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Silent Hill 4: The Room - Walkthrough - Part 1


"Is this even my room?"

From the start, the story is displayed. Henry has been locked in his apartment room for five days and has been having strange nightmares.

After the cutscenes and you're out of bed, exit the rusty, bloody bedroom, hearing the classic scream of pain. Head down the hall, hearing TV static blasting within the air. Feel free to check out some things in this area, but nothing is really relevant. Head over to the far wall to notice a creepy face on the wall there - you'll automatically turn towards it and a comment will be displayed if you walk near it, which you must do. When you're ready to continue, turn around and move back towards the hall.

Enjoy the cut scene and the opening credits.

ROOM 302

"My whole world has suddenly turned insane..."

So that was a dream, eh? Shortly after the cutscene, either move forward or examine the phone to the right - either way, Henry will try the phone to find that it doesn't work... but then it does... and the cord's cut... Anyway, if you look out your window, Henry will notice someone standing at the entrance to the subway, and they will descend down the stairs eventually. After, look out the window to the left to notice a billboard with a phone number on it. Feel free to dial the number on the telephone. Yes, the cord is cut, but that didn't seem to make a difference earlier, and the number does work.

Exit the room and find your front door for a cut scene. Don't count on getting out of your apartment soon. A sound is heard and Henry checks the peephole on the front door, noticing his neighbor, Eileen, isn't having much luck with her groceries.

Check the foot of the door for the First Letter memo. Enter the kitchen and open the fridge to find a Wine Bottle (weapon) and Chocolate Milk. The Chocolate Milk is not a health item so don't count on drinking it. Head towards the TV in the living room and Henry will notice a chest that could hold a lot of stuff. You can store any item in this chest and you'll certainly have to use it - many times.

After checking the chest, a sound is heard coming from the bathroom area. But first, continue through the living room and grab the Book Scrap stuck behind the far bookshelf. Note the Save Notebook on the far small table. It's the only one in the game, so you'll know where to come when you need to save.

Now move down the hall and enter the far room on the right, which is the washroom. Inside the washroom on the left wall is a hole in the wall - it looks like you may be able to get out through it. A sewage pipe hangs from the top part of the hole. Grab the Steel Pipe and enter the hole.

It appears that Andy Dufresne was in Henry's apartment, although he forgot to cover up the hole with a poster this time around. Once in the narrow but straight hole, you'll have to manually pull yourself through the rabbit hole - head towards the light for your own redemption.


"That's right. This is just a dream. And a really terrible one too."

After the cut scene on the escalator, move down the hallway towards the woman standing near the far wall. Meet Cynthia. She wants you to help her find the exit, with the reward being a "special favor". Hmm... Sounds interesting. Move ahead of Cynthia and around the corner to the next hallway. Continue down the lifeless hallway for another cut scene. Cynthia doesn't feel that well and she enters the ladies' room. Another odd cut scene plays and new enemies called Sniffer Dogs (male) are introduced.

Don't bother wasting time with the doggies, and enter the ladies' room. Cynthia isn't found inside, but a strange hole is... Enter the Portal.

ROOM 302

Henry wakes up from his bed in a cut scene. Exit the bedroom and walk over to the living room area. You may notice your health regenerating - Room 302 nourishes Henry's health and should be taken advantage of. Anyway, you should notice a piece of furniture near the kitchen by the far wall that appears to have been slightly moved - check it out and straighten it.

Grab the nicely placed Pistol lying on the floor, and check the left wall for a note. Then investigate the tunneled wall for a cutscene. Henry can see Eileen in her bedroom from here, and she doesn't look too busy. When done investigating the hole, the distant ringing of a phone is heard - enter your bedroom. Pick up the phone to hear a familiar voice. Exit the bedroom and enter the washroom. The hole is still here so enter it.

Back in the subway, examine the stunning mannequin, and once again for the Lynch Street Line Coin. Exit the washroom back to the Sniffer-occupied hallway. Instead of fighting them, quickly run to the next area to the left, running windingly to dodge their attacks.

Head to the right to find a Sniffer by the turnstiles. If you'd like some more Pistol ammo, continue past it and to the next corridor. Two Sniffers and a snake-like pipe (known as Greedy Worm) occupy this area. Move up the far right stairs and grab the Pistol Bullets. If you have the Wine Bottle, feel free to break it on the Greedy Worm in the hallway to get the Broken Wine Bottle, which is a more powerful weapon. Then head back to the turnstiles.

Find the north side turnstiles - Lynch Street Line - and use your Lynch Street Line Coin to pass through the right (entrance) turnstile. Head down the stairs and watch the cutscene for not the best news. New enemies called Ghosts are introduced in this area. Ghosts can never die and are very annoying. The best method, for now, is to just run, but later in the game, there will be certain items which will help you when dealing with Ghosts.

Quickly move down the lower stairs to Henry's right before the Ghosts touch you. Continue down the stairs to the Lynch Street Line platform to confront Cynthia locked in a subway car. She doesn't seem very happy in the car, but there's no way you can open the door from here. Head south to the end of the platform, past any Ghosts, and enter the first car through the farthest door. Examine the red light beside Henry and push the button. Exit the subway car to see if the button did what you wanted it to.

Move north and Cynthia will accompany you once again. There's nothing else to do on this side of the platform, so now you need to get to the west side. To do that, you'll need to navigate through the six subway cars on the tracks, which may be a bit confusing. Continue northbound past any Ghosts and enter the north end subway car through the open doors. The aisle of the subway car is blocked so you'll have to use the right cement column to get to the other side of the car. There is a toy box on a bench there but it's locked. Forget about it and go through the nearby door to enter the next subway car.

Enjoy the view and follow the path, subsequently entering the next car south. Use the cement column to get to the southwest subway car and go through the north door to the next car. Use the column once again to get to the other side of this car, and enter the next car north. Follow the path and exit the subway car through the west open doors.

After the enduring subway car maze, start moving south. You'll find Pistol Bullets up the stairs ahead if you're interested. Continue south on the subway platform and enter the maintenance room through the door at the end - you may notice that Cynthia is either very far behind or walking slowly; don't worry about it. Once you go through the door, Cynthia won't be with you anymore. If you go back she won't be there, so just continue. Note the Portal on the wall and go down the ladder in the room.

