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Silent Hill 4: The Room - Walkthrough - Part 2


"This looks like South Ashfield Station..."

Once in this area, follow the metal pathway around two corners to reach the pavement. To the left on a shelf is a Holy Candle. Go through the door at the right on the left wall, unlocking it first. Right after entering this area, there will be a Gum Head in front of you. Run down the narrow hallway past it to enter the main hall. Far down to the left is another Gum Head by the large escalator and another one to the right. Take the right path past the Gum Head and around the corner to the next area.

Run down the pathway to the washroom area - if you don't have the Lynch Street Line Coin in your inventory, which you very likely don't, enter the ladies' room and go through the Portal on the wall there, after stomping on the Red Tremers blocking the way.

ROOM 302
Back in your apartment, you'll probably experience another haunting. Under your front door wait for the Red Diary - July 25 and a Kid's Letter, along with a Toy Key. Be sure to get the Lynch Street Line Coin from your chest if you don't have it, then return to the subway.

Back in the washroom complete with the subway token, exit to the hallway. If you're interested, there's a Nutrition Drink in the men's room by the farthest stall. Continue down the hall to the turnstiles area. You should notice the extreme quietness in this area - take the right path for a cut scene, noticing the hair on the ground. Here you will meet Cynthia's Ghost - Victim 16. This one of the most annoying Ghosts in the game, so you may want to use a Sword of Obedience to pin her down - she's tough to knock down and make her stay down, so a Silver Bullet may be necessary, and one is just ahead. Instead of fighting the Ghost, continue to the next corridor of the subway for some helpful items.

Three Gum Heads occupy the area, but don't let that throw you off - the items are worth it (one in particular). First, get the Nutrition Drink in the right alcove ahead. Up the left stairs are Silver Bullets, although you'll only get one. Head back to the turnstiles area to meet Victim 16 again, and feel free to shoot her with a Silver Bullet and pin her down with a sword if you find it necessary. Anyway, use the Lynch Street Line Coin to pass through the appropriate turnstile with Eileen. After doing so, head down the stairs.

Hearing the sounds of Sniffers, continue down the stairs and head to the right (Henry's left). You might be able to see a bit of a Sniffer's head through the wall, and you can actually hit it through the wall - be careful, though; it can do the same to you. Through the doorway is another Sniffer down the hall a bit. Continue further down to find a Riding Crop for Eileen on the very strange-looking chair object. At the end of the hallway is a Nutrition Drink on the ground by the shelf blocking the way. Taunt the Sniffer on the other side and head all the way back to the stairs, then continue down the descending stairs to the Lynch Street Line platform.

Continue down the rest of the stairs and enter the northeast subway car through the open doors. Use the center column to get to the south side of this subway car and use the Toy Key to open the toy box on the left bench. You'll get a Filthy Coin; how convenient... Exit the car back to the east platform and follow the platform south. Enter the southeast subway car if you're interested in a Saint Medallion. Once in the car, use the open doors to the right, and the center column, to get to the southwest car. Grab the Saint Medallion on the floor by the south door and exit back to the east platform.

Back on the platform, go through the door at the end of the path to the south. In here, grab the Holy Candle by the ladder and move down the ladder. Eileen will tell you in a cut scene that she can't use a ladder in her condition, and so she can't follow you for now. Down in the maintenance pathway, head up the east ladder and use the Portal there to get back to your apartment.

ROOM 302
At your front door, you can find the Red Diary - July 17. Remembering the Filthy Coin you just got in the subway, maybe you can wash it off. The first place you should think of is the kitchen sink. Head into the kitchen and use the sink to wash the Filthy Coin to get the 1$ Coin. Empty any unnecessary items into your item chest and return to the subway.

Back on the subway, go through the door in the room, since you came from the ladder earlier. Two Sniffer Dogs patrol the platform. Preceding the stairs on the platform are Pistol Bullets on the last left bench. Up the stairs, you can find a Portable Medical Kit by the rubble blocking the path. You can also find a Holy Candle in the northeast subway car here - enter the northwest car through the open doors and use the center column to get to the other car and get the candle.

When you're done here, return to Eileen in the southeast maintenance room. Go through the door in the room and find the vending machine on the platform, noticing the "1$" marking on it. Use the 1$ Coin in the vending machine to get the Murder Scene Key. Afterward, head south and reenter the southeast maintenance room.

This time, use the pathway between the two ladders down here, passing by the two Ghosts in the area. Follow the path down the stairs around the far corner, and head through the door there. Now on the King Street Line platform, check out the subway train for anything new. If you enter the train and check the front, you'll find that a handle is missing from the control panel, but it seems that you'd be able to move the train with that if you could find it. Moving on, head west to the escalators. You should consider using the Portal on the west end wall if your health isn't too great and you don't have any health supplies on you. Move onto the up escalator here to start your ascent. you have to do this part again. Like the first time in the subway, it's best to use a melee weapon to whack the Wall Men as you pass them while the escalator moves up - that is if you're having trouble getting past by running. With melee weapons, charge up attacks work wonderfully, however, normal attacks work as well. I highly recommend the Rusty Axe for this part (as well the entire time you have it). The Axe's charge up attack has long range, so you can start it from far away and bash a Wall Man while invulnerable in the middle of the attack.

Good timing doesn't work as well as it did before - many of the Wall Men don't even go back into the wall after attacking and will stay out as you pass, and therefore will try to swing at you and probably will hit you. For the ones that actually do go back inside the wall, just run past them after they attack (when they go back into the wall).

Once you're finally at the top of the escalator on the pavement, head through the doorway to the left and down the path. Bash the Sniffer to death and grab the Nutrition Drink on the left shelf. Return to the escalator area and head up the nearby stairs. Once up here, you can find Cynthia's Commuter Ticket by the top of the right section of the stairs. Take it and enter the office right beside it, using the Murder Scene Key. Inside this bloody room, take the Train Handle on the ground past the blood-stained floor and exit the room.

Now that you have Cynthia's Commuter Ticket, it renders the Lynch Street Line Coin obsolete. You can still use the coin, but the ticket lets you pass through both Lynch Street and King Street turnstiles. Use Cynthia's Commuter Ticket to pass through the exit turnstile here and use it again to get through the Lynch Street turnstile. Head down the Lynch stairs as well as the next set of stairs, to get to the east Lynch Street Line platform.

Enter the southeast maintenance room to reclaim your baggage, Eileen. Exit the room and use the stairs on the platform to get back to B2, then use the next stairs to get to B1. Use Cynthia's Commuter Ticket (or the Lynch Street Line Coin) to pass through the exit turnstile, and use Cynthia's Commuter Ticket to pass through the entering turnstile for King Street. Then head down the stairs. Continue down the stairs and move onto the down escalator with Eileen.

Yes, you have to do this yet again, but this time you're heading downwards and it's easier. Use the same strategy with the Rusty Axe (specifically the charge up attack) to get past the Wall Men. You can easily do this without getting hit once. Once at the bottom of the King Street Line platform, head east and enter the subway train. Follow the path in the train all the way to the front car, moving past the Victim 16 Ghost. Use the Train Handle on the controls and the train will move, but only about one car length.

Head back east to find a passageway through the open north doors. Follow the passage down the stairs with Eileen to find a Sword of Obedience lying against the right wall by the door. Take it and head through the door. A cutscene will play and the Man in the Coat seems to be here to kill you, with a Pistol and a Steel Pipe. You don't need to fight him at all, though, and I especially recommend that you don't. Just head through the door in front of you after the cutscene.

