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Melissa McCarthy hit our big screens in June starring in Spy, with Rose Byrne, Jude Law, Jason Statham and a host of other big names. Produced and written by Paul Feig. From the makers of The Heat an amazing film which grossed $229,930,771 and Bridesmaids which grossed $288,383,523 worldwide we were expecting a huge hit. The box offices are loving the new addition taking $200,321,000 worldwide in less than a month. Causing stirs as it is removed on opening week in several cinemas in Pakistan for content used. Already rumours of a possible sequel in the works, although nothing confirmed as yet.

Stars Melissa as CIA analyst Susan Cooper, from the basement who guides CIA field agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law) through his missions. The basement is full of analysts who do all the back ground work for field agents, telling them exactly where to go and when to move. However when her agent is believed to be killed in action, and the names of all active field agents are released publicly the CIA has to find new agents to take their place. Susan offers her services as a field agent trying to trap the arms dealers, being given a series of identities very unflattering. Like single mum touring the country, crazy cat lady, made up to look older. Leaving her on surveillance only. With Rick Ford (Jason Statham) as a rogue CIA agent keep bursting into her operations.

Very popular movie, well acted by the lead characters. Some very good jokes included, witty one liners and quite an enjoyable storyline. It should have been an extremely entertaining piece enjoyable for all. Apart from the constant overuse of disgusting items such as projectile vomit, over gory tasteless blood, and pointless pieces that should have been removed by the editing team that were just not funny. Like Susan getting pink eye, or the fact there were vermin in the ceiling leaving poo on someone’s birthday cake. The kind of toilet humour you would expect in a young teenagers movie, not one rated a 15. I really found myself left disinterested as soon as the first scene of poo cake turned up, and by the time Susan made her first accidental kill and decided to projectile vomit over the body from a high building. Well I was ready to walk out of the cinema. All I can say is, only visit this production if you are a fan of that kind of tasteless humour. For me as spy comedies go, Kingsman beat this hands down. I expected so much more, note to the writers next time please do not swop actual storyline for this form of humour.

Truly terrible, in my eyes at least.


Sarah Beth James


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