Follow the path past the interconnecting hallway and go up the next ladder if you're interested in some Pistol ammo. Grab the Pistol Bullets on the floor up there and head back down the ladder. Follow the pathway between the two ladders around a corner and through the door down a set of stairs, ignoring any Ghosts on the way.

Now on the King Street Line platform, quickly bash the Sniffer to the right with your Steel Pipe, then move down the platform. Cynthia is heard on the intercom and she has apparently found the exit. She wants you to come to the turnstiles. The subway train at the north side of the platform contains four Sniffer Dogs - one of which will probably run out of the car quickly. For those who choose to fight the Sniffers, or simply run past them on the train, can find a 9-Iron golf club sitting on the far right bench in the subway train. Golf Clubs are powerful and effective, however, they break very easily.

Continue west on the platform to find escalators with a Nutrition Drink at the foot of them. Farther west is a Portal to lead you back to your apartment, but you've got other things to do. Step on the escalator (preferably the one moving upwards) to start your ascent up to the turnstiles.

In this area there are several enemies called Wall Men that are half in the wall and half out - at any time, these creatures can come out of or go back into the wall, and they are prominent attackers. Wall Men can simply throw you to the ground if you try to run past them, and so precautions should be made. Observe their attacks and try running past them at the right time, just after they set back in the wall. Most Wall Men attack with a single swipe, and then you should be able to quickly run past them. However, some Wall Men are unpredictable and may attack two or even three times in a row. Another good strategy is to use the Steel Pipe to whack the Wall Men as you pass them, or just use the Pistol if you have the ammo.

Some Wall Men stay out of the wall for long periods of time, rather than going back in the wall after every attack. If there are two of these Wall Men in a row, you might want to use the Pistol, or you can try to do perfect timing, but it's difficult. Feel free to use the recently picked up Nutrition Drink if you really need it. Don't use it unless you might die in one or a few more attacks because Room 302 recharges your health.

Once you're at the top of the escalator and off it, head down the hallway to the left to find Pistol Bullets on the ground at the dead-end. Then head back and go up the nearby exit stairs. What appears to be Cynthia's belongings lie on the floor. Examine the nearby office door and take the Temptation Placard on it. Then enter the office for a cut scene.

ROOM 302

After waking up to sirens, see what's going on outside your window. Exit the bedroom and listen to the radio transmission coming from your living room radio. Then grab the Red Diary - April 8 under your front door. Consider saving your game and emptying some items into your item chest - you won't need the subway coin so dump that in the chest for sure, and also get rid of the placard you just got. Enter the washroom to check on the hole, and you'll find that it's bigger now. Well, there's nothing else to do but enter it and see where it takes you this time.


"Oh, chocolate... Oh, chocolate..."

After waking up in the forest, move forward to find a tree stump with weird writing on it that Henry can't read - there will be several objects with this writing on them, but they're not important anyway. Move through the gate at the end of the path and follow the next path to the double doors at the end, with a Portal beside them. Nothing interesting is in your room so continue through the double doors.

In this factory area, follow the path and move down the ramps. New enemies called Hummers are introduced here. Use your Steel Pipe to whack them to the ground and quickly stomp them to finish them off. Down the second ramp to the left are Pistol Bullets by some barrels. After taking them, turn around and move through the far double doors by more barrels.

Move down the ramp ahead to be swarmed by Hummers. Continue to the right down another ramp and go through the gate to Henry's left. In this next area, there's an idling car in the grass ahead of you. Go to the open driver door and examine the interior to find a note and Jasper's Memo Pad. Continue down the forest pathway and enter the rocky area through the far gate.

In this rock area, you'll meet someone new, who seems to be Jasper, the person responsible for the car in the earlier pathway. The man is just ahead of you sitting down, and he doesn't say anything for a while, but eventually, opens his stuttering mouth. Listen to what he has to say if you want - you'll have to deal with his speech impediment. On the other side of the wooden shelf object is a Nutrition Drink on the ground. Move through the far gate when you're done here.

There are several Sniffers in this area. Just ignore them and run past them. Follow the path to find an odd structure with a rock anvil - if you move near it, it will fall and you won't be able to get past it. However, you can simply use the grass to the left or right to get by. Run windingly to the next gate and go through it. This is another pathway filled with Sniffers, as well as some Hummers. Run windingly down the path, dodging the Sniffers' attacks, and go through the double doors at the end to enter the Wish House orphanage compound.

In this area, note the Portal on the north wall.

ROOM 302
If you go through the hole to go back to your apartment, you may notice your doorbell ringing - go check out your peephole for a cut scene. Then return to the forest.

If you go up to the door of the orphanage, you'll only find that it's locked. Check your map and go through the northwest door in this area - there are no key items or anything that important this way, but there is a new health item that you should get as well as an interesting area for Silent Hill veterans. If you're not interested, skip the next paragraph, but I advise that make yourself interested.

In the first northwest path, ignore any Hummers in the area and enter the cave through the gate at the end of the path. In the cave, follow the path past any Hummers and move through the hole at the end to the waterfront. For those of you familiar with Silent Hill 2 or 3, this is Toluca Lake. By the left cave wall is a Portable Medical Kit. Further down is another Portal on the cave wall. Now that you're done investigating the northwest path, head all the way back to the Wish House compound.

Back at Wish House, find and go through the southwest double door gates in the area. Move past the blood on the path and go through the gate at the other end. There's a Ghost in this area which you should ignore - use the left grass to get by and find the double doors at the end of the path. Note the Portal to the left and continue on to the next area through the doors. From the strange view, move forward for a cutscene. After the eyebrow-raising cut scene, note the open grave with the numbers "11121" carved into the coffin, and head all the way back to Wish House.

Relocate the entrance door of Wish House to find our friend, Jasper, standing next to the door. He talks a bit and tells you that he has something useful. After, he says he's thirsty, and furthermore, for chocolate. Hmm... Give him the Chocolate Milk (if you don't have it, go back to your apartment and get it - it's originally in the fridge). Jasper enjoys the "awesome" chocolate milk and tosses a spade on the deck for you to take.

Move up the steps and get the Blood-Inscribed Spade. Written on it is:

"Opposite where the lake and house meet, inside the hand holding onto the ground."

That must be where you use this. If you remember earlier in Jasper's Memo Pad, he talked about this - take a look at that memo in your scrapbook. The lake and house meet in the northwest, so the opposite of that would be the southeast. Find and go through the southeast door in the compound. Try to run past the four Sniffers in this pathway and move through the gate at the other end. Follow the next path and through the other gate to an area with some trees in the middle of it.