Now you're in another spiral staircase, just like the one before. You can also find a Portal near the bottom. Consider saving your game, as well as putting the subway coin and ticket in your chest with any other items, and continue down the rest of the staircase to the door at the end. Unlock it and go through.


"That's what everybody calls me, but I don't really have a name."

Welcome to the forest...again. Starting in the cemetery, investigate the area. In the northwest corner of the area, you'll find a Torch lying on the small platform, besides the fixed torch. "Holy Flame" is written on your Torch, and you'll find the same writing on the fixed torch. Put two and two together and examine the fixed Torch with your own Torch equipped to light yours.

You can do some more exploring in the east of this area, however, that will trigger the Man in the Coat to appear in the area, and he's equipped with a Pistol and a Steel Pipe. You should know who the Man in the Coat is by now, so I'll refer to him as Walter from now on.


Walter will follow you through several areas of this world, and many parts during the rest of the game, wielding his weapons, and he will attack you if you're close. If you're somewhat in arms reach, Walter will use his pipe to smack you, however, it's very easy to get away from this, since Walter noticeably winds up his arm before attacking. If you're out of arms reach, he'll be opted to fire his Pistol at you, which will not only lower your health but will also stun you for a second and cost more time, thus you won't be able to get away that easily.

Just try to stay away from Walter while moving through the following areas of the forest, and try to run windingly, which will lower Walter's hit rate for his Pistol while shooting at you, however, it will not always help you dodge his bullets; you're only human. Whenever running away from Walter, keep Eileen in mind and make sure she's never too far behind you. This is also a benefit of running windingly in areas with Walter.

You can, in fact, beat Walter to a pulp and he will fall down. You can even kick him while he's on the ground but he will never die, exactly like a Ghost (Swords of Obedience can't be used on him, though). Once you do this, however, Walter will be out of action for quite a while, leaving you lots of time to fool around and get the items you need.

To temporarily put Walter offline, you'll need to introduce a lot of damage to him - I recommend the Rusty Axe. With the help of Eileen and her weapon (preferably the Riding Crop or the Chain you find in the forest), you can quickly diminish Walter's status. As Henry, you can use the Axe's normal attack which should be good enough, but you can also use the charge up attack. It will take more time to charge up and you'll probably take some more damage, but Walter will consequently "die" faster.

But like I said earlier, just try to stay away from Walter and use dodging methods to get past him. Beating him up in every area you meet up with him can be annoying and definitely isn't always necessary.

Around the center of the area is the 11/21 coffin. If you move near it, several Hummers will emerge from the grave, so try to stay away. Just south of the grave (as well as to the north), you'll find some weird writing like before, but Eileen somehow manages to read it, and she can read all the weird writing found in the forest. All right, enough fun here, exit through the north double doors with Eileen behind you.

Be sure to keep in mind that Walter will come through the doors behind you once you start to move down the forest pathway, and it's inevitable so don't worry too much about it. Note the Portal on the wall right by the double doors, but don't visit your apartment just yet. Just ahead of you from the door is a well, and upon examination with the Torch equipped and lit, you'll find a Doll's Head... Interesting. By this time, Walter will definitely be in the area. If you don't have the Torch lit, you won't be able to get the item; return to the previous area and light your Torch with the "Holy Flame".

Quickly grab the Nutrition Drink on the ground to the east of the well and continue in that direction. There will be two Sniffers down the path, but you've already got enough to worry about, and hopefully, it's behind you. Continue all the way down the path, running windingly for three reasons - not getting too far ahead of Eileen, dodging Walter's bullets, and dodging the Sniffers' attacks. Once you reach the gate, pass through it.

Another Sniffer will be in here, but once again, forget about killing it. Run windingly past the Sniffer all the way to the far gate and go through it. Once inside the Wish House compound, relax, you're home free. Looks like there was an unfortunate accident with Wish's got a "new" look to it. Around the center of the wreckage on the ground lies Jasper's Burned Memo. Right by that is a sloped piece of wood, leading up to a platform. Move up it.

At the left of the platform is a Holy Candle, and to the right...a headless, armless, legless, human-sized doll sitting in a wheelchair. Examine it for the Wheelchair Doll Text memo. Two parts of the memo seem quite significant and hold the key to the puzzle:

"I cut my body into five pieces and hid them in the darkness"

"When my body is once again whole, the path to below will be opened."

All right, so there are five doll pieces lying around the forest in "darkness", eh? Well, you already found one (the head), and it was in a well, which was in fact in darkness. So apparently, you need to look for more wells.

For now, insert the Doll's Head into the doll to reclaim an inventory spot. Now start looking for more doll parts. You've already checked the southwest pathway of the forest, so try the southeast. But first, head to the east of this area to the left side of the orange jungle gym, to find a Chain (Eileen weapon). Also note the Portal on the north wall -- actually, enter the portal.

ROOM 302
Back in your apartment, you'll find the Red Diary - July 18 at your door, regarding more information on Walter. Enter the laundry room. As you may have found out earlier, there's a blue tank filled with kerosene in here, directly under the large portal. Stand close to the tank, looking at it - try to equip the Torch and Henry will soak the Torch in kerosene. Doing this will make your torch able to maintain a flame for a longer period of time, and this will help out a lot when looking in the other wells in the forest without worrying too much about the life of your flame. Return to the forest.
When ready, head through the southeast door. Just Hummers in here, thankfully. To the east of the path somewhat near the following door is a Nutrition Drink. Continue to the next area through the east gate. More Hummers in here, however, accompanied by Walter with his Pistol and new Chainsaw - be careful. Quickly run to and go through the east gate.

In here, run forward and turn left past the far tree ahead to find Silver Bullets (only one bullet). This is the second of only two Silver Bullets in the game, so be sure to get it. Move through the nearby gate to the next area. Up the left stairs ahead lies a Nutrition Drink, and a Portal is on the wall to the right of it. If you haven't noticed already, there's a well in between the middle and right sets of stairs in here (the right staircase is blocked, however). There's also a "Holy Flame" (fixed torch) in the center of the area, so you're set.

If you haven't already, soak your Torch in kerosene with the tank in your apartment laundry room, to improve the life of your flame. You don't have to do it right now, but do it after this if you haven't yet. Anyway, examine the well with your light source to find the Doll's Left Leg. Then return to the Wish House compound.

Back here, insert the Doll's Left Leg into the wheelchair doll. Now search the northeast pathway of the forest. Head through the northeast double doors. A taunting Twin Victim stands in the area and you can easily kill it, but you can also easily head through the east gate. Do the latter. Through the gate just to the left is another well. If you still have your Torch equipped and lit, examine the well to get the Doll's Left Arm. If not, get it later (don't go back, keep following the pathways). Follow the pathway to and through the east gate.

A cut scene will play in here, and a friend from before is here to haunt you, as a Ghost - Victim 17, Jasper. This Ghost is actually on fire and wields a small, but powerful weapon; stay away. Quickly dodge the Ghost and move past him to the left. On the other side of the large left stone is a Saint Medallion, between two small rocks - use that to repel the Ghost, since he will follow you through several stages of the forest. Go through the east gate with Eileen.

As Hummers fly around the area, the fiery Ghost tries to pull itself through the fence in the area. Before it finishes, run through the east gate. Now in the factory area, run to Henry's left and move up the small ramp. By the far wall ahead lies a Nutrition Drink, and another Ghost should come from the right ramp. Leave it alone and go through the double doors up the ramp.

