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Silent Hill 3: Walkthrough PART 2


"Part of me wants to peek in, but then it's a little creepy, too."

Oh, the memories! Once inside this very familiar hospital you can hear breathing like someone's in your face; its Nurse Demons, there are two in this corridor. There's one in the left hallway and one in the right hallway. If you want, kill them with the Handgun and then enter the room in front of you to the right, from the entrance (which is the Reception for those familiar with Silent Hill 2). Take the Hospital Map on the table to the left of you. There's a Save Point on the wall in here too. In the shelf on the other side of the door is a Health Drink. Exit the room when you're done.

Find the Visiting Room on your map and enter it. There you find a memo and a doll on the table. Examine the doll before, and then after reading the memo. After, leave the room and enter the Doctor's Lounge. Go up to the fridge in here and examine it to get a Health Drink. On the small table by the two chairs, you can find medical records for Leonard and Stanley Coleman. Exit the room and head south-west to find that the stairwell is locked, but the patient wing double doors are unlocked, so go through them.

In this corridor and coming towards you are two Nurses. You can just run past them, and if you enter room C2 there will be three naughty Nurses coming towards you. There may be an Ampoule in there if you don't have much ammo -- you decide if it's worth it. There's a memo in room C4 with another doll and there are items glued onto the wall. One of them looks important -- the key -- but you can't get it yet, so go back through the double doors you came into this area from. Enter the elevator in this area and go up to 2F.

On 2F, enter the Women's Locker Room and grab the Nail Polish Remover and some Perfume from the open locker and then exit the room. Go to the patient wing double doors to find a memo on a stretcher and a memo on a chalkboard. You'll have to solve a puzzle.


The door to the patient wing is locked and you'll need a key code to get through. The memo on the chalkboard explains the puzzle. It will be different depending on the Riddle Level you're on. Use the below solutions for the appropriate Riddle Levels.


Here, you come across a pretty simple riddle. It reads:

"Press, move 2 right; press, move up 1;
press, move 2 down;
press, the door shall open."

Pretty simple, but where do you start? Using the memo, you have to be able to move 2 right after pressing the first number so it can only be 1, 4 or 7. After the second number, you have to move up 1, so it can now only be 4 or 7. After the third number, you need to move 2 down. You can't move 2 down from 4, which is 1 up from 7. However, you can move 2 down from 1, so the starting number has to be 4. Now just follow the directions. Start on 4, move 2 right, press 6. Move up 1, press 3. Move 2 down, press 3, and the door should unlock. If you haven't already figured it out, the resulting code is 4639.


On Normal, the memo will be in a form of some type of algebra. If you're good in it, it's your lucky day. You come across the following memo on the chalkboard by the door:

"The first is larger than the second; the second twice the third;
the third smaller than the fourth;
the fourth is half the first.

Four of the numbers are not repeated
Three are not in the top row
Two are not in the right row
One of the numbers is the final key"

The trick is to work your way up from the bottom. The fourth has to be half the first, so it has to be an even number. So the fourth number is either 2, 4, 6 or 8. Start with the highest number, which is 8. Half of 8 is 4. The third number is less than the fourth number, so it has to be under 8. The second number is twice the third, so the third can only be 1-4, which helps out a lot. The first number is larger than the second number, so it has to be over 2.

After you work it out, 8, 6 and 2 can't be the last number, so it's 4. The third is smaller than the fourth, so it's 3 or less. The second is twice the third, so it's 2, 4 or 6. And the first is larger than the second, so it's at least 4 since the fourth is half the first. By now, you're probably confused as hell. Try to stay with me.

From the above, you should come up with the following numbers:

1 - At least 4
2 - 2, 4 or 6
3 - 3 or less
4 - 4

So experiment with what you have so far. The last number is 4, so try to figure out the rest. The third is smaller than 4, so let's start with 3 as the third number. The second is twice the third, so it would be 6 in this case. And the first number is larger than the second, so it's either 7, 8 or 9. Let's try 7 first. Now you have the following code: 7634. This code doesn't work, so try 8 for the first number, since it is a possibility. What do you know, it works! So the resulting code is 8634.


"Pure eyes, blue like a glassy bead--- You are always looking at me
and I am always looking at you.

Ah, you're too meek---
beautiful, unspoiled:
thus I'm so sad, I suffer---
and so happy, it hurts.

I want to hurt you
and destroy myself
What you would think
if you knew how I felt.

Would you simply smile,
not saying a word?
Even curses from your mouth
would be as beautiful as pearls.

I place my left hand on your
face as though we were to kiss.
Then I suddenly shove my thumb
deep into your eyesocket.
Abruptly, decisively,
like drilling a hole.

And what would it feel like?
Like jelly?
Trembling with ecstasy, I obscenely
mix it around and around: I must
taste the warmth of your blood.

How would you scream?
Would you shriek "It hurts!
It hurts!" as cinnabar-red tears
stream from your crushed eye?

You can't know the maddening
hunger I've felt in the midst of
our kisses, so many of them
I've lost count.

As though drinking in your cries,
I bring my hopes to fruition:
biting your tongue, shredding it,
biting at your lips as if tasting
your lipstick.

Oh, what euphoric heights I would
reach, having my desires fulfilled
like a greedy, gluttonous cur.

I longed, too, for your cherry-tinted
cheeks, tasty enough to bewitch my
I would surely be healed,
and would cry like a child.

And how is your tender ear?
It brushes against my cheek;
I want it to creep up to my lips so
I can sink my teeth into its flesh.

