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Stung: Joss Stirling.

Second in the Struck series: Kate is 16 years old, she was a member of the YDA. On her first mission she was sent under cover with an older female operative. Young, full of hope, she lived her cover story. Until she fell in love, and then risked everything to try and get her ‘love’ to safety. Even breaking the rules, blowing her cover in order to try and get him out of the country before the Scorpions killed him. They are a very nasty gang that she was tailing for information.

What Kate doesn’t know, is it is all a set up. Her superior was a plant by the Scorpions to gain her. The whole love affair was a set up. She gets taken, framed for murder, abused, forced to be branded with the gang tattoo. She escapes, going on the run for years. She used to be part of travelling shows when she was younger. She uses the network to travel safely without being found.

Nathan is the agent sent to track her down and bring her in. Kate and Nathan have a past, a romantic interest in each other. One Kate plays to escape him once he captures her. A problem that gets him in trouble with his boss (Isaac). When he rediscovers her, Kate convinces him to play a game. To wait and see if he calls it in who comes after her first, the YDA or the Scorpion’s. When it is the gang, he agrees to go on the run with her until they can find out exactly who the leak in the YDA is. To protect her, and the rest of their agents. All the time stirring up old feelings between them both. Nathan is desperate to redeem this young girl who has been through so much, living on the streets for so long, fighting for her very life.

I have to admit that this is the only book written by Ms Stirling, that I did not like or enjoy very much. There is so much missing back-story hinted at in flashbacks of Kate’s life it left me confused. Feeling like I had missed reading a whole book in the series. Even when I went back and checked that I hadn’t, there was still a nagging feeling of ‘turning over two pages at once’. Of always playing catch up in the book, permanently confused. It either needs some editing and a few extra chapters, or a prequel book putting into the series to plug all the gaps. As this is a really good book, if it made more sense.


Sarah Beth James