Move around to the other side of the tree in front of you to find what looks like a hand coming out of the ground... Creepy. Examine it to find that it's only a tree root. This must be the "hand holding onto the ground" described on the spade. Use the Blood-Inscribed Spade to dig and get the Rusted Bloody Key. Written on the key is:

"The holder of this key will wander for eternity."

What it's telling you is that you won't be able to get back to where you came from, carrying this key. If you try to go back to Wish House, you'll find that you can't get past the pathway just west of you. The area will be all misty and you'll reappear by the gate leading to the tree area if you go through the other gate. You'll need to find a way to get rid of the key for now, but still be able to use it later.

Go through the other gate in the area to the south-easternmost area of the forest. Up some steps ahead of you is a 6-Iron golf club, and a Portal is to its right - perfect, that's how you'll get rid of the key. Enter the portal before the Ghost in the area messes with you.

ROOM 302
Enter the living room and examine your item chest. Put the Rusted Bloody Key inside it, along with any other currently useless items. Return to the forest.

Now that you don't have the key, return to the Wish House compound. Enter the portal on the north wall of the compound to return to your apartment.

ROOM 302
Enter your living room again and grab the Rusted Bloody Key from the item chest. Then return to the forest once again.

Finally, you can enter Wish House. Move up the steps by Jasper and use the Rusted Bloody Key to enter Wish House. Now inside the building, finally, you can find a small note by the tipped over bookshelf ahead of you. To the left is a locked door, and a Holy Scripture Scrap memo on the red carpet. Jasper will go through the nearby door while you're reading the memo... Even though it was locked. Examine the door he went through and take the Source Placard hanging on the door. Then enter the room, curious about what's going on, for a strange cut scene.

ROOM 302
Back in your apartment, there's a news report heard in the cutscene. After, exit your bedroom to notice your doorbell ringing again. Check the front door peephole for a cut scene. Clean out your inventory by putting the placard you just got in the chest, as well as anything else you won't need. Eileen isn't doing much in her room and there's nothing else to do, so save your game if you want and enter the washroom. Checking the hole, it's larger once again. Enter it.


"He's...he's gonna kill me! Walter's gonna kill me!"

Henry wakes up to find himself in prison, wondering just what the hell he did last night - luckily he's not in a jail cell, though. A voice is heard in the distance, and someone really wants your help. After the cut scene, follow the curved path to find the small Exploration Memo on the ground, and further down, the yelling man, who is locked in a cell. You can't do anything about it just now, but go ahead and listen to what he has to say. He mentions a familiar name, which should leave Silent Hill 2 veterans questioning themselves. Could it really be?

This floor, as well as the second and third floor, has eight cells, each with their own individual positions on the map. So that you're not confused with my directions, the "northeast" cell is the cell at the top of your map on the right side, and the "upper east" cell is the cell at the right of your map on the top, and so on.

Continuing on, a pack of Pistol Bullets waits in the upper east cell, along with a note on the wall. New enemies called Toadstools occupy the northwest cell, but nothing else is in there. Find the double doors to the south when you're done and go through them. Ahead of you is a Portal to your apartment, with a Guard's Diary on the wall to the right of it. A new edition of the Red Diaries waits at your door so enter the portal.

ROOM 302
Check your front door for the Red Diary - April 4. Reading the memo, you'll find the confirmation of the Silent Hill 2 character only on paper. Empty any unnecessary items and head back to the prison.
Continuing investigation of the room, you'll find that the east door is locked, however, the west isn't, so go through it. In this descending curved pathway, you'll come across several ladders - you don't have to use them but it sure makes better use of your time. Besides, there are annoying Wall Men in the curving walls of this pathway. Go down the nearby red ladder or walk the pathway, to find that the double doors on B1 won't open. Continue down to B2, but follow the path this time - don't worry, there are no Wallmen.

At the north point of B1, you'll find a Saint Medallion lying on the ground. It's a small item and may be hard to see. Saint Medallions are anti-spirit items that eliminate the loss of health near Ghosts or similar enemies, as well as making them much slower, and furthermore, less of a threat. However, these medallions can break, and will if you continue to use them. Don't worry too much about them breaking as there are plenty to spare in the following areas of the game.

Follow the rest of the steps in the pathway to the doorway at the end, which is the beginning of B2, and go through it. Move down the steps in this area to the main ground, to discover several Hummers on the inside walls of the waterwheel hull. Use your Steel Pipe to eliminate them if they notice you. On the southeast outer wall in the area, you can find a Portal. At the northeast point of this area is an unlocked door. From the inside, it appears to be a generator room, however, you'll witness something strange to the extreme if you move down the hall past the generator...

Anyway, at the northwest point of the waterwheel hull, examine the ledge by the sign standing there to get the Water Prison Exit Key. Examine the sign for Henry to copy the Waterwheel Room Plate Message into his scrapbook. The memo instructs you to open the sluice gate on the roof to turn on the lights on the 3rd floor, although you're not there yet. Now that you have an exit key, exit back to the 1F passageway room with the locked door (also with the portal).

Back up here, go through the east door, using the Water Prison Exit Key. Now outside, enjoy the view for a bit, then decide your path to get to 2F. Instead of walking the grueling pathway, climb up the ladder just beside you, along with the subsequent ladder on the higher platform. Head through the 2F double doors, and hearing the presence of Toadstools, move around the curved pathway to also discover new enemies called Blue Tremors on the walls. These enemies are very fun to kill, specifically to see them splatter. You'll have to knock them off the walls to do this well, but you can squish them on the walls with a weapon. It's better to graze them to make them fall, then crunch them with your foot. Enjoy the experience.

The only thing relatively interesting on this floor, besides the enemies in this hallway, is a diary in the northwest cell, although Henry won't put it in his scrapbook. Head back through this floor's double doors and move up the ladder to 3F. You can enter the 3F cellblock now if you wish, but the sluice gate on the roof was mentioned for opening in a memo earlier, and the roof is just one floor up. So head up the ladder and pass through the large double doors on the roof.