Your left ear, always hearing words
whispered sweet as pie---
I want it to hear my true feelings.
I never lied, no...
but I did have my secrets.

Ah, but what must you think of me?
Do you hate me? Are you afraid?
As though inviting you to the agony
at the play's end, if you wish, you
could destroy me---I wouldn't care.

As you wish, you may destroy me
---I wouldn't care."

Stanley Coleman is a very sick person if you haven't already discovered from the memo.

This puzzle is a little gruesome and sick. You'll probably get totally confused doing this puzzle and I wouldn't blame you. To solve this puzzle, you must understand some things:

-The memo on the chalkboard refers to a face being the keypad, like this:

1 = eye
2 = nothing
3 = eye
4 = ear
5 = nose
6 = ear
7 = cheek
8 = mouth
9 = cheek

-When you look at someone, your left is their right, and so on

The first few verses are not important, so find the "I place my left hand on your face" part. The left hand would touch the right side of the face, but it is the person talking, not the face, so it remains on the left side of the face. Sorry if I confused you there, just forget it; it's the person's view, which is on the left.

The two following parts of the memo are linked together: "Then I suddenly shove my thumb deep into your eyesocket" and "Would you shriek 'It hurts! It hurts!' as cinnabar-red tears stream from your crushed eye?". After the thumb enters the eye socket (1), the blood drips downward -- below the eye (1) is the ear (4). The blood wouldn't normally go to the ear, it would go to the cheek, but in this case, it moves down to the next number, which is 4, the first number of the code.

Shortly after, the memo mentions "biting your tongue, shredding it, biting at your lips as if tasting your lipstick." This would be at the mouth, of course, which is 8 -- the second number of the code.

The next part talks about cheeks but it doesn't say which one. So skip this part for now and go on to the part of the ear.

"Your left ear, always hearing words whispered sweet as pie---I want it to hear my true feelings" -- the left ear is clearly stated, but that would be the face's left ear, so it's number 6 (the last number, not the third). Now you can figure out the third number.

"I longed, too, for your cherry-tinted cheeks, tasty enough to bewitch my tongue" is the source here but is not very informative. After the mouth (8, the second number), one of the two cheeks is the next victim, and after that comes the left ear (6). The left cheek (9) is between the mouth and left ear, so it's logic for the sick man to go after the left cheek (9), rather than the right cheek (7). So the third number is 9.

This leaves you left with the following code: 4896.

After you solve the puzzle, the door unlocks.

Go through the now unlocked door and enter Examining Room 3. Examine the arm of the corpse on the stretcher for a clue of something. There's a medical record, possibly for the dead guy on the stretcher, on the desk. Leave the room and there will be two Nurse Demons near you; one of them has a Revolver. Kill them if they're disturbing you and enter room M4. First, read the memo on the close by the bed. When you get close to the briefcase on the next bed, the alarm clock goes off. Go examine it and turn it off. You'll now have to solve a puzzle.


To open the briefcase on the bed, you'll need to use a code obtained from the clock. How you determine the code varies for each Riddle Level.


This is fairly easy. There will be a number in red on the clock and that's the code you need. So if it says 0634 on the clock, that's the code.


Here, the clock will be on a certain time. The small hand is the hour and the long hand is the minute, just in case you didn't know that. The code to the locked briefcase is the time on the clock. For example: If the time is 12:21, the code would be 1221. However, if the code is 5:21, the first digit would be 0 -- 0521. It's fairly simple.


The same as Normal, yet different. This time (note the pun) you'll have to put it in 24 hour time (military time). To be different from normal, all the codes will be 13:00 or higher. So if the clock is on 8:39, the code would be 2039. If you don't understand 24 hour time, just add 12 hours to the time on the clock. So 8:39 + 12:00 = 20:39. Once again, fairly simple.

Note: For Normal and Hard, remember that if the minute hand is close to the end of the hour, the hour hand will be close to the next hour. So if this is your situation, the hour digit would be the previous number, not the number it's very close to.

After you get the code, examine the briefcase on the bed and enter the code to unlock it.

Get the Instant Camera from the briefcase and read the memo on the other bed beside the briefcase one if you haven't already and exit the room. If you enter room M5 there will be three Nurse Demons and a First-Aid Kit on a small stand. Do what you want to do and then head back to the east corridor. There will be two Nurse Demons here -- one of them has a Revolver. Kill them or run past them and enter the elevator. The 3F button won't work so go back down to 1F.

On 1F, enter the patient wing and enter room C4. Go up to the glued items on the wall and use the Nail Polish Remover from the menu. The Stairwell Key will come off; exit the room and go back to the east corridor. There will be another Nurse Demon in this area but it's not near you, so enter the stairwell, using the Stairwell Key. Using this key unlocks the stairwell doors for every floor, and it also allows the 3F button to work in the elevator. In the stairwell, turn to your left and go down to BF. Follow the hallway and get the Submachine Gun Bullets on the floor and go towards the wheelchair.

Prepare yourself and follow the path of blood to the end of the corridor. Take the Submachine Gun on the floor and hope you have better luck with it than the previous owner. The person in the wheelchair seemed to have flipped their wheelchair (probably a monster that did it) and got injured so they dragged themselves to the elevator, shot the monster, dropped the gun and entered the elevator -- they might actually still be in there because it was probably recent, considering the wheelchair wheel was still spinning. You can't check in the elevator so enter the Store Room to come across some flickering lights. Find the blood by the shelf and Heather thinks there might be something behind the shelf. You can't fit in there so use the Instant Camera to see what's back there.