Follow the path to the south and move up the ramp before the two Ghosts in the area get to you. Follow the ramp pathway all the way to and through the double doors at the end. In this pathway, note the Portal on the wall by the doors you came through, and make good use of the "Holy Flame" behind the far tree on the right side (Henry's right) of the pathway from the door. Even if your Torch's flame is still running, light it again. Follow the rest of the path and move through the east end gate.

Right after entering the area, you'll hear the presence of a Gum Head. You don't need to kill it, but if you want to, use the Torch so your flame doesn't go out (it'll go out if you put it away). On the other side of the fence by the west gate is a Nutrition Drink - you'll have to move along the fence and around the tree to get to the other side -- and there's a well on the east side of the pathway farther down. With your Torch, examine the well to get the Doll's Right Arm. Even farther down the path is a Holy Candle, by the far fence.

Now it's time to head all the way back to the Wish House compound. Be aware of the four Gum Heads in the first pathway after the cliffs, and if you didn't get the Doll's Left Leg in this northeast section of pathways, get it on the way back. Once back in the compound, insert the Doll's Left Arm and the Doll's Right Arm into the wheelchair doll, then go through the northwest door in the compound to start your investigation of the northwest pathway of the forest.

In this misty pathway are two Twin Victims. If your Torch's flame is dead right now, you might as well kill them with the Axe. However, there is a well near the west gate which contains the Doll's Right Leg. There is a flame just ahead, though, so don't worry if you're flame-free. Continue down the path to find a Nutrition Drink on the ground by the gate, and go through the gate to enter the cave.

Although this area is noisy, it contains no enemies at the moment. Move a bit into the cave, and you'll be able to find Pistol Bullets to the right by some barrels and tanks. Just a bit past that on the left side is the haunting Pickaxe of Despair, which is a slow, very powerful weapon. Just a bit past that is a Nutrition Drink by the far wall. Once you're done here, move through the exit of the cave to the west.

Just to the right of you here on the lakefront is another "Holy Flame" - light your Torch if you haven't gotten the Doll's Right Leg yet, so you can get it on the way back. Besides the flame, a little down along the cave wall are Revolver Bullets. If you stand still near the entrance of the cave and a few other areas, you can see someone by a grave to the south, so check it out by moving over there, and a cut scene will play.

Right after the cut scene, an item on the grave will be in the center of the camera view - take the Crested Medallion. Note the Portal on the cave wall here, and head all the way back to the Wish House compound, getting the Doll's Right Leg on the way back if you don't have it yet. Once back at Wish House, insert the Doll's Right Leg into the wheelchair doll for a cut scene. After the cut scene, a hole in the floor where the wheelchair doll was will be revealed. Go through the hole in the floor, going down the stairs inside it.

Continue down the stairs to find the Descent of the Holy Mother - The 21 Sacraments on an altar, and a familiar crest on the wall... To the left of the altar is a locked door with a round depression about 10 inches wide - if you check your Crested Medallion, it says it's 10 inches wide - use it. Exit through the door.

Now in another spiral staircase, run down it to find a Portal near the bottom. You have no use for the Torch anymore, and it's quite a weak and useless weapon, so toss it in your item chest. Continue past the portal and go through the following door with Eileen. In this circular room, step into the circular elevator just ahead of you.


"It's so damp and gross in here..."

After the cut scene of your arrival to the prison, note the Portal on the wall in front of you and exit through the door at the other side of the area, after unlocking it. Once outside, you may notice a gun in your face... Not good. Quickly run around Walter so he doesn't attack you, and he'll probably run away. There isn't anything interesting up here so quickly exit through the large double doors in front of Henry.

On the ledge, take the easy way down the ladder and let Eileen do the walking. As long as you stay by the ladder on 3F, Walter won't enter the area (from the roof); if you move away, he will start coming. Once Eileen catches up to you, enter the 3F cellblock through the double doors by the ladder. In the corridor just to Henry's right is a Twin Victim pointing fingers. There are also two other Twin Victims occupying the corridor.

Checking out the area, you can find Pistol Bullets in the lower east cell, guarded by a Wall Man, a Holy Candle in the upper east cell, and Pistol Bullets in the lower west cell. By now, you'll likely find that Eileen is getting in the way a lot and it's a pain to wait for her all the time, so you're best to ditch her up here right now. You can bring her down to the lower levels of the prison, but eventually, you WILL have to ditch her, and in the 3F cellblock a good place to do it.

If you head down to 1F, you'll notice that you can't access the basement levels due to a locked door, but if you remember from the first time in the prison, you arranged the blood-stained bed cells to get down to B1. So find the northeast cell, which will lead you to your destination, and jump down the following holes in the northeast cell on each floor as you submerge.

Once you land in the Kitchen on B1, turn around and go through the double doors. Walk over the small bridge to find a Prisoner's Shirt on the floor, with something written on it in wax. Henry comments, "Maybe if you soak it in some kind of colored liquid..." if you examine it. Hmm... Maybe something is in your apartment... Anyway, exit the room and cross over to the Dining Hall next to the Kitchen. Clear the path of Whitestools and grab the Saint Medallion on the left bench and the Nutrition Drink on the table past it, then exit to the hall after unlocking the double doors here.

Now in the hallway, several Whitestools block the path to the ladder to Henry's right - maybe something is up there... If you make your way past the Whitestools and make it all the way up to the 3F surveillance room, you'll find a Nightstick on the floor for Eileen. Back in the hallway on B1, you'll find Pistol Bullets inside the Shower Room, past some more Whitestools. Exit from the inner hall out to the stairs pathway.

Now on the stairs, you can head down to B2, but you'll have to go there later, anyway, and you'll probably find that your inventory is getting full. So head up to 1F via the ladder to the west of the B1 double doors and move through the door on 1F next to the ladder, after unlocking it. In here, grab the Nutrition Drink on the ground to Henry's right, next to the Portal on the wall. Remembering the Prisoner's Shirt you just picked up, return to your apartment through the portal.

ROOM 302
First, be sure to lighten your inventory, then check your front door for the Red Diary - July 28. Now try to find some colored liquid to soak the Prisoner's Shirt in. There's nothing in your kitchen, check your washroom. Looking to your right, you'll notice the stunning bathtub besmirched in blood - examining it, Henry will comment that it smells the same as the room in the prison, the room where you got the shirt - this should work. Move up to the bathtub and use the Prisoner's Shirt to soak it in blood, to reveal the Note from the Bloody Prisoner's Shirt.

Now readable, the wax words on the shirt mention the basement key for the prison, and that the author has a sword in his cell to be used to stab the guy with the key - the fat one. His cell is apparently on the second floor with "black things" inside it. So that is your next destination. Exit the washroom and return to the prison via the portal in your laundry room.

From 1F, make your way up to the 2F cellblock via the ladders outside. Checking for a cell with black things, you'll find that it's the southwest cell. The black things are the bottles on the bed and the nightstand. Anyway, the sword is under the bed - examine the corner of the bed by the far wall to get a Sword of Obedience. You don't have to get this sword to progress in the game and you don't have to use this specific sword on the guy with the key later on, but you're better off doing it. All right, now exit back to the stairs pathway outside.

Since you're already up here and you'll have to get Eileen sometime, go retrieve her from wherever you left here. If you followed this walkthrough then you probably left her in the 3F cellblock. Use the map to look for a red arrow if you don't know where Eileen is - that's her. Move back down to 1F with Eileen. If you take the ladders, Eileen may run into a few Hummers on her way down, but that's no big deal. As for Walter, stay on the roof of the 1F passage room (in between the two small ladders near the bottom of the stairs pathway) to avoid confronting him.