Ahead of you in this interesting area is a door that won't open, but if you move around to the other side of the water tank, you'll find the sluice gate. Turn the handle for a short cutscene and to get the water running. Exit this area and return to 3F via the ladder, and enter the 3F cellblock. In the southwest cell of this slightly flooded corridor are several useless books, along with a note in the close left corner of the room. It just explains the solution to the surveillance room puzzle, which you haven't done yet. Light and water is the answer though, according to the occupant of this cell. You've already (or should've) opened the sluice gate on the roof, which made for both light and water, so don't worry about this note.

Continuing west, you'll find a gaping hole and some blood in the lower west cell - don't jump down the hole just yet, although you ultimately will have to. Continue exploring first. Just past the cell is a disturbing new enemy called a Twin Victim, which is even pointing at you! Feeling freaked out as hell, run up to it and bash it to death, preferably with the Steel Pipe (be sure to stomp on it as well). In the upper west, the cell is another hole, with the shape of a body in blood on the bed. A pack of Pistol Bullets waits in the northeast cell, but is guarded by a very aggressive Wall Man - there is also another one in the room but it shouldn't be a threat.

If you want the Pistol ammo, wait for the right time (once it has a break after several attacks) and move up to it and bash it until it dies. Then claim your well-earned ammo, and feel free to examine the note on the wall. Near the upper east cell is another eerie Twin Victim, and in the cell, there is another dubious hole. In the lower east cell is a family of Toadstools and a Prison Diary on the left stand. When you're done in this corner, return to the lower west cell and jump down the hole. If you jump down a different hole, it will either right away or ultimately lead to an already unlocked cell on a lower floor, which isn't what you want. If you happen to jump down one of these wrong holes, return to 3F and jump down the proper hole.

Once on 2F, jump down the hole in the cell - do the same for 1F. Landing in the Shower Room on B1, you'll find two Twin Victims in the room waiting for hot water. Deal with them or ignore them and pass through the double doors in the room, unlocking them first. In this corridor, the east doors won't open, but you can unlock the south doors for later usage. Move north and go up the ladder in the circle area.

In this circular room, you can find the 1F Surveillance Room Report on the desk. The memo explains some useful information on the cells and rotating them. Continue up the ladder to 2F and grab the 2F Surveillance Room Report on the left desk, which contains more information on turning the cells. Also in the room is handle to turn the cells. Don't do anything with it just yet, and move up the ladder to 3F. Ahead of Henry on the wall is the Secret Number Memo, which contains the code for the Kitchen back door on B1.

Another handle to turn the cells is found up here. It looks like it's time to solve a puzzle.

There is a Stun Gun hidden in one of the cells of this prison, and it's located in the initial lower east cell on 2F (4 o'clock position) before you arrange the cells from the surveillance room. The door to that cell can't be opened, so you'll have to drop to the hole from 3F from a cell with a hole up there, and there's also a hole in the Stun Gun cell that you can use to drop down to 1F, and you can continue down another to the basement.

To do this right, you need to line up the cells on each floor so a cell on each floor has a hole (must be the Stun Gun cell on 2F). Initially, the Stun Gun cell is aligned with a cell on 1F, so all you need to do is align the 3F cells one over to the right -- turn the 3F handle once to the right. Then jump down the corresponding hole on 3F to reach the correct cell. Then grab the Stun Gun on the stand. Now jump down the hole again to 1F and continue down again to the basement. You land in the kitchen, and the secret number keypad door can be found in the other room, but it's too dark to enter the code. Therefore, you must complete the puzzle to move on, so return to the surveillance rooms. If you do all this, I recommend you turn the 3F handle back once to the left to make the following puzzle easier for you if using this walkthrough for it.


The idea of this puzzle is to align the cells on each floor in a certain order described in the two Surveillance Room Reports. The solution to this puzzle is the same for each difficulty, although the two memos will be different and very unhelpful on Hard. Read the Surveillance Room Reports you recently picked up to solve the puzzle yourself, if you can. If playing on Hard, just refer to the Easy/Normal memos below, because you'll learn nothing from the Hard memos, and Easy/Normal memos still work on Hard, since the solution is always the same. All right, here's the content of both memos:
1F Surveillance Room Report:


"This place continues to deteriorate. The doors to a number of cells no longer
open. As a result, the kids inside can no
longer go outside. But the less they
know about that, the better.

I can't open the doors, but from this
room, I can watch them get more and
more emaciated each day. With no food
and never showering themselves, they
turn into smelly little gray lumps in

Following the suggestion of an engineer,
we've disposed of the corpses by
digging a hole below the cells. Since each of
the floor of this building can be rotated
independently, we can dispose of the
bodies without the others noticing by
aligning each cell with a body in it

I bet you're just dying to see the
interrogation room behind the kitchen.
I understand your feelings but did
you notice?

There are three rooms with bloody
beds. One is on the 1st floor, one is on
the 2nd floor, and one is on the
3rd floor. If you line those three rooms
up, then it's 'bingo.'"


"I'm sleepy..."



"To keep a close eye on the kids, it's important to keep the cells well lit.
The lights on the 3rd floor were
originally bought as searchlights.

As a precaution against a blackout,
they were set up to run on a private
generator. There's a hydroelectric
generator in the basement. To light up
the 1st and 2nd floors, use the corpse
disposal chutes.

Since each floor of this building can be
rotated, you can light up any of the
cells by matching up the holes.
Repeating this periodically is an
effective way to keep the kids fearful
and well-behaved.

Chief, if you turn the handle in the
middle of this room, you can easily
rotate the cells. You can't rotate the 1st
floor, so align the 2nd and 3rd floors
with the 1st floor cell that has the
blood-stained bed.

By the way, if you use the peephole in
this room, it's easy to make sure you're
doing it right. Give it a try.
Also, please don't forget to open the
sluice gate on the roof.
Much appreciated, Chief!"


"I want to go home."

All right, once you've read both memos you should know exactly what to do. First, move down to the 1F circular room and find the blood-stained bed -- the blood-stained bed the memo is referring to the bed with the shape of a body in blood, of course, and not any of the beds with blood on the floor beside them. Checking the peepholes on 1F, you'll find that the northeast cell contains the blood-stained bed and a hole.

Head back up to 2F and check the peepholes to discover that the southwest cell contains the blood-stained bed if you haven't turned the handle in the room yet. To align this cell with the northeast cell on 1F (the master cell, if you will), you'll have to turn the handle in the room four times either to the left or right. By four times, I mean examine it and press "Turn Left" or "Turn Right" four times; it may seem like Henry turns it more than once each time, but he doesn't. After turning it four times left or right, respectively, confirm that the blood-stained bed is in the desired position through the peephole, and head up to 3F.