Heather takes the picture and it develops, displaying a code of 4 numbers. The code is random each time. Exit the room and go all the way up to RF for another Stanley Coleman memo; go through the door to the roof. There are two Closers out here but you don't need to kill them. Run forward and get the 2 magazines of Submachine Gun Bullets on the barrel.


If you have a Silent Hill 2 save on your memory card with the game beaten at least once, you can experience extra scenes and references to Silent Hill 2. There is one in the area you're in right now:

If you examine the north fence by the Elevator Control Room, Heather will comment on it and say it doesn't look like it's about to break and fall. This isn't much though.
Exit the area and go down to 3F. Enter the Store Room to find a Save Point on the ground. You can also find a Stun Gun Battery and 2 Health Drinks on a shelf. Exit the room and enter the Special Treatment Room. There's a memo on the right wall. The closest rusted door to you is locked from this side. You can unlock it and enter it if you want, but all there is inside is a Nurse Demon.

Enter the furthest room to find another memo from Stanley Coleman. Exit the Special Treatment Room and try to enter the patient wing. It's locked but you can enter the code you got from the picture from your camera (the shelf in the basement) and it will unlock. If you forget the number look in the memo section of your inventory to see the number. Once the door is unlocked go through it.

Enter room S1 and get the 2 Health Drinks on the nightstand. Read the long memo on the bed and then exit the room. Continue west down the corridor, get the Beef Jerky on the bench by the Bath 3 room, and then enter room S7 to find another Stanley Coleman memo. Exit the room and there will be three more Nurse Demons, one with a Revolver. Kill them if you must and then enter room S12. Move forward and the phone will ring; answer it. It is Leonard on the phone.

Leonard claims he's not exactly sure where he is, but the door is at the end of the hallway on the 2nd floor. Go down to 2F from either the stairwell or the elevator and enter the patient wing. Head west down the hallway and go through the new door labelled "M". You don't have a map for this area so use these directions: Move forward and the gate door blocking the path will go up. Go past it and keep moving forward and a gate door will close; go to the right and go right at the next corner.

A gate door will open on the left, go past it. Another one will open, go past it and around the right corner. Go around another right corner and go around the next corner to the left and go through the door. Go forward and around the left corner. Keep moving straight and a gate door will close behind you. Continue down the hallway and go around the right corner. Go left around the next corner and a gate door will close in front of you.

Turn around, move forward and the closed gate door there will open; go past it. Keep going forward, go around the left corner and through the door. Go around the left corner and around the next left. Keep running forward and six gate doors will close behind you and one in front of you. Examine the red sign on the wall that looks like a save point. Instead of a save point it shows a video of Lisa from SH1. After the video, go forward down the hallway and through the door at the end.

Get on the ladder in front of you and climb up it. You will pass a weird creature named Valtiel turning a valve. At the top, go through the door to see what's on the other side...


"Happy birthday dear... Oh, I forgot your name."

Now, this is a true nightmare! According to your map, you're just outside the west stairwell on 3F. Move down the hallway and enter room S3 -- it may be hard to find. There's a Save Point on the bed and 2 packs of Handgun Bullets on the window sill, along with a hand coming from outside, oddly enough. Exit the room, and if you enter Examining Room 4, you can find a corpse with its blood dripping into a bucket. You can't do anything with it yet so enter the Day Room since the east corridor doors are locked. Inside this weird room, you can only get to the other side by moving towards the camera and then away from it in the other direction. Go through the other double doors to enter the east corridor.

Unfortunately, there are three Slurpers in this hallway. If they annoy you, and they should use the Shotgun to get rid of them. Enter the Store Room when you're done with the Slurpers to come across a mirror and a very disturbing experience. The door won't open so just enjoy the insane experience. You may notice that Heather in the mirror will stop moving after a while. When the room gets dark you can exit it but it may be hard to find the door. Don't stay in this room too long because you can lose health and die.

Enter the elevator and you'll notice that there are three new buttons: B1, B2 and B3, not 31, 32 and 33, which they look like. The only basement floor button working is B3, so go down there. On B3 you'll come across some covered corpses on gurneys. Head straight from the elevator and examine the oven for a puzzle (the oven will be open on Easy Riddle Level).


To open this oven (if it's not open already), you'll need to solve the puzzle involving what's written on the door and the corpses in the area. Each Riddle Level is quite different, however.


Here there is no puzzle, the oven will be open.


Here there will be roman numerals in randomly selected slots on the oven. They have to do with the four corpses on the gurneys with white coverings. The roman numerals in the slots on the oven will be I, II, III and IV. If there's a roman numeral in a slot, there will be a covered corpse on a gurney in that position of the room. It's not that hard to figure out. Each of the gurneys - covered or not - are marked with numbers.

Use those numbers to unlock the oven. So if it says "I" in a spot on the oven, the number on the corpse in the room that coordinates with that location is the first number to the solution. Do the same for the other three numbers and you'll get a code.

Another thing, the number 7 will always be in the resulting code because that's Stanley Coleman, according to the crazy guy on the phone (later on in the hospital).


Upon examining the open there will be a riddle. On each gurney in the room, there will also be a poem. You need to use them to solve the puzzle. The following is written on the oven:

"Burn the one who knows no death Pure, adored by those above
No prayers within, just simple love (A)

And now the pining hunter
The flames longing for his rebirth
A distant breath within the earth (B)

Burn up that heavy body of his
Make it wind, dancing in the sky
That bottomless gut now a cloud,
now a sigh (C)

The sweet blood on his laughing lips
Now calls him to the gates of Hell
There burns evermore that soulless shell (D)

Four bodies return to ashes
Thus the door is opened
Thus the door is opened"

The poem has five verses and the first four are the answers that give you the four-digit passcode. However, you need to use the four verses on the oven and match them with four of the ten poems on each gurney in the room:

Note: The poems marked A-D on the side correspond with the paragraph of the same letter for the memo above (the oven door).

