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Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

DC’s answer to Marvel’s Avengers. Since the loss of Superman, the world is left thinking what happens when more Meta-humans keep appearing? What if the next one is evil, deciding to destroy the world? Fly into the White House and kill people? The world is growing darker, and there is only one Batman. He can’t be everywhere at once.

Viola Davis thinks she has the answer to this sticky little problem. She thinks that the US Government should sanction a group of Elite bad guys, the worst of the worst. Picked for their specific skill sets. A team that she believes she can control through the use of rice grain size nano bombs in their body destructing if they step out of line. With the Enchantress as a backup plan, to kill anyone who goes against orders. Because of course, binding a powerful witch over 6000 years old is always going to end well!

She sets up Rick Flag to collect a series of super villains to build the Suicide Squad. Comprising of Deadshot, Katana, Slipknot, Harley Quinn, Enchantress, Killer Croc, El Diablo and Captain Boomerang. Most of which Viola has had hidden in a deep dark hole just waiting until she needed them. The Squad gets moved into action a little sooner than planned when The Enchantress frees the spirit of her brother allowing him to take human form to try and recapture her heart, which is the only way she is currently being controlled.

I am not a DC fan, I never was. I tolerated the first dark films of 1989 onwards, they had their good points. I even enjoyed to an extent Batman and Robin when it moved into the more comic Marvel style productions. Until we started with the painful Batman Begins and the dull retelling of the same old storyline, which isn’t made any fresher by the TV series Gotham dragging over the same old ground. Superman films I avoided as much as possible, there are only so many times you can listen to a retelling of an orphan alien who’s allergic to a green flashing stone that super villains can always easily find however rare they say it is! I didn’t even want to see this movie, I thought the trailers looked terrible. The only part that slightly interested me was Harley Quinn and The Joker, two stand out psycho characters which had always interested me.

I have to say though I am very glad I did, as this is a most enjoyable film. Plenty of violence, a few wisecracks, but not too many. Keeping it's darker then marvel themes intact. Small pieces like Harley smashing a window to steal a handbag and then ‘What? We are evil, it's what we do.’ When Flag glares at her. Jared Leto makes the best Joker I have ever seen. Dark, twisted, completely deranged, yet still totally dedicated to Harley doing anything he can to break her out of the Squad. I wish we had seen much more of him on screen.

Downsides I have to say are the film has way too much busy content, they info dump far too much into the first quarter of the movie setting up the Squad, who they are, why they are how they are. Moving then into the rest of the movie viewing like on run on sentence. It needed more screen time, or to be split into more than one film to keep it making sense. The whole production felt rushed like they were cutting it fine to the deadline. The ones we might ‘lose’ during the movie given so little back story they almost turned into the nameless red-shirted officer attending a Star Trek away mission that you just know is going to die in the first five minutes.

Killer Croc is highly underused, just thrown the odd line now and then. Harley’s past in a few flashbacks did her no favors. They also make her far too sexual/slutty for her strong storyline leaving her practically as insane eye candy.

The production is bound to produce spin-offs, I just hope that they fix these issues in the long term.

8/10 stars

Sarah Beth James