Upon examining the peepholes up here, you'll find that the blood-stained bed is initially in the upper west cell. So examine the handle and turn it twice to the right. After you turn it once, a cutscene will play of our friend down on 1F, but you're not done your task yet. Once you turn the handle twice to the right in total, confirm that the blood-stained bed cell lies at the northeast position. Now you are done this puzzle, although it may not seem like you accomplished much.

Once the three blood-stained bed cells on are aligned, what you want to do is to get to the northeast 3F cell, which should be the blood-stained bed cell. Head back down the ladder to B1 for a cut scene. Whitestools will start to form around you after the cut scene. Before they form, move south and go through the south double doors, unlocking them if you haven't already.

Out in the stairs pathway, use the ladder to Henry's right to get up to 1F, and pass through the small portal room to the east to go outside. Head up to 3F via the ladders and enter the 3F cellblock. Enter the northeast cell, which should have a blood-stained bed, and furthermore, be aligned with the other two blood-stained beds on 1F and 2F respectively. Jump down the three holes on their respective floors, starting from 3F, to reach B1 again, hopefully in a new area.

You'll end up in the Kitchen on B1 after jumping down the three holes, with several Whitestools in front of you. Turn around and examine the double doors for the Watchfulness Placard. Examine the keypad on the door and enter the code from the Secret Number Memo that was originally in the 3F inner circular room. The code is 0302. Upon entering the code, Henry will go through the door and a cutscene will play.

ROOM 302
After waking up, enjoy the sunset in your apartment. Exiting the bedroom, you should hear a water tap blasting away, which is coming from your washroom. An amazing sight waits in your bathtub, and you can't get rid of it. Also note the strange sounds in here, which seem to be coming from the hole. The hole is bigger, but don't enter it just yet. Exit the washroom and head to your front door. Hearing a muffled conversation, check your front door peephole for a cut scene, and get the Red Diary - July 23 after, along with the Superintendent's Memo that was just slipped under your door (it's covered in blood and can't be read, oddly enough).

Feel free to check the Eileen peephole, and there might be an announcement about a zoo on your radio if you turn it on, but nothing relevant to your situation here. Put the Watchfulness Placard in the item chest with any other temporarily useless items, since it's time to move on. Save your game if you wish and enter the bigger hole in your washroom.


"Hey, you're the guy that lives across from me..."

After waking up in a rickety environment surrounded by walls, note the Portal behind Henry on the left wall, as well as stairs and a door on the roof... Weird. Run down the narrow pathway and around the corner to the next area. Hearing maniacal sounds, try to stay dry and head down the nearby stairs to meet a new enemy called a Gum Head. Bash it with your pipe and continue down the other stairs to the left for a cutscene.

Meet Richard. This guy sure knows how to make an entrance! Once he leaves, a Gum Head will drop down in front of Henry, blocking the sequential door. Another Gum Head will enter the area - either fight the two of them or run up to the one by the door, and go through the door while in its face. In this next area, move down the hallway to enter the main room - hearing an odd sound, you'll find a Ghost in the room pinned down by a sword. Examine the helpless Ghost and Henry will notice something in its hand - take the Ghost's Key.

After taking the key, you can also take the Sword of Obedience keeping the Ghost pinned to the ground. You can use it to deal with future Ghosts, however, you might as well leave it here because this Ghost will stalk you around this area of the game if you take it. There are more of these swords lying around later on in the game, so you don't really need this one that much. After you make your decision, use the Ghost's Key to pass through the door to the right.

In the staircase, new Red Tremors are on the close fence in front of Henry. Pass by them to the left and move down the stairs. Continue around the outside ledge and move down the next set of stairs. Find the southwest door under the stairs and go through it. Find the other door in this empty hallway and go through it. In this next reek-y room, you can find Pistol Bullets on the far shelf ahead of Henry. Afterward, head through the Gray door to the left.

Inside this sports shop, two new weapons are available. Most importantly is the Aluminium Bat on the floor to the far right, but also a 5-IRON golf club lies on the floor in the other right corner of the room. Also note the Portal on the south wall, which you may want to use to check on your apartment.

ROOM 302
After waking up, you can hear someone knocking on your door. Check the front door peephole to see what's up. Then return to the Building World.

The west door in the room is locked, so head through the north door beside it. Move down the red-coloured stairway to B7 and go through the green door down there. Down the middle aisle of this pet shop are two Sniffer Dogs as well as another one to the west -- they don't look like great pets anyway, bash their heads in with the Aluminium Bat. At the far end of the middle aisle by some cat food is Albert's Sports Key. In the northwest of the shop are several Hummers on the wall. There's also an unlocked door there.

If you go through the northwest door and enter the room at the bottom of the staircase, you'll only find a rusted clock door that won't open. You just might also happen notice that the room appears upside-down... When you're done in this area and the pet shot, return to Albert's Sports Shop on B5, now that you have a key for it.

In the sports shop, go through the west door, using Albert's Sports Key. Gum Heads can be heard and seen on this stairway. When you start moving down the first section of stairs, another Gum Head will drop down from somewhere and land on the flat walkway you were just on. This Gum Head is a new type of Gum Head, although it's basically the same. In total there will be three Gum Heads on this stairway. Try to ignore the ones that aren't in the way, and move down the stairs all the way to the bottom.

Once on the pavement at the bottom of the stairs, two more Gum Heads (one new type, one old type) will fall from the sky. Continue over to the right and head around the left corner by the sealed door, to the next area. Move past another sealed door and enter the second elevator, since the first one isn't on this floor. Watch the cutscene as you descend to floor B12.

Although the elevator just took you down to B12, there is a very effective weapon and a helpful item back on B8. Examine the elevator panel and press the top button to head back up to B8. Exit the elevator through the north doors and follow the zigzag pathway, past the Ghost if it's there, to find a Sword of Obedience at the end on the ground, and the Spade lying against the wall. The Spade is one of the best weapons it the game - it's powerful and effective, although Henry runs like a girl when it's equipped. Re-enter the elevator and return to B12, pressing the bottom button, since the elevator doors won't open on B10 (middle button floor).

