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Suicide Squad

"Better than your average football squad"

So a few weeks ago, I got the chance to see DC's latest offering Suicide Squad. Now I will start by saying overall I did enjoy this film and I found it to better than DC's last offering the critically panned Batman VS Superman.

But I must start with the negative of David Ayers film and that starts with Batman VS Superman. When the movie described as a mess by fans and critics alike, that film caused some reshoots for suicide squad and if you believe the tabloids and a certain Jared Leto. Scenes were cut. In favor of more humor and action. And the cuts show especially when it comes to the leto's Joker. But while the cuts and changes were and are minor compared to all the story cuts from Batman VS Superman. My biggest problem was the villain. It was poorly executed and worse still they had another story in there that could have made for a better and far more interesting villain. The Joker trying to get Harley back from Amanda Waller or the squad trying to get free of their sadistic jailor and their suicide missions. But I would say that they are small gripes for what is otherwise a good popcorn movie.

So what did this film get right? Well it's cast for a start. From the scene stealers to the main stars. Because lets be honest Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto are the reasons bums were on seat for this film. But I have to say that Diablo played by Jay Hernandez should be on people's radar after a fantastic performance and handling one of the films more dramatic moments with great ease. But for me personally it was Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn that stole the show from what could have easily been Will Smith's film. She captured the spirit of Harley Quinn. She made being homicidal look sexy and fun and boy did this geek want more and by all accounts we are getting more Harley in a spin off movie. Her relationship with Jared leto's Joker was beautiful to see and had something of a throwback to Natural Born Killers's Micky and Mallory or Sid and Nancy.

This film even had me routing for the Joker at one point to save his love. Now as for the Joker himself I found this version to be more brutal than clown. More romantic than anarchist. Coming of the back of Heath Ledger much loved joker. Jared Leto did hold his own and gave us a much different Joker. I would be open to seeing more from this incarnation of the character. Another highlight was seeing a performance by Will Smith that I actually enjoyed after some duds like After Earth. He had a great bond with Harley and a great roll within the team. Overall the cast had an excellent chemistry and this shows by the bucket load here.

Go see this film because DC needs some love after Batman VS Superman. Go see this because Harley will charm the pants off you and go see this film because it’s a actually a good film and its nice to root for the bad guys. Go because you a fan or because you want an enjoyable film night.

I give this film 7/10 shiny stars

By Graham Leslie