1 (The Song of the Sparrow)

"Who killed Cock Robin? 'The Sparrow,' they said
'He wants them all dead
To him, honey-sweet is
their sobbin''"

(D) 2 (The Song of the Owl)

"The Owl who forgot the sky Resigned to his poor earthbound state
Hungry or full didn't matter at all
He ate and he ate and he ate"

(B) 3 (The Song of the Thrush)

"The grass the Thrush so loved to eat Gave him sweet happiness
He sank ever deeper and finally fell
To destruction and fatal distress"

4 (The Song of Cock Robin)

"Cock Robin, who hid the key away Is ash in the oven, all right
The place he held is empty now
And the doors remain shut tight"

5 (The Song of the Lark)

"The Lark's child lost all his words And walled himself up all away
Heart and mouth both locked up tight
In a cage where none want to stay"

6 (The Song of the Dove)

"The Dove's hope died; he chose his path His flapping wings fell still
Drenched in scarlet here they lay
His cheeks pale white and chill"

7 (The Song of the Linnet)

"He seeks out her soul by his own black ambition
Frightening her out of her wits
Whispering love songs into her ear
What cruel Linnet wants, he gets"

(C) 8 (The Song of the Rook)

"The black Rook is the praying sort Who hears the gods in the skies
His whispered petitions go on
without end
And glassy and dim are his eyes"

9 (The Song of the Wren)

"The Wren, with pure heart as yet unrefined
Makes us laugh with his feeble
But still we all know he shall
never grow old
And he knows not how much
he is lacking"

(A) 0 (The Song of the Kite)

"The Kite, hot, crazy, and panting mad Sweet shackles that tease and excite
Death itself would drive him wild
Red blood that turns milky white"

If you are familiar with the nursery rhyme "Who killed Cock Robin?" you are in luck. But if you're not, that's probably why you're here. Read all the poems on the gurneys in order. So start with 0, which doesn't relate to anything here.

1 is the fourth verse on the oven. The Sparrow is the bird who is to be sent to hell here since he's the one who killed Cock Robin. Very straightforward.

2 is the second verse on the oven. The Owl is the pining hunter, withering away from grief -- he can't hunt nor fly. Also, the word "earth" is mentioned in both this verse and the verse on the oven.

3 to 6 don't have to do with anything here, but 7 is the third verse on the oven. The thing about the "Linnet" is the clue here, it matches the third verse on the oven. By the way, you may notice that this memo also clearly describes Stanley Coleman, the madman writing letters to Heather. The corpse numbered "7" is, in fact, his, which will be told to you shortly, if not already. The number 7 corpse is always down here and is always a number in the resulting code for every Riddle Level.

8 is nothing and 9 is the first verse on the oven. This verse says "he shall never grow old", which matches "knows no death" on the oven. Also, they both have "pure" in them and the verses are quite similar, referring to love.

So that leaves you with four numbers: 1, 2, 7, 9. Just take those numbers and arrange them in the order of the verses they match on the oven (A - 9, B - 2, C - 7, D - 1). This leaves you with 9271.

After entering the correct code in the oven lock, examine the oven again and Heather will open it (if not playing on Easy Riddle Level). Grab the Cremated Key inside and reenter the elevator, then go up to 2F. Enter the Men's Locker Room to hear a phone ringing. Find the locker it's coming from and examine it. Someone is on the phone and it's not Leonard or Stanley Coleman. The mystery man claims Stanley is underground and his new name is "number 7." So he was the corpse numbered 7 on B3... Anyway, the man talks about a birthday present -- there will be a present for you on 1F if you answer the phone here; if not, nothing.

Exit the room and you can hear some Slurpers. Quickly enter the Women's Locker Room and examine the garbage for a Plastic Bag and a Health Drink (don't worry, nobody's looking). There's also a locker in this room that opens when you go up to it. Something's inside with no escape, but it's not important anyway, so exit the room.

Head south and kill the two Slurpers with the Shotgun if you need to and then reenter the elevator and go up to 3F. Head to the door leading to the patient wing, unlock it and go through. Enter Examining Room 4 and go up to the blood bucket. Go in the menu and use the Plastic Bag to get a Plastic Bag (with Blood). Exit the room and enter the east corridor again through the double doors near you. Enter the elevator once more and go down to 1F.

There are two Nurse Demons and a Slurper in this area. Kill them if you must and then enter the Examination Room. There's a Save Point on the right wall by you, an Ampoule on the table to your left, and a memo on the table in the room. If you enter the Day Room through the northeast door you'll find a memo on the ground and a Nurse Demon on the other side of the fence wall. Enter the Day Room through the south-east door, using the Cremated Key. Follow the path and you will encounter the Nurse you could see from the other side of the fence wall, patrolling the hallway. Kill it if it gets in your way and go through the other door in the area to the patient wing.

Out here there will be a Slurper in front of you, and another one will come a little later; kill them if they get in the way. "Happy first birthday!" will be written on the left wall, only if you answered the phone in the Men's Locker Room on 2F -- if you did, there will be a present for you in room C1, so enter it through the door beside the writing.