Move through the front elevator doors on B8 and grab the Pistol Bullets by the fence to Henry's right. You can see some enemies on the other side of the fence - Sniffers and Gum Heads - and you can fool around here if you want. You can smack the Sniffers through the fence, but they can't touch you. Take out the Spade that you just got, and smack away - the charge up attack works beautifully, and you can kill the dogs without stomping them if you charge attack them a few times. This is helpful because you'll shortly be in that area.

Re-enter the elevator and go down the yellow ladder at the back of it. The ladder across from you just leads to the other elevator, so move into the shower room here and grab the Nutrition Drink on the left side of the far shower block. To the left are Whitestools blocking the pathway. Eliminate them and move up the ladder past them.

Now you're in the pathway on the other side of the fence by the elevator, where you got the Pistol Bullets earlier. Follow the pathway past two Gum Heads and three Sniffer Dogs, if you spared them earlier. You may notice that the old type Gum Head is carrying a golf club. If you kill it you can take its 5-Iron. Also watch out for Gum Heads taking your Steel Pipe, because you very likely won't even notice it if it happens. Follow the rest of the pathway and to the right, near the fence, to the next area. There are four Gum Heads in this area - the one blocking the succeeding door has a Pitching Wedge, which you can pry out of its cold dead hands. Move through the door afterward.

Head down the stairs in front of Henry to discover the shadow of a large fan on the roof of the empty room. Move through the green door under the stairs to the southeast. Once on the stairway, make your way to the bottom of it, past any Tremors on the fence wall. At the bottom, go through the far green door by the trash can. Ignore the Tremors on the walls and set your eyes ahead of you on the small, circular table. Take the awesome Rusty Axe, which can easily be described as the best weapon in the game. It's small, light, powerful, and has probably the most useful charge up attack - the most unique as well.

Move past the small table to find the Bartender's Memo on the bar. The memo talks about the code for the southwest door in the room. It says the code is the last 4 digits of the store's phone number. This is Bar Southfield, and the phone number for it can be seen on a billboard from your apartment. So enter the Portal on the wall by the billiards table in the room.

ROOM 302
After waking up, look outside your bedroom window. Look up and to the left. "Bar Southfield 555-3750" - there you go. Enter your washroom and return to the Building World.

Examine the panel on the southwest door and enter the code, which is the last 4 digits of the phone number - 3750. After inputting the code and going through the door, you'll find yourself in a huge staircase. You can't go down because a section of the stairs there is missing. Follow the path for a short while to hear someone scream from the top of the staircase. Start your ascent up this massive staircase and you'll hear some noises on the way. At some point in time, you should see a Ghost, which should follow you all the way to the top of the stairway.

Continue running and don't stop. The Ghost should be moving as fast as you but should be under the walkway/stairs you're running on. Feel free to equip a Saint Medallion, if you have one, to make the Ghost slower. At the top of the enduring stairway, examine the door for the Chaos Placard. Then go through the door, which is marked "207" from Henry's apartment, for a cut scene.

ROOM 302
Exit your bedroom to hear another radio transmission coming from your living room radio. You might be able to hear a commercial for Silent Hill on your radio as well if you turn it on. If you look through the window here, Henry will notice a man in Room 207 pointing at Room 303, Eileen's apartment. If you check on Eileen, it looks like she's getting ready for her party. Consider saving your game and empty some items into your chest, including the Chaos Placard, and enter the washroom. There's an interesting feature in the washroom this time around. Examine the toilet for a very short experience, which is a Silent Hill 2 reference. Apparently, Henry isn't man enough like James. Anyway, the portal is now even bigger and rounder. Enter it to see where it takes you this time.


"I got this from Miss Galvin a long, long time ago..."

After the odd cut scene, look to your direct right and enter Room 301. Enter the living room to see what Henry is staring at. On the table is Mike's Diary and a piece of Red Paper. There are also some porno magazines on the floor to the right, which Henry admires. Note the Portal on the west wall, but don't enter it yet. Follow the left hallway to the first room on Henry's right. There are two orange-tinted photos in this room with keys on them. Get the Superintendent's Key from the left photo and the Locker Key #106 from the far photo. Also in the room is Joseph's Article on the bed frame, which should be familiar to Silent Hill 3 veterans.

When you're done here, return to the living room to find a Ghost floundering about. Ignore it and enter the portal on the northwest wall of the apartment.

ROOM 302
After waking up, head for your door after exiting to the hallway. You should hear a nasty noise coming from the laundry room - go investigate it for a surprise. I hope those weren't whites in there... Exit the laundry room and check your front door peephole for a startling sight. Then grab the Red Diary - May 2 at the foot of the door. Return to the Apartment World.

Quickly exit the room before the Ghost causes any harm, and head down the hallway towards Room 302. An apparition of the little boy knocks at your door, and there are three dead Sniffers here... Odd. Room 302 won't open, of course, so continue down the hallway past the locked Room 303 and around the corner. Move past yet another dead Sniffer and enter the stairway through the double doors ahead, since Room 304 is locked as well.

Start to move down the stairs to Henry's left to notice a man in a trenchcoat sitting down. The polite man talks about the doll in his hand, that was apparently given to him by Eileen a long time ago. He then offers you the Shabby Doll. This doll is not a key item and you don't ever have to take it. In fact, you're a lot better off just to leave it here. It has no use so you'll probably toss it in your item chest in your apartment; but doing this will engage a haunting later in the game, which will make access to your item chest more difficult without losing health. The haunting is cool to see, but you should decide whether to take it or not. If it's your first time, you should probably just take it for the hell of it.

Continue down the stairs all the way to 1F, since all the rooms on 2F are locked. There are four more dead Sniffers here, as well as a Portal on the west wall. Find the lockers near the foot of the stairs and use the Locker Key #106 to open the Room 106 locker. Well, that was a waste - there are only love letters from Mike to Rachael in here. Enter the west corridor through the west double doors in the area when you're done.

Move forward and note the "Superintendent's Room" sign next to Room 105 - enter the room, using the Superintendent's Key. Enter the living room to find some items of interest by the west wall. Take the Apartment Keys on the key rack, as well as the Red Paper and Torn Red Paper in the box to the left of it. Find the hallway and follow it to the far right room. On the nightstand is the Superintendent's Diary (Umbilical Cord).

