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Steve Steinman's Iconic (No spoilers)

Iconic The Show
Friday 24th March 2017
Mansfield Palace Theatre

Fans of Steve Steinman and Vampires Rock have been waiting eagerly for his new production Iconic for several months, and on Friday 24th March 2017, it premiered at Mansfield Palace Theatre.

My expectations were sky high, and after coming away from the show still rocking, they were definitely exceeded!

I don’t want to give any spoilers away, as it was amazing to watch the show unfold and not know what was coming, so I am a little limited to what I can put, but here goes;

The premise of this new show is that Benson, played by the wonderful John Evans, is the usher at a theatre, where Penny Johns wins a golden ticket to a midnight screening and the magic of the coolest films comes to life.

Iconic has a very different look and feel to it from Vampires Rock, but it promises to be just as great. Steve has the roots of the show down, and it will begin to change and naturally evolve as the off the cuff humour is interjected into the show, and as the audience participation begins to grow. Steve could potentially tour with this for the next 15 years as he has done with Vampires Rock, keeping it fresh year after year with slight changes here and there. It is a show I will happily go and see at least once every year for as long as it tours.

Steve is a creative genius, and the proof of that is in every detail of the show. The song choices to support the storyline! The lights! The costumes! The bloody huge LED screen! I could go on and on and on … but … spoilers! He has already listed some of the songs that he will be singing, and even posted a couple live on Facebook, but he definitely saved the best for the show itself. His vision and drive is incredible and when on stage, he IS every inch the Rock Star.

The live band consists of Mary Garcia Garner on bass guitar, Andy Preston on keyboards, Jamie Hiscox on guitar and vocals and Pete Jean on drums are the best line-up I have ever seen in a live show. I am no musician to be able to describe it technically, but they recreate these Iconic soundtracks, and have a way of making it different to any version you have heard before. There simply is no better way to listen to music than it being live in front of you. There are such a variety of songs, including two I never expected to see in a Steve Steinman production but they work SO well!

Penny Johns powerful voice is simply amazing, her comedic timing is perfect in Iconic. Hayley Russell is fabulous in her many varied roles, and was great to watch as Harley Quinn. Victoria Jenkins gets the chance to show her vocal abilities more in this show, to great effect. All three together are mesmerising to watch on stage.

Iconic really shows off John Evans’ vocal talents. I will not ruin it for you by naming the films or songs he sings, but the first song he performs had me in tears and the duet he performed with Penny Johns in the second act absolutely blew me away. I overheard so many comments to him and about him as I exited the theatre last night, and he deserves them all. Anyone who has tickets to see this is in for a lovely surprise.

Every single person on that stage looked like they were having the time of their life, and so were the audience.

Many of the audience, including myself, joined into the spirit of the show and dressed up, and we had a great time before the show in the theatre meeting up and having photo’s taken. It really is like one big family to be a part of. All of the audience members that I spoke to on the way out said how much they enjoyed it, apart from two people who thought it was ‘a little loud’. Ah well, you cannot please everyone.

What more can you ask for? Only a CD to be produced as quickly as possible (please Steve!) so that we can relive the show over and over again until we can next see it. Steve has said there are plans for one shortly and I am sure that, like Iconic itself, it will be more than worth the wait.

I already have tickets to next years Iconic show at Mansfield – I brought them weeks ago before I had even seen the show, I was that confident that it would be great – but I hope to get another show in as part of this tour. Probably towards the end and it will be great to see how it has changed and grown.

For anyone who hasn’t got tickets yet – what are you waiting for? You will have an amazing two hours of fun packed, toe tapping, hand clapping entertainment. For anyone who has got tickets, enjoy – you are in for a treat!

For anyone who wants to purchase tickets for Mansfield next year, follow this link to get them NOW:

To see the full list of tour dates, visit the Iconic Facebook Group!

Overall rating: 10/10 of course! I expected no less.


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