Pass through the passage room on 1F to the stairs pathway inside the prison. A cutscene will play of the "fat one" who stole the basement key, who is Victim 18, the Ghost of DeSalvo. After the cutscene, you'll have to beat down the Ghost to get the key. I recommend that you go back to your apartment and retrieve the Pistol and a Silver Bullet if you don't have these already, that is if they are available to you. Back in the stairs pathway, load the Pistol with a Silver Bullet.

Run down the stairs in the pathway, destructing any Whitestools in the way with the Axe. When you start hearing faint words being spoken, the Ghost is near you. Equip the Pistol and locate the Ghost. Target him and make sure you're aiming at him, then load a Silver Bullet into his stomach. If you don't have a Silver Bullet, try to use the Rusty Axe, Pickaxe of Despair, or whatever else works to try to bash the Ghost to the ground. It's quite difficult this way, and that's why a Silver Bullet is recommended. Approach the Ghost on the ground and stab a Sword of Obedience into him, and you'll get the Water Prison Generator Room Key.

After getting the key, you can take your sword back, and I recommend you do. If you take it out, this Ghost will only appear in the following area in the basement and Outside Room 302 - nowhere else - so you're wasting a good sword if you leave it. Anyway, follow the rest of the pathway down to the door at the end, clearing the path of Whitestools for both you and Eileen, and go through the door.

Move down the stairs onto the floor, and note the Portal on the other side of the waterwheel, as well as a Portable Medical Kit on the ground in front of it. Locate the door near the end of the stairs you came down and pass through it, using the Water Prison Generator Room Key. Inside the Generator Room, move forward past the generator, and stop at the awe-inspiring sight. Wow... Prepare yourself and start to move down the strange hallway.

You'll have to get rather close for the six Twin Victims to start heading your way, and you can't really just run past them to the door because Eileen will be bumped and she'll pick a fight with one of the Twin Victims, if not several of them. So have the Axe ready to smash some brains in with, and start pounding away when the Twin Victims arrive right in front of you. I recommend you give Eileen a weapon here, for the benefit of the both of you.

Eileen will perform quite a dandy deed for you if she has a weapon. She'll hit any Twin Victim in a fair-sized radius around her, even behind her. You should bash some of the enemies yourself, but whenever Eileen knocks one down, rush to stomp it. Don't expect everything to be great here; Eileen will very likely take damage, and the same goes for yourself, that is if you actually take part of the fight.

After demolishing the six baddies, head down the rest of the hallway to a normal sized door this time, although quite a narrowing hallway. Go through the door with Eileen.

Navigate down the same old spiral staircase to reach a predictable Portal near the bottom, as well as a door farther down. Move through the door at the bottom with Eileen to continue on.


"My name's Walter. Walter Sullivan."

After the opening cutscene in the "new" area, you can surely guess who that just was. Checking the area, you'll find the Reminisces memo on the ground ahead of Henry, and also a Nutrition Drink by the left car. The memo speaks of four happy memories of the author, and it looks like you may be up for somewhat of a puzzle. Noticing the Portal on the east wall, you can find the Red Diary - July 29 at your front door. Head over to the right and you may notice Richard's Ghost lowering to the ground. You should consider using a Silver Bullet and a Sword of Obedience on him right here to prevent future annoyance.

Anyway, enter the elevator in the area by the fence and press the bottom button on the panel to go down to B12. If you move through the elevator's south doors you can find a Holy Candle on the east wall. There's a fence blocking the path to the west so reenter the elevator and go down the yellow ladder inside, inevitably leaving Eileen behind.

Down in the shower room, find the hallway where the sound is coming from and clear the path of Whitestools blocking the way. Down the hall by the ladder is a Billiard Ball, which evidently has something to do with the Reminisces memo. Move up the ladder here and follow the noisy, ambient pathway around the two corners, and a cut scene will play. Afterward, the Ghost of Cynthia as well as another Ghost will appear in the area, unless you managed to pin either down earlier on. You should try to get out of the area, but don't miss the Portable Medical Kit by the fence. To continue on, quickly run in between the walls just to the south to reach the next area.

Now without any disturbances, run over towards the door by the boxes. If you move in the box area, the camera angle will change to reveal a Volleyball by the boxes. There's also a very easy to miss Saint Medallion near the railing past the boxes. Through the green door here you'll enter the familiar large fan room, however, hearing a noise that wasn't present last time. Yes, there are Wheel Chairs in here - five of them! Move down the stairs to the last few steps and take a look at the situation.

Note the door in the camera view and wait until there aren't any Wheel Chairs very close to it, and then run for it. Through the door is another staircase. Without moving down the stairs first, you can find a Holy Candle by moving around the stairs to the other side of the walkway. Now run down the stairs to the bottom and go through the door at the end of the path, since the other two won't open, as you already show know.

Right away you should notice the billiard table in the room - put the Billiard Ball on the table. After doing that nothing really happens, but there is more to the apparent puzzle from the Reminisces memo. There is a memo in the room and a door with a keypad, which you can find out the code for and go through it, but there's really no point since through that door leads to the end of the area and you do not have Eileen with you at the moment. So leave the room and move back up the staircase and through the door to the Wheel Chair room again.

Back here, you don't really have any time to plan, so just run for the stairs and go back through the door on the top walkway. There's nothing left to do on this floor so return to the elevator and Eileen, following the pathways to the ladder in the northwest, moving down the ladder and through the shower room, and back up the east ladder. Now press the top button on the elevator panel to go up to B8. Once up there, if you go through the north elevator doors you can find a Holy Candle along the path and Revolver Bullets at the end, however, you'll have to deal with three Gum Heads.

Back in the elevator, go through the south doors to the outside ledge, and start moving west. Richard will be here if you didn't pin him down earlier. Continue along the ledge to the next area and pick up the Nutrition Drink by the door. Two Sniffers should show up shortly and you may want to take care of one or both of them before you go up the stairs. Anyway, move up the stairs all the way to the top and through the door up there.

Inside the sports shop, there are Cake Candles on the counter by the door and a 3-Wood golf club on the floor farther in the room. If you move over to the large basket in the northeast corner of the room, the camera angle will change, clearly pointing out the basket full of volleyballs. Put the Volleyball in the basket to fulfill the second of four reminisces described in the earlier memo. The only thing left in the room is the Portal on the south wall, but nothing is new in your apartment.

Moving on, go through the south door in the room, remembering the birthday cake from last time in the Building World. In the storage room, you can pick up the Holy Candle by the south shelf, then go through another door to the hallway and then through the other door in that hallway. There are a few Ghosts in this stairwell so you better run quickly here - follow the path around the open area and up the stairs, repeat that, and go through the door at the top of the stairs.

If you left the struggling Ghost being pinned down by the Sword of Obedience last time you were here, he'll still be on the ground and you can take the sword, however, it's nice to see him so peaceful. Right by the door is a Stuffed Cat, which appears to be the last part of the Reminisces memo. Anyway, move into the room and put the Cake Candles on the birthday cake on the table to complete the third reminisce.

If you wish to continue looking for items before heading back to the sports shop, then go through the south door in this room. Up the stairs, in the first area, you can find a Nutrition Drink in between the next set of stairs and the fans but beware of the two Sniffers. Up these next stairs, you can find Revolver Bullets on the hood of the car and a Holy Candle on the tank object near the car. In the next hallway, all the way at the end past the two Sniffers is a Driver golf club, which isn't really worth it, and a Portal on the wall.

Back in the birthday cake room, there's nothing else left to do here, head back to the sports shop on B5. Back in the shop, the Reminisces memo mentioned the pet store relating to the cat, so go through the north door in the room and through the door at the bottom of the stairs, hearing a lot of animal noises. There should be two or three Ghosts in here, so do things quickly.