Now that you have the Apartment Keys, you can use them to unlock every room in the apartments, except for Room 303 because the key is missing, as well as the complicated Room 302 - good luck getting that to open. Move down the hallway and enter Room 106. Inside this room, find the northeast bedroom for a Portable Medical Kit on the bed frame. Also on the bed frame is what looks to be a familiar nurse uniform...

There is a phone in the bedroom which you can use to dial the number on the notepad by it, but it's not important at all, really, and only helps you figure out the third person of the love triangle (we already know Mike and Rachael). As well as a headache, you'll trigger a Ghost to appear in the room and it will stalk you throughout the whole apartment building. Make a decision and exit to the hallway. Room 107 contains nothing interesting, head back to the lobby.

You'll be doing a lot of exploring in the apartments, so you should consider emptying all your items into your item chest in Room 302, except the Apartment Keys and a trusty weapon - I recommend the Rusty Axe. Enter the east 1F corridor after you make a decision. Move ahead to encounter a Sniffer coming around the left corner. Use your Axe to ensure your safety. Room 104 only contains a flock of Hummers, so continue around the left corner, past both the Sniffer and the empty Room 103.

Enter Room 102 to find a bunch of Red Tremors in the kitchen. They seem to be interested in something around here, so examine the fridge after stomping on them. Henry finds a dead cat wrapped in some jeans, and most importantly, another Torn Red Paper. Exit the room and enter the adjacent Room 101 further down the hall. Once inside, don't get too excited about the Shotgun on the kitchen counter, as well as the filled gun rack of past Silent Hill firearms and other weapons in the living room - they're only models.

On the bright side, there's a pack of Pistol Bullets on the kitchen counter. Other than gawking at the model guns, there's nothing else to do here. Exit all the way back to the stairway and enter the east 2F corridor. Move around the left corner past the empty Room 204, and enter Room 203. You can find a can of Bug Spray by the liquor bottles on the living room floor, which is only effective on Hummers - it's pretty much useless since any other melee weapon will take care of Hummers as well as real enemies. In the northwest bedroom is a torn and blood-stained shirt with another Torn Red Paper in the pocket.

Exit the room and enter Room 202 further down the hall. Inside you'll find the ringing phone that caused you to take an Advil unless you played it smart and never phoned anyone. Pick it up to find that... there's no one there. Well, what did you expect anyway? Take a look at the portraits of various apartment renters scattered around the apartment, then exit the room. Further down the hall is another Ghost, and Room 201 contains some Hummers to test your Bug Spray on. Return to the stairway and enter the west 2F corridor.

In Room 205 you'll find the "Skinned Mike" Cassette on the coffee table in the living room, but that's it. Room 206 contains two Sniffer Dogs; one in each of the east bedrooms. Past Room 206 in the hallway are three Sniffers. The dogs seem to be guarding Room 207, which contains a weapon worth the risk, so run past them and enter Room 207.

Inside, move in towards the living room to notice a surprise at the window. Also, Henry notices Eileen in Room 303 if you examine the window. Anyway, take Richard's Revolver on the orange chair by the window. Another weapon, a Putter golf club, locates in the northeast bedroom in the apartment room. There is also a cassette player there, but sadly Henry doesn't say anything about it, so you can't listen to the "Skinned Mike" Cassette just yet.

Exit the room and head back up to 3F. You should hear Eileen trying to get out of her apartment, but apparently, she can't. Move along to your door, Room 302. If you check one of the red papers in your inventory, Henry says he'll slip it under his door. Retrieve any red papers from your item chest first if you need to - make sure you have five in total, full and torn combined. Slip the two pieces of Red Paper and the three pieces of Torn Red Paper under the door of Room 302, from the Apartment World. Once you do that, enter the nearby Room 301 and enter the portal.

ROOM 302
Exit your bedroom and head for the front door. At the foot of the door are five memos -- Red Diary - May 14, Red Diary - May 20, Red Diary Scrap, Red Diary Scrap (cont.), and Mike's Love Letter. The two Red Diary scraps talk about Eileen Galvin's apartment room key. Upon reading the continued version of the scrap, enter your bedroom. The memo basically tells you to look around the bed for Eileen's key, so do that. Move between the bed and the windows to find the Doll Key, which is the key to Room 303.

Another thing you can do in your apartment right now is listening to the "Skinned Mike" Cassette on your living room radio. Afterward, return to the Apartment World.
Exit Room 301 and use the Doll Key to enter Room 303 for a cut scene.

ROOM 302
See what's going on outside your window after waking up to sirens. Exit the bedroom and go up to your front door. The Red Diary - July 13 and Succubus Talisman wait under the door. Also, notice the very faint 20th hand print on the wall out your front door peephole. If you enter your washroom, you'll find that the hole is blocked... You might've noticed your dryer being silent at the moment, so enter the laundry room.

You should notice something on the wall - examine it and Henry comments that it looks like an evil demon. If that doesn't make you think of the Succubus Talisman already, there's also a demon on the card. So use the Succubus Talisman on the demon stain. Read the newly appearing note on the wall, and notice the four square depressions around it. Retrieve the four placards from you item chest and insert them into the appropriate depressions.

The Temptation Placard goes in the left depression, the Source Placard in the right depression, the Watchfulness Placard at the top, and the Chaos Placard at the bottom. A new, perfectly round hole will appear. Consider saving your game and emptying some items in your chest, including the Apartment Keys, and enter the portal.


"He told me to go down... down into the deepest part of him..."

A cut scene will play at the beginning of this area; not too pleasant for Henry. He exits the room from fright of the man in the coat, who was just performing his personal type of surgery. You can reenter the room but the man is gone. You will, however, find a new enemy called a Patient. Use the Axe to bring it down and to hear the enemy's humorous pain call. Anyway, in the lobby, you'll notice several Hummers on the floor. Try to quickly stomp on a fair bit of them before they get up and fly around.

Enter the northeast room on your map when you're done. Move to the other side of the room to find a new weapon on the far desk - a Paper-Cutting Knife. This weapon isn't very powerful, but its blinding speed makes up for it. Give it a try on some enemies later. Head through the other door in the room afterward. You can examine the white board in the room for a cutscene, and you can find the Nurse's Memo on the right table in the room. Exit through the other door.

