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Tom Hanks delivers yet again, in his latest blockbuster

I was wrong in assuming Sully is an action movie. It definitely contains a lot of action, and there is no doubting that Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger is indeed a hero, but there is so much more emotion to this story.

Living in a (beautiful) little country on the other side of the world, the story of US Airways Flight 1549 had escaped my attention. I'd never heard of Captain Sully or his spectacular skills in ensuring the survival of all 155 passenger and crew, after making an emergency landing on the Hudson River. Surely something so spectacular would have been all over the media, and therefore buried somewhere deep in my memory vault. But no – this was all new to me, and maybe for that reason even more entertaining.
alt There is something very genuine and authentic about the way in which Tom Hanks plays Sully. With his calm and regal demeanor, and gentlemanly white hair, you have to remind yourself he is just acting. With 40 years flying experience, and that self assured confidence that every good Captain should have, personally I never doubted him. If he could survive four years alone on a remote island in the middle of the South Pacific…. Oh hold up. That was actually Hanks portraying “Chuck” in Cast Away. But that is the true talent displayed by an actor of his caliber. He has the ability to make you believe he really is that person. And he definitely does not fail to impress in this movie.

Shortly after take off from New York, the Airbus A320 hit a flock of geese disabling both engines. Against the advice of Air Traffic Control and falling rapidly with just 208 seconds to spare, Captain Sully decides to trust his instincts. "If he had followed the d--n rules we'd all be dead." states co-pilot Jeff Skiles (played by Aaron Eckhart) Akin to Batman and Robin ,Skiles is every bit the loyal side kick.
alt Strap in for a roll coaster of emotions. From nail biting terror, to the deep set anger of the injustices towards our hero. You'll be a true ice queen if you don't feel a heart warming sense of restoration in humanity, after witnessing NYC's amazing rescue efforts.

Without giving away any spoilers, we all have a pretty good idea how this is going to turn out. However the director, Clint Eastwood has done a brilliant job in bringing this movie to the big screen. Sully’s nightmares and hallucinations, smash full force with no warning, into the real time story of the movie. And when you exhale with relief, realising you had in fact been holding your breath, Eastwood has succeeded in building anticipation, taking you behind the scenes of the drama that enfolds. I mean they actually make airline safety procedures sound fascinating.

You be aware of the recent controversy surrounding the movie,( which is based on the autobiography Highest Duty by the real life Captain Sully) It has come to question, just how accurate is the portrayal of the National Transportation Safety Board. For definitely they come across as the Big Bad Wolf, determined to huff and puff and blow the house down. . But whatever theory you chose to believe, that in no way detracts from the simple fact - this is a great watch.

alt P.S. Don’t be too quick to rush out of your seat as the credits roll. It is worth staying right to the end, as there is a nice finishing touch.

4 out of 5 stars
Ange S