Depending on you drug (health) points (1 Health Drink = 4 pts, 1 First- Aid Kit = 8 pts, 1 Ampoule = 12 pts) and ammo points (1 Handgun Bullet = 1 pt, 1 Shotgun Shell = 2 pts, 1 Submachine Gun Bullet = 1 pt), what's in here varies. The same goes for ammo and drug points added -- but this determines how many Nurses will be in the room. Refer to the charts below to determine what will be waiting for you depending on what you have.

You can only receive ammo presents or health presents, not both. If your number of ammo points succeeds the number of drug points, you'll receive health presents; if the opposite, you'll receive ammo presents. Either way, you'll receive whatever you have fewer points of.

Ammo Presents, if ammo points are more than drug points

Ammo Points Presents
30 or less HG Bullets x3, SG Shells x2, SMG Bullets x1
31 to 60 HG Bullets x3, SG Shells x1, SMG Bullets x1
61 to 90 HG Bullets x3, SMG Bullets x1
91 to 120 HG Bullets x3
121 or more HG Bullets x2
Health Presents, if drug points are less than ammo points

Ammo Points Presents
30 or less 3 Health Drinks, 2 First-Aid Kits, 1 Ampoule
31 to 60 3 Health Drinks, 2 First-Aid Kits
61 to 90 3 Health Drinks, 1 First-Aid Kit
91 to 120 2 Health Drinks, 1 First-Aid Kit
121 or more 2 Health Drinks
Nurses Guarding Presents

Ammo + Drug Points Nurses
119 or less 0
120 to 189 1
190 to 259 2
260 or more 3

When claiming your presents, use the Shotgun to clear any Nurses, and then exit the room after taking your presents. Note that if you haven't answered the locker room phone, room C1 will be locked, so nothing will be inside, of course. Continue down the hallway and kill the Slurper and Nurse if they're in your way, and then enter room C4.

There's a Save Point on the curtain in this room; save your game because there's a boss fight just ahead. There's a stretcher that's some kind of altar at the back of the room and the other stretcher near it has a memo on it. Read the memo to find some interesting information: "Drench the altar in the blood which spouts red from the heart, to praise and to show loyalty unto God." So go up to the altar and use the Plastic Bag (with Blood) from your inventory. The blood leads to a ladder to the entrance of the room, strangely. Suddenly and out of nowhere, a hole with a ladder appears where the blood leads to -- go down the ladder. Once you're down, there will be a cutscene followed by another boss fight.


Leonard is nowhere to be seen but his voice is heard. When the fight starts, equip the Handgun because it's relatively good for this fight. It may take a while with the Handgun, however, so you may want to use the Shotgun instead. Start shooting Leonard a few times, which will cause him to go under the water. When he comes up, blast him again until he goes back down for a swim. Leonard moves under the water a lot, so try to stay away from him while he's doing so, so he can't come up and knock you down. Also, don't run into the large water brush object at one end of the battle area because you will die if you do so (I don't see why anyone would even run into it, anyway). Leonard will keep moving back and forth down in the water after you shoot him a few times, and you can't shoot him while he's underwater.

Try to follow him while he's underwater so you can see where he is, but keep your distance. Shoot him while he comes up and he should go back down pretty fast. Sometimes after you shoot Leonard, he'll fall to the ground and flail about, trying to get up -- use this time to blast him even more with the Shotgun, and he might not be able to get up. If you don't shoot him while he's up, he'll just go back down. You can use the Shotgun to blast Leonard to the ground effectively, but the Handgun is pretty good, so try to conserve your Shotgun Shells if you don't have many. If you can, and sometimes you can kick Leonard while he's on the ground.

Leonard has three types of attacks: An attack with either his left or right arm, an attack while he's rising and a counterattack, which is the most powerful of them all. If you're low on ammo, use the Steel Pipe or Katana and attack from the back. Be aware of his counterattacks and you should be fine. After a while, Leonard will die and fall to the ground.

Heather wakes up in the normal hospital in room C4. As she starts to walk, her foot kicks something and she picks it up. You'll get the Talisman. Exit the room and go through the double doors leading to the east corridor. Find the main entrance and go through the double doors, exit Brookhaven Hospital.


A cut-scene of Vincent and Claudia in your motel room will play. Once it's over, head north up Carroll Street and east on Nathan Avenue, and head back to the motel. You may encounter two Pendulums and a Double Head on Carroll -- just run past them. In the motel compound, find Room 106 and enter it. A cut-scene will play and Vincent tells you that Douglas has a message for you: "The church is on the other side of the lake." After the cutscene, exit the motel compound and head north-west up Nathan Avenue. When you get a little past Pete's Bowl-O-Rama, you'll just be at the Amusement Park to save you a lot of running time.


"A paradise for castrated sheep, maybe. Sounds pretty boring."

You appear to be in the same place from your nightmare. Kind of like DejŠ° Vu and Heather doesn't look too happy. Run forward to the main area and then go through the large doors to the left. There will be a Closer to the right of you, kill it with whatever or just push it to get past it. Continue around the circle area to the right until you reach the door with the sign near it, and there should be a Closer there. Kill the Closer and enter the souvenir shop through the double doors.

Go forward and take the Beef Jerky on the counter. Turn around and grab the First-Aid Kit on the round table with the merchandise on it, and head to the back left of the room. Nothing interesting is here so move away and you'll hear something fall. Go back to investigate what fell. Get the Roller Coaster Key from one of the cookie boxes and save your game with the Save Point on the box if you want to. When you're done, exit the shop. Turn to the right and continue running down the pathway and go through the small brown door when the view changes.