The next room to the south is a Washroom and contains a Portal. Nothing new waits in your apartment, so enter the room on the other side of the hall, which is the south Emergency Room. Grab the Nutrition Drink on the far, small shelf in the room. Note the scenery and exit back to the hall. Moving on, south, a cut scene will play near the object on the floor. It's Eileen's Bag, and it's a weapon for Eileen, not an item.

Inside the east room by the purse, which is the Doctor's Lounge, and a very familiar one, too, you can find a Portable Medical Kit on the low table in the middle of the room. There's also a baby's medical chart on the desk that Henry is staring at but it seems to be of no importance. Exit the room and enter the room on the other side of the hall, which is the Supply Room. Instead of exiting right away, battle the two Patients in the room with your Axe, then claim your prize on the far right shelf -- an Ampule; one of only two in the entire game. Exit the room.

The south end elevator isn't working, so head through the door right beside it, to enter the stairway. Move up the stairs to 2F and go through the door at the top. Oddly enough, moving wheelchairs occupy the hallway, which is enemies and are called Wheel Chairs. Yes, that's right, they are your enemies. Use the Axe to defend yourself, or they'll throw you to the ground on contact. They also have the Ghost fever, which means they'll make your screen flash red when near them, and you can lose health. As if that's not bad enough, they can enter rooms.

Anyway, there are 22 rooms in this very long hallway. The organization of the rooms in this hallway is always completely random. The hallway will always look the same from the outside, but the location of each room will be different. You can find several items in the various rooms here, including a Holy Candle, Saint Medallion, 2 Nutrition Drinks, two packs of Pistol Bullets, Revolver Bullets, and a 4-Iron golf club. So you might want to clear up some space in your inventory in your apartment; use the portal in the Washroom on 1F if necessary. There are quite a few completely strange rooms that you may not want to spend much time in, and one is definitely a "what the hell" sight. You should be checking every room anyway, so take the time to look at the scenery in each room.

One of the rooms in this hallway is locked - you need to find a key to unlock it. In one room, you'll find a statue of a snake with a Hospital Room Key in its mouth. When you take it, a circular cage will fall and cover you... Great. Don't get upset too quickly, remembering that you just got a key. Face the gate door of the cage by the door of the room and use the Hospital Room Key to escape the cage. Just in case you're wondering, getting that key wasn't pointless; it has another use. Exit the room once you're out of the cage. Find the locked room in the hallway and use the Hospital Room Key to get inside.

Once inside, Eileen is asleep on the bed. Walk up to her and examine her for a cutscene. Henry explains his story to Eileen, and she believes him after first doubting him. Eileen will now accompany Henry basically until the end of the game, so make sure you protect her. Eileen doesn't have a system of health, and she can never die when she's with you, however, she will sometimes need to stop and rest for a bit if she's taken a lot of damage. Her state of her condition may influence which ending you'll receive at the end of the game, as a result of this factor, so make sure she doesn't take too much damage. Read the Endings section for more information.

Eileen moves slowly and it is very easy to leave her behind in areas. If you leave Eileen alone like this in areas with enemies, and/or if she takes a lot of damage, she will become "cursed". You'll be able to see blood flow throughout Eileen's body if this is your situation. You can set Holy Candles at Eileen's feet to recover her condition, but it only works temporarily. Instead of relying on this trick to receive a better ending, actually, do your best to protect Eileen. Eileen can also hold weapons to defend herself, however, she may be a little aggressive sometimes and may receive a smacking because of it.

All right, exit the room after the cutscene. Start to run down the hallway towards the south end -- you should notice Eileen moving fairly slower than Henry. The analog stick is pressure sensitive, so don't run as fast to stay at a close distance from Eileen. If Eileen's room was right beside the elevator, you probably won't notice this; keep it in mind, though. On the way to the elevator, you'll have to get past two Patients. Get Eileen out of the way and use the Rusty Axe's charge up attack. Once the path is clear, make your way to the elevator.

If you're smart enough and have a good memory, you'll know that you have to call the elevator to enter it first, since it's down to 1F. Do so and enter the elevator. You'll find a Patient inside the elevator, and a panel with broken buttons. The real point of calling this elevator was to clear the elevator shaft on 1F because there were no doors blocking the shaft down there; it was only the elevator. So maybe there's something in the shaft...

Enter the stairway and exit to 1F after moving down the stairs, making sure Eileen is close behind you. On 1F, there are two Patients to the right of you, and to the left is the open elevator shaft, however, there is a locked gate on the other side of it. Remembering the portal, there may be something in your apartment. Enter the Washroom with Eileen and use the portal to see if you can get back to your apartment with her.

ROOM 302
Waking up back in your apartment, it's all bad news in your wake. First of all, Eileen isn't here. Shortly after waking up, you should hear something shatter in your living room. Check it out, noticing that Henry comments that the air feels heavy on the way. Great... Your ceiling fan is broken. Furthermore, you may notice that the apartment no longer nourishes Henry's health. By the radio bookshelf in the living room are three memos: Red Diary - June 11, Red Diary - ??/??, Red Diary - June 14. Also, slipped under your front door is the Red Diary - July 20 with a Small Key in an envelope. Toss some items in the item chest and return to the hospital though the laundry room hole.

After returning, Henry confronts Eileen again, and she tells him she never saw a hole. Henry tells her about Joseph and his letters, and that he told him to go down into the deepest part of "him". Anyway, exit the room after the cutscene. Now that you have a key, enter the open elevator shaft to the south to see if it works. Go through the gate on the other side of the shaft, using the Small Key.

Now you are in a long, descending stairway, with three Patients coming up towards you. Take advantage of the lone Patient right near you, using the Rusty Axe. Follow the Patient as it burps itself down the stairs, then stomp on it. Try to do the same for the other two. Afterward, follow the stairs and go through the door at the bottom, marked "Ever Downward".

Once through the door, you'll be on a descending, circular staircase. Start to make your way down it, not moving too far ahead of Eileen. Near the end of the staircase, you'll find a Portal down a connecting, straight staircase. Use it to get back to your apartment and save your game if you wish.

ROOM 302
If you return to your apartment, you'll probably experience your first haunting. It will either be you ticking clock, rattling windows, or wandering slippers. To clear these hauntings, you'll have to set a Holy Candle by them or use a Saint Medallion. Depending on how many of these hauntings you clear will affect the ending you'll receive at the end of the game. To get a better ending, clear as many as you can.
Continue down the stairs to finally reach a door at the bottom, and go through it.


To be continued...

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