exist. Winter hides away to himself, his savant powers making him mentally ill and unable to leave the house without voices plaguing him.

Summer is attacked, and her friends try to help her. Her father is angry, and sends them away. Summer had to refuse to help her friends, knowing she had to stay home to take care of her mother. She manages when she recovers from the attack to make a bargain with her father that she can go and help her friends for one month and in return she gives up going away to college and stays local to take care of her mother. Wanting so badly to help her friends, Summer agrees even though she is throwing her life away in the process.

She turns up at an army base, dressed girly and carrying a bright pink suitcase, leaving her harassed by the soldiers, led by Hal Robinson, the non savant brother of a savant family. Or is he? He is drawn to her, teasing her, trying to make her eat. Hall is concerned she will mess up the mission given her resent attack. When the others of the team are caught in customs, only Summer and Hal are left to hunt for Victor alone.

Once they find him, they discover that locating him was only part of the problem they are facing. Summer is about to be involved in the most dangerous game she could ever imagine.

Summer Shadows is a fitting ending to this series that has gone from strength to strength in every book. Again showing in Hal, that just because you haven’t found your place yet doesn’t mean you are not an incredibly powerful and important individual. In Summer showing that abuse isn’t right, even if it is parental, and that you don’t have to put up with it. Important lessons any teen should learn before they end up crashing and burning in adulthood. Life lessons wrapped in an exciting action/romantic tale which will grip readers young and old alike.

Joss Stirling is a master with words.


Sarah Beth James