There will be two Double Heads here. Kill them or just run past them and go through the gate ahead. Turn to the left and go down the pathway, under the Monster Coaster sign and passed the Pendulum there. Make sure the other Pendulum behind you doesn't catch up and run up the stairs. At the top, enter the control room for the roller coaster, using the Roller Coaster Key. Go inside and get the 2 Health Drinks by the microphone towards the camera. Find and examine the power switch near the door and turn it off.

Exit the control room and go on the tracks through the small gate. Turn to the right and follow the tracks like you did in your nightmare. Try to stay away from the edges (you can fall off on Hard Action Level), and when you get to the end, a cut-scene will play. The roller coaster switch turns back on and the roller coaster comes towards you just like your nightmare, and Heather naively stares at the darkness ahead of the roller coaster. However, Heather will jump off this time and survive. If you don't turn off the roller coaster, you will die instead of jumping off.

After the cutscene of Douglas and Claudia, Heather will wake up on a ticket booth and she will get down from it. Turn around and move forward, then go through the reddish-brown door on the left. Follow the path and turn to the left and go down the next path. There's a Save Point on the ticket booth near the end of the path; you may want to consider saving. Continue down the path and enter the Haunted Mansion.


Inside, you'll be welcomed to the Borley Haunted Mansion by an announcer. When he's done talking, you can finally go through the first door. In this bloody room, listen to what the announcer has to say, and then you can go through the next door. You can see someone rocking in a chair in here. Make your way towards, following the path, for a sudden surprise -- the corpse is real! When the announcer is done talking, go through the grey door behind you.

In this room, there are spikes on the roof. Follow the path and the spikes will come down, but not far enough (they will come far enough on Hard!). Make sure you're moving when this happens or you may lose health or perhaps even die. On Hard Action Level, the spikes will fall a little further and can kill you if you just run through the hallway. What you want to do is make Heather lower so the spikes don't hit her -- hold R2 to enter caution mode, which lowers Heather a bit. While holding R2, walk the hallway, and the spikes will fall without hurting you. Even though you can get a bit lower when you stop moving, it isn't necessary. Just holding R2 is good enough. After the unfaithful announcer finishes talking after the spikes fall, go through the exit door.

Sadly, that wasn't the exit -- the illegitimate announcer has tricked you again! You're still in the mansion. Start running down the hallway and go left around the corner. There will be red glow following you that will kill you if it catches up with you so run fast! If playing on Hard, it can be very difficult to outrun the red glow, especially dealing with the clumsiness of Heather. Go right around the next corner, and when you go forward, the left wall will move to cover the pathway ahead, so go left around the corner. Go right around the next corner and right again.

Keep moving and go left around the next corner. Go right around the corner after that and ignore the first door because it has a broken lock. Turn left at the next corner and go through the end door. You're still in the mansion, so run forward, go left around the corner and right around the next. Turn left around the next corner and then right around the one after that. Go right around the next corner, left, right, and then left. Go through the door at the end to finally exit the mansion.


There are two Closers in this area, just run past them and go to the left. Find the open pathway and take it. Kill the Double Head in front of you, continue running forward and pass the Closer. When you can go to the left, do so and go through the gate door. There will be a Pendulum and a Closer in front of you. Kill them and then kill the other Pendulum as it comes towards you. Go forward and go through the gate.

Move forward and take the Health Drink and the Shotgun Shells on the bench. Turn around and head for the bleachers. Find the Chain on one of them and then go on the platform from some small stairs and get the Red Shoe in the middle of it. Get off the platform and go through the gate you came from. If you killed all the enemies here before, there will be a Pendulum by the other gate. Just run past it and through the gate.

Run forward and to the left a little to find a gate door that isn't locked but won't open. Go in the menu and use the Chain to attach it to the gate. Heather says this is half good because it needs to be attached to something else. Turn around and step on the ride, attaching the other part of the chain to the metal bar on the column of the ride by using it from the menu. If Heather says it cannot be used here, you're not aligned with the bar. Now step off the ride and enter the control room to Heather's left. Grab the Handgun Bullets on the counter and then examine the switch to the left.

The door will open with a screech. Exit the control room and go through the door. Heather will confront Douglas again to find that he's wounded. After the cut-scene, go through the gate in front of you to the left. Turn to your right and enter the Fortune House. Read the memo on the chair to the right and then you'll take it, it's Douglas's Notebook.

You can't give the book back to Douglas so there's no point in going back to him. If you do, you may have fewer chances of getting the Possessed Ending (only in a replay game). Move into the other section of the room and get the Doll Head on the table. Get the Ampule on the chair to Heather's left and save your game if you want, using the Save Point on the fortune table. Exit the Fortune House and enter the Morchen Travel place next door. You'll find two large sized dolls in this area -- Snow White and Cinderella.

You can find two pictures of them on the tracks past them. One has a doll head and the other has a red shoe. Go back to the life-size dolls and use the Doll Head from the menu and put it in Snow White's hand. Then use the Red Shoe from the menu and put it by Cinderella. Go on the tracks and take the left route and go through the door. If you didn't give the items to the dolls, this door won't open. Check the dragon here for some comments and go through the green door past it on the left.

In this area, a Double Head will come up to you and try to attack. Dodge it and kill if you want, then move to Heather's right. There will be a Pendulum there; if you can, run past it. To the right, you can find an ice cream place and a memo that Harry wrote 17 years ago, when the first Silent Hill took place. As you continue past the ice cream place, you may encounter another Double Head. Head forward to the left and go through the gate. If you don't know where the gate is, it's behind the Pendulum on the left side when you see it first.