First, go down the first isle by the wall and you'll notice the camera angle change to point out an open animal cage. Put the Stuffed Cat inside and Henry will notice a clock sound coming from somewhere. If you remember the room with the clock door from last time, if you saw it, you should know where to go, but first get the Nutrition Drink and Pistol Bullets on separate shelves in the easternmost isle.

When you're done here, go through the northwest door in the room. Once through the door, check the ground and examine the newspaper for a chilling article, and right after reading it, listen in to an amazing experience, extremely relevant to the article you just read. Wait until the whole sequence is over before you reenter the pet shop out of curiosity. Awesome. Anyway, back in the hallway, go down the stairs and head through the door at the bottom.

Entering the room, get rid of the Hummers flying around and find the clock door up one of the ramps. By the way, if this room is inverted, you haven't fulfilled the four reminisces yet. Go through the clock door to enter an unfamiliar stairwell. This stairwell is filled with Ghost Victims and has several doors that do not open. The only other door that will open is the one at the very bottom in the east, so don't go wasting your time checking the others. Once at the bottom, go through the east door.

Out here you'll encounter four Gum Heads, each with its own golf club, and a Sniffer Dog. If you kill a Gum Head you can take its golf club, but it's really not worth it. However, if you really want to, the Gum Heads have a 7-Iron, 8-Iron, 3-Iron, and a Sand Wedge, respectively. Moving on to the south, you can pick up a Nutrition Drink by the fence. Go through the door in the south to carry on.

In this stairway, you'll encounter Richard again unless you dealt with him earlier. Go through the door all the way at the bottom of the stairs, after unlocking it, and follow the path, past any Ghosts and Hummers, to the south and to the next area. Now go through the door by the boxes to the Wheel Chair room, and this time it will be more difficult since you have Eileen to worry about. Once again, plan things out while standing on the last few steps of the stairs and run for the door under the walkway when it's best, and go through the door.

Move down the staircase here, hearing some noises, and you'll either see or hear a Gum Head drop and land on the stairs, probably by Eileen. Bash it to death, as well as the Hummer in the area, and go through the unlocked door at the bottom of the stairs on the pavement. Once in the bar, kill the Gum Head in front of you, and now that you have Eileen here it's time to focus on escaping this place.

On the bar, you'll find the Later Bartender's Memo, which explains that the phone number of the bar has been changed and that they'll also need to change the billboard, which can be seen from Henry's apartment. The code has also been changed because of it, and if you remember from last time in the Building World you'll know why. The last four digits of the bar's phone number were the code to the keypad for the other door in the room last time, and the same goes for this time. However, since the phone number has been changed, the code has been changed, so you must find out what the new phone number is. You should know what to do here. Enter the Portal on the wall by the pool table.

ROOM 302
After waking up, look out your bedroom window and look up and to the left. The sign is still the same - 555-3750. If you enter that code in the keypad back in the Building World, it won't work, since the code was changed. So how else can you figure out the new phone number? Hmm... How about calling the old phone number to see if they tell you? Call the phone number on the billboard, 555-3750, and a message will play telling you that the new phone number is 555-4890 - so the code is 4890. Return to the Building World.

Enter the code, 4890, into the keypad to go through the door. If you try to go up by following the pathway straight from the door, you'll find that a collapsed wall prevents you from continuing. But if you turn to Henry's right from the door you'll notice that a collapsed wall has filled in the gap to go down. Start running down the stairwell with Eileen, whacking the Hummers to the far below ground when they come near you, and once you reach the bottom you can find a Portable Medical Kit by the final door. Take a moment to laugh at all the dead Hummers down here, if you knocked any down from high above, and go through the door.

A short cutscene will play upon entering the area. There appear to be large Wall Men on moving wall platforms in this room, and it's time for a boss fight.


This is more of a puzzle than a boss fight, really, but it can still be a challenge. First of all, there are twelve large Wall Men in this room - one of them is "real" and the other eleven are "fake"; hence the "One Truth". The other door in this large room is locked and you must find and kill the "One Truth" to unlock it. In order to find the "One Truth", you must hit the Wall Men until you discover something unique in one of them. Whenever you attack a Wall Man, that Wall Man will flinch, and you'll eventually find that every Wall Man will flinch when you hit a certain Wall Man - this is the "One Truth".

Starting off, go to the closest Wall Man to you and start bashing it, preferably with the Rusty Axe, while it's down at relatively your level. If the Wall Man you attack is the only Wall Man to flinch, move on to the next one and wait for it to come down, then bash it to see what happens. Repeat this strategy moving clockwise or counter-clockwise after trying each Wall Man. Note that you can't kill any of the dummy Wall Men, so it's a complete waste of time to continuously attack a dummy Wall Man.

The Wall Men have two different types of attacks. One is the simple arm swing which will inflict quite a bit of damage and throw you to the ground - this is the attack you will see the most often, especially when moving to the next Wall Man. The other attack is a headbutt, which Wall Men can sometimes do even while you're attacking them, quite, unfortunately. You'll just have to learn to deal with it and don't hesitate to use the Portable Medical Kit you just picked up in the previous area if you really need to.

Once you find the single Wall Man that causes every other Wall Man to flinch as well when it is hit, continue to attack that Wall Man, and stay right under it the whole time. Whenever it's down, continuously bash it with the Axe while simultaneously charging up, and perform a charge up attack on the Wall Man once the meter fills each time. Continue bashing the same Wall Man, and when it moves up, just wait for it while standing in the same place and charging up with the Axe, and repeat the strategy when it comes down. It may take a while to kill the Wall Man, but when you finally do, all twelve Wall Men will die and the other door in the room will unlock.

Go through the door after it unlocks to leave the area.

Now in another descending circle staircase, although a bit darker than usual, start your descent to the bottom. As usual, there's a Portal near the bottom, and you can find the Red Diary - August 7 at your front door.

Continue down the staircase to reach the ground. Follow the rest of the path of blood off the stairs to the door with "302" marked on it, as well as being part of a fifteen-foot long wall, oddly enough. Checking the ground when the camera angle changes by the door, pick up the Superintendent's Diary (Man with the Coat) on the tile floor. After waiting for Eileen, go through the door.


After noticing the transition to a black and white, but similar, apartment, move inside the room to the living room area to find two memos on the table. Take the Old Picture Book and the Crimson Tome. Investigating some more, you'll find that the laundry room door won't open, so follow the nice array of candles along the hallway floor, taking a look at the strange end wall for now if you like, and enter the bedroom on the left.

With the impressive contrast between the dull black and white room and the red pieces of paper on the desk and floor, as well as the typewriter that stands out quite clearly, pick up the Red Diary - August 2, Red Diary - August 3, Red Diary - August 4, and Red Diary - August 5. The used Holy Candle on the bed isn't an actual item and there's nothing else to do here but leave the room. Moving into the open bathroom you'll find a Portal, but there's nothing new in your apartment, although there may be a strange message for you...

Move back down the hallway and move into the living room, noticing the suspicious dark substance on the ground, which was there earlier, for a cut scene. In the cut scene, you should notice a Pickaxe in the wall at the end of the hallway, so take the Pickaxe of Hope out of the wall afterward - by the way, this is not a weapon, and you already have a Pickaxe weapon anyway.

Take a clearer investigation of this wall here, reading the notes on the two side walls and noticing the cracked up wall that Joseph tried to destroy. The notes may arouse the thought of destroying the wall yourself by using the Pickaxe you just picked up, but you can't do that here. Thinking about it, Joseph must've tried this when he was in the actual Room 302 (this is Room 302 of the Past) - your apartment. So enter the portal in the washroom to return to your apartment, hoping to use the Axe on your wall.

