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Step Up 2: The Streets

If you love dance moves or just dance itself you will love this movie.
This movie is directed by Jon M. Chu

Writers: Toni Ann Johnson, Karen Barna, and Duane Adler.

Andie - Brianna Evian : Step up movies, Once Upon a Holiday
Chase – Robert Hoffman : You got served, She’s the man
Moose – Adam G. Sevani: Step up movies, LOL
Cable – Harry Shum Jr: Glee, Shadow hunters
Tyler – Channing Tatum: Magic Mike, Step Up.

This movie was released in cinemas in 2008. Reason why I’ve gone straight to the 2nd is I connected more with the 2nd one than I did with the first one of this franchise.

Andie a teenage girl who loses both of her parents she is left alone but taken in by her mum's best friend Sarah. Andie hangs out with the wrong crowd, but dance is her life and what she loves. The group she hangs with is her dance crew who have got her into trouble with some of the stuff they got to do to get noticed.

The time had come though where this was her last chance and she blew it. Her mother’s friend Sarah has had enough and is sending Andie to live with relatives in Texas.

One of Andie’s good friends (Tyler) shows up and convinces Sarah to let Andie go to a professional dance school that he attends and helped him love dance even more, thinking that this may help her and save her future.
Sarah agrees, but now it’s up to Andie to get into the school with an audition. Only problem is that it’s very different to what she is used to. Will she stick it out?

She auditions and gets through, but doesn’t know how she got through because she thinks she doesn’t fit in. Soon though she will find her place, and form a new dance crew after getting flung out of her old dance crew 410.
Will the new dance crew live up to the last one?

The competition is on what will happen when both dance crews come up against one another?

Who will win the battle and who will go home stunned and left out in the cold?

This movie is all about dance, it shows you that if you put your mind to it you can do anything. If you have the rhythm that’s pretty much all you need to be able to dance. The learning comes with the package and soon you could learn all types of dance. Every dance has a pieces of movement from other dances when you think about it.

I love dance and how some dances can tell a story through the motions and the music if you just watch carefully. It’s like a trance when you just get mesmerized in the dance especially when you’re the one dancing. I love this movie because the choreography and music they have picked match the storyline perfectly.

I give this movie at 8/10 watch it and see what you think. If you love dance then you will appreciate this movie.