Move forward and take the First-Aid Kit on the left bench. Continue forward and go around on the right side of the round garden and head towards the right and move forward. Follow the queuing line and go up the small steps and onto the carousel. As you move forward, the carousel will magically start up. Go around the carousel until you find the only horse not moving that has blood al over it. Examine the note on its left side for the following:

"When 13 turns count 4, you will die from their curse.

If you wish to escape,
there is but one way out.

To kill before you are killed:
you will be saved by the 12th death."

The part about "When 13 turns count 4" must be saying you will die when the carousel turns 52 times (when 13 turns count 4; when 13 comes four times, which is 52). That part doesn't fully make sense at first, but there's more. It also says "you will be saved by the 12th death" if you wish to escape.

There are 12 horses on here and one's already dead. You won't be able to escape unless you do the following. The idea here is to kill all the horses. How? Easy, use your weapons. Don't waste ammo, just use melee weapons. Use the Katana or the Steel Pipe because they work best.

To give best results, press and hold X hard so Heather lifts the weapon over her head and then swings. It will take two swings like that with the Katana and three with the Steel Pipe, so the Katana is your best bet for the time. When navigating around, be careful not to go directly in front of the horses because you may be affected by the smoke coming out of the horses' mouths. Try not to get too close to the horses' mouths or you can lose health. You will hear a horse noise when you deliver a hit and a different sound when it's dead -- it will then shortly stop moving. If you want to have some fun and have Shotgun Shells, go right beside an "alive" horse and wait for the right moment, and then blast it. It will die with one good shot, but you should only do this once or twice so you're not wasting too much ammo.

After you've killed all the horses, it will take a little time, and then the horses will start moving again. Don't worry, you didn't do anything wrong. Just wait a bit and a cutscene will play. When the cut-scene plays, the carousel will turn into the nightmare version and then in another cut-scene, someone else's here, and it looks like Alessa. It's time for another boss.


This boss is unique to the Silent Hill series -- it has four forms; when it dies it will come back as another form, with a new weapon.


Weapon: Knife

She holds her knife in the air like it's actually a good weapon. When you can play, laugh at her terrible weapon and equip a melee weapon; it will be sufficient. The Katana is the best choice but if you don't have it, the Steel Pipe will work well. Alessa has one form of attack with the Knife; just a slash which does pretty much nothing at all to your health. Let Alessa come to you and then attack. Don't worry about getting attacked because it barely does anything, but do try to prevent the attacks. Alessa may run away sometimes -- when this happens, follow her so you can see where she goes and take advantage of her not trying to attack, and attack her if you can.

You may consider equipping the Bulletproof Vest for this fight because it will come in handy for more lethal attacks. Alessa can block your attacks sometimes and so can you. While holding R2, press Square when she tries to attack and Heather will block it. Keep using the Katana to whack Alessa several times and she'll fall to the ground and disintegrate. Keep in mind that Alessa will get stronger each time and she'll have different attacks with each weapon.


Weapon: Handgun

It's not over yet, it's just getting started. Alessa will appear somewhere else. You can hunt her down if you want, but you can just stand to the side somewhere and hold L2 and you will be able to see her as she comes towards you. But try to run away before she gets too close, or she will shoot you with her Handgun. Alessa has two forms of attack with the Handgun. One is a shot from the Handgun, which inflicts a lot of damage, and the other is a pistol whip, which isn't too bad.

Now, you can be pretty cheap here, but who's watching? The Katana has pretty good range and if you get too close to Alessa, she may pistol whip you. Try to stand just out of her pistol whip reach, but not far enough so she can shoot you. Keep pressing X while holding R2 and you will push Alessa back a little each time. Instead of holding X, repetitively press it like I said so Heather continuously swings the Katana for three blows. If you hold X, Heather will deliver an attack from above her head and it will take long enough so that Alessa can attack. Alessa will get to come closer after she's out of your range after you push her, but then start whacking her again and she'll be pushed away again.

If you do this process right, she won't be able to attack you. If you stop for even a bit you may receive a whacking. Alessa should be able to start a pistol whip but it should not be delivered if you're doing this right. Keep doing this and she won't be able to shoot you. After a while, she will start to run around again -- this is good. Run after her so she can't shoot you when she wants to. Whack her some more times and she will then fall to the ground and disintegrate. Be sure to check your health every once in a while because if you do get shot, it inflicts a lot of damage, and other attacks can do a lot also.


Weapon: Steel Pipe

Because she has a Steel Pipe, you can just stand still and let her come to you while you're ready to deliver an attack. Remember, you're still using the Katana, or the Steel Pipe if you don't have the Katana. You may be thinking it's good that Alessa has the Steel Pipe because it's not as powerful as the Handgun. It's not as strong, but its range is a lot better than the pistol whip, so you may need to do some blocking here. Alessa only has one form of attack with the Steel Pipe, which is a whack with it, however, it doesn't inflict that much damage. The method used for the 2nd Form of Alessa can be used here, but backup every once in a while because when Alessa lifts the Steel Pipe and you whack her, her attack may still hit you. You can let her run away but she'll come back.

This is good because you're ready to hit her but she's not. So it's good to let her have a break every little while and she should come back right away. If she doesn't come back right away, this is also good because she also doesn't have much health left. When she runs around, try to go where she's going to end up so you can whack her when she arrives. Deliver a few more blows and she will fall to the ground and disintegrate.


