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Spiderman Homecoming

Well, we knew that Tony Stark recruited Spiderman. A young boy, to help out with Captain America. We know that he was inexperienced, yet showed talent and we know that Tony gave him the suit he was wearing.

Homecoming shows the other side of that. How Peter gets recruited by Tony, how Happy is issued as his handler. To take him over, book him in a hotel, get him ready for the fight. Give him the suit, and the back of the fighting. All via Peter's little video blog. Which Happy isn't pleased he is recording, keeps telling him to stop. Tony records a rather personal messaged about Peter's Aunt as part of the recording, which also doesn't please.

And, then it's all over.

Peter is back to his normal life, school, friends, the 'Stark Internship' as he tells others. Constantly trying toget Happy to give him a new mission. Dozens of unanswered texts and calls. Sneaking off after school, putting on the suit and trying to help people. SOmetimes without any clue of what he is doing, but still reporting back and trying to be just like Tony. Already you can see the absent father figure, as Peter just strives for some attention, someone to look up to and be proud of him.

Then Peter, strikes 'lucky' getting caught up in an ATM robbery with alien tech, from a team that salvage alien items to create their own weapons after Stark's team took away their contract to salvage the tech and sell it. leaving them bankrupt. Peter, does his best but has to give up the fight to save a friend's life. By the time he turns around they are gone. He keeps chasing these weapons, along with trying to have a life. A girl he loves, school projects, a best friend who finds out his secret identity. Bullying at school, trying to impress said girl when his friends grass that he knows Spiderman. A complex, and a lonely life he tries to shuffle. Too scared to live his life, in case Stark calls him for a mission. Wanting him to so badly.

Following the weapons, he nearly gets badly hurt. Resulting in Stark sending a drone Ironman to save him. Giving him a lecture on being careful, and leaving it to the adults. The kid is 15, so we know that is only going to fuel him into searching harder. Tony is already feeling the pressure of starting to turn into his father. He saves his friends and school mates from a terrible danger. Tony is proud, until moments later. Peter, tries his best in a huge battle but makes one little mistake and people risk getting hurt. Leaving Tony to come to correct it, bitch out Peter and remove the suit. Leaving Peter to have to find his own way to continue as Spiderman, with a broken heart that his mentor and father figure is so angry at him.

Spiderman is not my favourite of franchises, I never found his character to be very interesting. The constant remakes, just left the same ground so over covered it took what was a bland story line (to me) and made it completely uninteresting. So, he was bitten by a spider, he is strong and he can walk on walls and stuff. He still has to make his own web fluid and everything. It just seems a very little super power. In all honesty, I only saw this movie because someone took me to it. I'm glad they did, as to me. This was the best in the franchise so far. Fresh, exciting, a pretty good super villain. The play off between Stark and Peter worked well. You can see where (as Peter grows up), Tony will make him stronger. Better suits, train him until he is a full-time Avenger. You can also see how much Tony cares for the boy, given the 500 plus settings for webs and all the other gadgets he puts in the various version of the suit.

Certainly, worth the watch, I look forward to seeing where this will go.