ROOM 302
Getting out of bed, exit the bedroom to the hall. Before you do anything with the Axe, head down the hallway to see if anything new is in your apartment - on the way you should hear a very loud crash from behind you. That came from through the hallway end wall! There's nothing else new in your apartment so move up to the wall, at the end of the hall, and use the Pickaxe of Hope. Henry will smash the wall, create a large whole - go through it to see what's been hiding in your apartment all this time...

After the stunning cutscene, go examine the "object" of interest, if your mind wills it, and investigate it for Henry to comment that something is in the coat pocket. Check again to get the Keys of Liberation. There's not much else interest anywhere else around the room, other than two familiar items from Silent Hill 2 on the table that you can't pick up, so go back through the hole to the hallway.

Thinking what the keys you just picked up are for, take one wild guess - what could possibly require so many keys, not to mention the word "Liberty" in the name of the keys? Could it be...? Is it time...? Go to your front door and use the Keys of Liberation to unlock the chains and liberate yourself. After the cut scene, you'll finally get to exit your apartment... But what awaits out there?


"Number 21... 'The Receiver of Wisdom'... Henry Townsend..."

Ah, freedom! Well... Not really. Unfortunately, the real world appears to be just as bad as the other-world, if not worse. Eileen will rejoin you after the cut scene and it's time to roll. But just so you know, from now to the end of the game there won't be any portals on the wall to take you back to your apartment, since this is the real world now. In order to get back to your apartment, you'll have to return to this floor and enter Room 302, the same place you exited in the cut scene. And don't worry about the Apartment Keys in your chest, you won't need them.

Bars blocking the hallway prevent you from moving south past Room 302 and to the stairway, so head up the hallway and enter Room 301. Inside, you'll be greeted by two Twin Victims. Try to clear the room right away because there's another enemy downstairs - yes, there are stairs in the apartment. If you're interested, there's a Saint Medallion in the second circle cage in the southeast of the room.

You might be hearing some walking downstairs as you move around up here, sounding like a Twin Victim. However, it is a new enemy, known as Bottoms, although very identical to the Twin Victim in appearance and attacks, but they are slightly stronger. Move downstairs to introduce yourself to the new creature, or just wait for it to come up. Down the stairs leads to Room 201, on the second floor, where you'll find a Nutrition Drink in the southeast circle cage. Nothing else is of interest, other than the notes talking about a ritual on the fences in the room, so exit to the east 2F hallway.

Head south down the hallway towards Room 202, and once you get near the door you should hear a familiar laugh and a gun clicking - Walter is behind the bars just ahead about to shoot you, so quickly enter Room 202. In the northwest room in 202, you'll find a Sword of Obedience on the floor, the last of five in the entire game. In the living room you'll find a hole in the wall leading to the next room south, Room 203 - go through the hole.

There aren't any items in here but Cynthia's ghost is, so quickly exit the room through the front door. Now on the other side of the bars in the hallway, you'll find a Nutrition Drink on the kitchen counter in Room 204, however, Walter is also in the room. He's waiting in the hallway of the apartment which is blocked off, but he can still shoot you if you walk by it - just don't go past the kitchen area and you'll be fine. Nothing else is in the room so leave and enter the stairwell to the west.

There is a total of five Patients in this room, each with its own axe as always. Initially, there will only be two near you after first entering the stairwell, so take care of them first, and then the rest when their turns come. The stairs leading down are fenced off, but you can still travel up to 3F, remembering the gate blocking the hallway on 3F earlier, but only if you're interested in a few supply items. At the top of the stairwell, you'll find Pistol Bullets, to the left after the steps. Through the double doors, Room 304 contains a Nutrition Drink on the bed in the only open room in the apartment, and a Twin Victim and a Wall Man also wait for you inside the apartment room.
Finally, in Room 303 you can find Revolver Bullets on the coffee table in the living room, with a Patient guarding it. There may also be a special item on the cushion chair in here, depending on if you've received one of the better endings in the game.

Back in the stairwell, head through the double doors to the west corridor on 2F to meet an empty hallway. Inside Room 205 is a Nutrition Drink in the southeast room if you're interested. Bars block the hallway around the corner, forcing you to enter Room 206, where you'll meet Walter once again. Instead of running around like a little school girl, why not beat Walter down? Just take your Axe and give him some of your best punishment treatment. You can't kill him as usual, but he'll lie prone on the ground until you leave the room.

Anyway, once Walter is on the ground, you'll have some breathing room. In between the bunk beds in the east room is a Holy Candle. To move on, go through the hole in the wall in the northeast room to Room 207. Now in Richard Braintree's apartment, you'll meet his Ghost in here, and there are also Pistol Bullets in the northeast room. Exit the apartment through the front door to the other side of the bars in the corridor.

In the hallway, Bottoms welcomes you from the north. While he's pointing at you, quickly run up to him and give him some charge up Axe treatment. Then continue down the stairs right by the monster, to the west 1F corridor. Hearing some voices, continue down the stairs and scout the rooms in the corridor for items if you wish. Inside Room 107 is a Nutrition Drink, as well as DeSalvo's ghost. Room 106 contains a Holy Candle on the kitchen counter, a Portable Medical Kit in the northeast room, and an Ampule in the washroom in the northwest.

Moving around the corner in the hallway, you'll notice the Super's room covered in chains, preventing you from entering it at this time. To remove these chains, you'll have to do some business in the east corridor on this floor. Enter the lobby through the east double doors and you may notice a sketchbook in the middle of the lobby floor. Eileen will walk towards it and will not budge after seeing it. You'll have to leave her here as you find a way to break the chains off Room 105. Since she's just standing there doing nothing, un-equip her weapon if she has one since she won't be helping you fight anymore and you won't be able to un-equip it sometime later. Anyway, enter the east corridor through the east double doors.

Just ahead in the corridor, you'll notice a hanging body wrapped in chains, looking identical to Walter, although Gray. Once you move up to it you'll hear voices of an older man talking angrily and the hanging body will disappear. If you check Room 105 in the west corridor after it disappears, you'll notice one chain will be gone. In order to remove all six chains on the door, you'll need to find all the hanging bodies in this corridor, both in the hallway and in each apartment room here. One down, five to go.

Entering Room 104, you can find a Portable Medical Kit being guarded by two Wall Men along the south wall - you decide if it's worth it. Looking for the hanging Walter in the room, you'll find it at the northwest of the hallway in the room, inside the tall cage object. Leave the room once it disappears. Moving on, enter Room 103 after dealing with the Twin Victim lurking around the door outside, to meet two Bottoms inside the apartment room. A Nutrition Drink lies at the north end of the hallway in the room and the hanging body is in the living room - you'll have to kill the monsters in here before the speech plays and the body disappears. Leave the room when finished.

Continuing north up the hallway, noticing a haunting figure pointing at you from the end of the hallway, leave it alone for now and enter Room 102. Inside, you'll find another Nutrition Drink on the kitchen counter, and the hanging body in the living room. There's also a Ghost in the room, but a Saint Medallion will keep it at bay long enough to do the deed in here. Exit back to the corridor and run north to the Bottoms by Room 101. Now you can beat the thing senseless, also notice the hanging body behind it. Once the hanging body disappears, enter Room 101.

Reacquainting with the model Shotgun and other firearms in the apartment room, grab the Pistol Bullets in the southwest room if interested. Looking for the hanging body, you'll find it in one of the two cage objects on the east side of the hallway in the room. Now that you've met all six hanging Walters, all the chains will be gone from Room 105, allowing you to enter it. First of all, return to the 1F lobby to retrieve Eileen from her sketchbook addiction.

After hearing Eileen's sympathy for the little boy in the cut scene, enter Room 105 in the west corridor. Checking the room in the hallway before the living room, you'll find yet another Nutrition Drink. Now moving into the living room, noticing the camera angle change by the east wall, examine the small orange box on the shelf for a cut scene. Eileen tells you she's leaving in the cut scene, so now you won't have to worry about leaving her behind anymore. Afterward, you'll get the Umbilical Cord, which is what the small orange box contains. Leave the room.

Henry will have a strange vision in a cut scene out in the corridor, trying to lead him back to his apartment. Follow your vision by first going up the stairs in the hallway to the north, however, after taking a look at the newly placed sketch on the floor by Room 105. Once up the stairs in the west 2F corridor, take a look through the bars blocking the hallway for what's to come shortly - good luck with that. Enter Room 207, passing through the hole in the living room to Room 206, ignoring the Wall Man on the wall in 207. Now that Walter is not in Room 206, take it easy and exit through the room's front door.

Outside in the corridor, you'll meet two Bottoms - one to the right, one to the left - and a Twin Victim farther left. Don't even bother taking the time to fight these beasts - just run and pray. As the enemies chase you down, follow the corridor around the corner to the south and enter the stairwell through the double doors. Meeting up with familiar Patient corpses in the stairwell, go through the east double doors to the lonely east corridor.

Pass through the hole in Room 203 to get to Room 202, and exit to the hallway from there, on the other side of the bars. Enter Room 201, move up the stairs in the room to Room 301, and exit to the 3F corridor from up there. Henry will meet some more friends up on 3F before being able to enter his apartment. Instead of fighting the two Bottoms and Twin Victim, it might be wise just to run past them if you can and enter Room 302.

ROOM 302
Now back in your apartment, the Outside Room 302 section seems to be complete. If you check your laundry room, the portal will still be there, but it will pointlessly lead by to Room 302 of the Past. Be sure to pick up Joseph's Letter on the box in the laundry room, which summarizes what you have left to do later on. On a related note, go check on Walter in the back storage room to see how he's doing.

Once in the room, you'll notice that Walter is missing... Take a look at the depression under it and examine it for Henry to realize that it's not a "normal depression" and that he might be sucked into it, and you'll be asked if you want to enter it. Before doing so, reenter the main section of your apartment and take some time dumping out your inventory. Choose your items wisely because the final boss is coming up very shortly.

Go to your item chest and get rid of anything you won't need. To give you advice, you won't need any Holy Candles or Saint Medallions. You should only carry one to three weapons unless maybe you feel one weapon is enough (which I would suggest the Rusty Axe). I recommend that if you're going to take three weapons, take the Rusty Axe, Pickaxe Axe of Despair, and the Spade - these three are the best weapons in the game. You may want to take a firearm, but to be honest they don't work very well. If you're going to take one, take the Revolver, not the Pistol, and some ammo.

As for health, you should consider taking a few health items, being the best health items you have. If you have an Ampule, take that (or both if you got and still have both). Portable Medical Kits are great as well, but Nutrition Drinks are not so good and should be left behind unless they're all you have. Also, make sure you heal up to full health with any remaining health items in your chest.

Other than that, all you'll need is the Umbilical Cord. In total, it is recommended that you have at least three empty spaces in your inventory, allowing you for a total of seven items. I suggest you take at least two weapons and two or three health supplies, leaving you with one or two extra spaces to take whatever you want. If you're taking a gun, take some ammo as well, but really, ammo is a waste of space because the guns aren't as great as melee weapons.

If you would like a recommendation, I suggest you take the Rusty Axe, Pickaxe of Despair, an Ampoule (if in stock), three Portable Medical Kits (if in stock; use Nutrition Drinks as substitutes if not available), and the Umbilical Cord (which you have to take, as already mentioned). If you never unequipped Eileen's weapon before she left, you won't be able to get rid of it and it will take up one spot, so you should probably take off one Portable Medical Kit (or a Nutrition Drink if using instead) to make enough space. If you're wondering why you should have three empty spots in your inventory, you'll learn why soon enough.

Before talking to the depression, be sure to save your game. When ready, return to the secret room and enter the depression.


After the strange cutscene, you'll be alone in a red-lit room with a large hole in the center of the floor and large drawings on the wall. There's nothing to do in here so just jump down the hole.


After being welcomed to the party in the cut scene by Walter Sullivan himself, it's time to fight the final boss. First of all, you probably noticed Eileen in the cut scene in a possessed manner, and that she started to walk forward, and you can notice after the cut scene that she's slowly walking into a large pool of blood with twisting machinery, which definitely isn't good. The idea of this boss is to kill Walter but to achieve one of the most satisfactory endings you must beat Walter before Eileen walks into the machinery. If Eileen does walk into the machinery before you eliminate Walter, she will die and she won't come back. Once you hear her scream, she's dead.
However, the speed that Eileen walks on her platform depends on the treatment you gave her when she accompanied you. If she received a lot of damage as well as being left alone in rooms with enemies for long periods of time, she will walk quite fast, making it almost impossible to win the battle with her alive. So don't hit yourself if Eileen dies before you beat Walter because you might not be able to save her at all, anyway. In order for her to walk slow on the platform, she must receive none or little damage and cannot be left alone for long periods of time.

The worse Eileen's condition is, the more possessed she will be and the faster she will walk. You can tell what her state of possession is at any time of the game when she's with you by looking at her back. If her back looks pretty good, that's great. But if you can see what looks like blood flow on her back, the darker the worse, that is bad news. The thing about Eileen's state of possession is that you can never make it better permanently. You can place a Holy Candle by her feet when she's with you to heal her for a short period of time, but never permanently. During this battle, every once in a while the screen will change to Eileen's view for a split second to notify you, and you can see how close she is to the pool of blood with the machinery and how fast she's walking. Once Eileen walks into the mechanism, you'll hear a very loud scream, and that's how you know when she's officially dead.

Now that you know the mechanics of Eileen and whether you might be able to save her or not, let's get down to the actual battle between Henry and Walter. At the beginning of the fight, Walter will be a black shadow and it is impossible to touch him. It is pointless to try to fight him like this so scout the area a bit. You'll notice large stones with spears coming out of them, however, they are locked in place. Keep moving until you get to the huge monster's head in the battle area, which is, in fact, the body of the real Walter Sullivan - how it got so large is questionable.

Thinking for a moment, you might remember reading a few memos earlier that talked about this ceremony. Once specifically states, "you must bury part of the Conjurer's mother's flesh within the Conjurer's true body." Thanks to Joseph's diaries, you might also remember reading, "mother's flesh=super's room", and by "super's room" it should be quite apparent that the idea here is the Umbilical Cord. Also, the Conjurer's true body, which is Walter's true body, is the huge creature in the area. Therefore, you must bury the Umbilical Card within the true Walter's body. Check your inventory and use the Umbilical Cord while standing in front of the massive head.

In the short cut scene, the Crucified Walter seems to take some pain from the Umbilical Cord, as if it wasn't in enough pain already, and the camera angle changes to show one of the spears on the stones - maybe that unlocked them... Checking the first spear on the left, you'll find that they are now unlocked. Firstly, now that you used an item you'll have four empty slots in your inventory - you'll notice that there are four spears on each side of the area.

Get each Spear of the Holy Mother on the left side of the area and then run back to the Crucified Walter. If you remember an earlier memo, you must stab eight of the Holy Mother spears into Walter's body (his true body). Once standing in front of the massive figure again, use each Spear of the Holy Mother from your inventory to stab the giant monster under the chin. If the shadow-figure Walter is in view, you may notice him fall to the ground in pain.

Once those four spears have been inserted into the giant head, now do the same by collecting the four spears on the other side of the area. Once Walter gets back up from the ground he will move much quicker, now that you've pissed him off. He'll sometimes slide towards you very quickly and try to swipe you with his pipe. Just keep running and you should be fine. Once you have the four spears from this side, return to the giant head and stab the four spears into it, hearing a distinct sound of pain once all eight spears have been inserted.

Go check on Walter now to find him on the ground. After being on the ground for a bit, he'll get up and he'll turn into normal form instead of a shadow figure, and you can now hurt him - now the true battle begins. From the weapons you have with you, choose which one is the best to use (personally, I always use the Rusty Axe) and start using it on Walter. The trick here is to always charge it up, even while whacking Walter - the charge up should be your primary attack at all times.

Starts things off by charging up your weapon while smacking Walter with it at the same time (press X to swipe, and hold X after swiping to continue charging up; rinse and repeat). Walter may shoot or whack you before you start getting things right, and that's normal. The idea is to get into a pattern and stick to it.

Use the charge up attack of your weapon to hit Walter to begin things, if you haven't already. While Walter gets pushed back from the attack, continue charging up for another attack. While doing so, move close to him so you're in his whacking range and he doesn't shoot you - instead he should try to whack you with his pipe, which you can easily step back to avoid once you see him starting to swing. However, don't get too close or he'll spin around and throw you to the ground with a body twirl, which is completely ridiculous. Keep a distance of around two people (neck and neck) away from Walter to do this right.

The charge up should finish right after Walter starts his swing, so release X to perform the charge up attack. Now just continuously repeat this strategy, and things are quite easy. The key factor to this strategy is to stay within a certain range, which is described above. You must be close enough so that he doesn't shoot you, but not too close so he doesn't perform his spin attack and throw you to the ground.

However, you can move farther back to make Walter draw his Pistol and still smack him with a charge up attack before he shoots you - actually, he'll still shoot at you but it won't hurt you since you'll be performing the charge up attack (you're invulnerable while performing a charge up attack). But the flaw with this strategy is that you'll barely avoid getting shot all the time and sometimes you probably will be shot because of it. So keep to the other strategy by staying within whacking range, and stepping back after Walter initiates his swing, then perform the charge up attack on him.

Walter has a total of four attacks during the whole battle, one with his Pistol, two with his pipe, and one with his body. Walter's most common attack is a shot from his Pistol, which he can use from far away at times. This inflicts a decent amount of damage, and you can avoid it by running windingly when he's targeting you. With his pipe, Walter has two attacks - two simple swings, which you see a lot of while collecting the spears, and the more powerful charge upswing. The first pipe attack does very little damage and is easy to avoid - just keep running. But the second pipe attack he does when you're in his whacking range sometimes - with this attack he will wind his arm back and then perform the actual swing, more slowly than the simple swings. This attack inflicts a lot more damage but is extremely easy to avoid - once you see his arm wind up, simply step back, just out of his range.

Walter's final, and most ridiculous, attack involves him spinning his body around when you're very close to him, which will pound you to the ground, causing quite a bit of damage. If you're careless while using the Rusty Axe strategy above, you may see this a few times. To prevent this attack from ever happening, never go too close to Walter and stay just within whacking range, which is when he should perform the charge up attack. Sometimes you may be able to avoid the attack just when he starts to do it by quickly running away, but only if you're able to get away quick enough (if you have your weapon ready, you probably won't get away).

Repeat the strategy above with the Rusty Axe (or Spade) and you should have no problem beating Walter. You may also want to try using the Pickaxe of Despair during the battle as an alternate strategy, however, it is much different. Since the charge up attack with the Pickaxe takes much longer to charge up, it is harder to do and may take a lot of practice.

Once Walter is defeated, you'll hear a distinct pain sound and the battle will be over. Instead of worrying about beating Walter, you may be more worried about beating the clock to save Eileen before she is sliced and diced by the mechanism in the blood pool. If you've tried your best and still can't win with Eileen alive, don't worry about it and try next time.

After defeating Walter, a cut scene will play in the area, and then your ending will play, followed by the credits. Congratulations on completing Silent Hill 4: The Room!


The following are the four endings of Silent Hill and the requirements to get them. Unlike the past three games, each ending is available the first time through the game, thanks to no extra endings.

Note: If you have difficulty saving Eileen in the Final Sacraments battle and you want to save her from getting a certain ending but you can't, you probably won't be able to save her, anyway. This may be because her status when she left you in the apartments was so terrible that she walks too quickly on the platform to save her. So if you can't save her, just let it go and try it another time, with more concern for Eileen when she's with you.


The happiest ending in the game, which is perhaps the hardest ending to achieve, although none are truly hard to get. To get the Escape ending, the player should be concerned about the health and safety of Eileen, and also be aware and take action against the hauntings in Room 302.

The player must clear at least 80% of the hauntings in Henry's apartment before the end of the game, and to make sure of this, it is important to clear each haunting as it appears. Don't pick up the Shabby Doll either, because that will just make things harder. As for Eileen, Henry must save Eileen in the Final Sacraments battle with Walter at the end of the game, by defeating Walter before Eileen steps into the pool of blood and dies. To ensure her survival, take good care of Eileen once you retrieve her from the Hospital World, and try not to let her engage in your fights, for her protection, and don't leave her alone often.

-Clear at least 80% of the hauntings in Room 302 -Save Eileen in the Final Sacraments battle


To achieve the Mother ending, the player should show compassion towards Eileen and her condition, but not be worried about the state of Room 302.

Eileen is the only worry here, and she must be saved in the final battle with Walter by defeating Walter before she walks into the machinery. Be sure to be on watch of her condition so she walks slow enough in the final battle, and don't leave her alone too often because you don't want her to become possessed and walk very fast. As for Room 302, the apartment room must not be cleared in order to get the ending, so don't clear any of the hauntings for assurance.

-Save Eileen in the Final Sacraments battle -Do not clear 80% of the hauntings in Room 302


The result of this ending is quite obvious, as the name disallows anything to be hidden. With this ending, the player is not awfully concerned about Eileen's condition and her protection but is concerned and responsive to the hauntings in Room 302. Quite ironic, actually, and selfish.

The hauntings in Room 302, at least 80% of them, must be cleared in order to get this ending, but there is no worry for Eileen. Feel free to let her fight alongside Henry for convenience when fighting monsters, and don't worry about ditching her whenever necessary – you'll still need to retrieve her to continue on to different worlds, though. To make things easier with the hauntings, don't pick up the Shabby Doll.

-Clear at least 80% of the hauntings in Room 302 -Do not save Eileen in the Final Sacraments battle


The player must show generally no true care whatsoever about anything, not worrying about the growing hauntings in Room 302 and not too concerned about Eileen's safety.

Henry is without a worry in this ending, not required to do anything at all. Working along that, however, your "requirements" are to not save Eileen in the final battle, so you can drag her along with you, ditch her, let monsters beat her up, and whatever – just remember to pick her up to continue on –, and also to not purify Henry's apartment. Be laid back without a care and just go along with everything. As a result, not only Eileen dies, but so does Henry; hence the "21 Sacraments".

-Do not clear 80% of the hauntings in Room 302 -Do not save Eileen in the Final Sacraments battle


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