Weapon: Submachine Gun

This is the final form of Alessa, and don't let the Submachine Gun scare you. It's actually good news because you can do the same strategy as you did for the 2nd Form of Alessa. Alessa has two forms of attacks with the Submachine Gun, which are repetitive fire from the gun and a whack with it. When you get hit by the Submachine Gun when it's fired, it will take off a lot of damage. Try to find her fast and run right up to her before she shoots. The strategy won't work as well because she will be able to hit you sometimes, however, it still works pretty well. Then again, it can work just amazing as before.

Try to make sure Alessa is just in your range so that the tip of the Katana hits her. The further away she is and is actually getting hit, the better; if you find that she's getting too close, just stop and back up, and then repeat the process. When Alessa runs away, follow her quickly because if she gets a good range to shoot you, she will. If she does shoot you, when you recover from the attack, move out of the way of where she's shooting and let her try to reload and strike her then. If you end up right against a side of the carousel or a horse, take some time to run away to a good open area nearby, and don't get too far ahead of Alessa or she will shoot. After a while, Alessa should fall to the ground, bringing the fight to an end, although she will not disintegrate.

After the fight, there will be a note written behind you. Read it and then circle around the sick carousel and step off it. Head down the path when you can and go through the door at the end. In this hallway, you will find blood-written memos on the walls and one on the door at the end. Read them as you go and then go up the stairs and through the door at the end, after reading the memo on it.


"'God'? Are you sure you don't mean 'Devil'?"

Inside in a cut-scene, Heather will find a surprised Claudia. After the cut-scene, Claudia leaves the chapel through the near door. Move forward and go to the other side of the altar there and save your game with the Save Point if you haven't saved in awhile. Look behind you on the ledge and get the "Eye of Night" Tarot Card. You may wonder why you have your Handgun equipped and it's because Heather did so in the cut-scene. On the side walls of this chapel, you can find six paintings with descriptions; read them if you wish.

When you're done here, find the door that Claudia went through and enter that corridor. Look to Heather's right and get the Church Map on the wall, which appears to be done by a child.
Turn around and enter the confessional box through the right door. You can hear some crying in here. Examine the red curtain by the open area for a cutscene. After the cutscene, you will be given two choices: Say, "I forgive you" or don't say anything. This may affect which ending you receive at the end of the game, depending on your performance, but only if playing a replay game.

If you forgive, there will be another cutscene, but not when you say nothing. Exit the confessional box and continue down the hallway to hear some static from your Radio. The door all the way south is locked, so go through the door a little north from that one, which is the only other door. There is a Closer in here and its appearance is a little different, possibly because of this church. If you check your map, you'll notice that this area isn't already mapped, but Heather does it herself and she knows what the whole area is like right when you enter it. Run past the Closer and go through the other door in the area.

Head east to find yourself between two Insane Cancers; one on each side. Make your way past the one to the right and enter the south-east room. Head towards the camera for a sweet view that reveals 2 packs of Handgun Bullets on the shelf; get them. Go to the nearby desk and take the Cassette Tape and read the memo that explains the save point. Exit the room and push your way past the other Insane Cancer and go through the north door. In this corridor, you can hear crying and footsteps. The footsteps actually lead somewhere where you'll need to go.

If you wait long enough, blood footprints will appear on the ground by the painting leading to it. After the footsteps aren't heard any more, you can examine the painting and remove it. But don't go through the door yet. Continue down the corridor and enter the north room. On the ground in front of you is a very large Save Point. There are three pictures in this room and you may notice that Jennifer Carroll, the "praying woman" in Silent Hill 2, is in one of the paintings. There's one of Alessa and a baby, which are both Heather, she says, oddly enough, and the other one is a doctor of god, Nicholas.

Exit the room and go back to the painting. If you haven't already, examine it and push it aside. Go through the revealed door. Valtiel is heard and can be seen crawling on the right side of this area. Ignore him and go through the door at the end of the hallway. Head south and then east here to encounter a new enemy, a Scraper. It's very weak and one Shotgun Shell should take it out.

Find the door in the south-east and go through it. It appears to be a Library. There is a memo about Silent Hill's Ancient Gods on the west side of the room on a shelf and a memo about Tarot is on the east side of the middle shelf. Make your way to the south-east part of the room and take the "Moon" Tarot Card on the table, and then a cutscene with Vincent will play. Vincent gives you the Book: Otherworld Laws and exits the room. Do the same and enter the elevator to be taken to the lower level.

Go through the north-west door and follow the corridor, and then enter the west room, which appears to be a mortuary. Go to the left side of the gurney in front of you and take the "Hanged Man" Tarot Card on the corpse. I think the right place was chosen for this card. Get the Shotgun Shells in the north body shelf and then exit the room. Follow the corridor to the other room and enter it. Harry's Diary is mysteriously on the bed; read it. Grab the 2 Stun Gun Batteries on the desk and exit the room since the other door has a broken lock.

When you reach the main part of the corridor, there will be two Scrapers there. They'll probably slash you if you try to run past them so kill them with any weapon that works. Exit back to the main section of the lower level and go through the second door from the east. There are two Pendulums patrolling the area in the air, as well as a Scraper on the ledge you're one. Head west, south, and kill the Scraper. Quickly go through the south-west door. If you encounter a Pendulum on the way, kill it if you have to.

Move west and enter the first room on the left. There are two Closers in here and they're a lot stronger than in other areas in the game. Just run past them while dodging their attacks if they try anything, and go through the other door in the area. Go south down the hallway and you can hear the crying and the footsteps again. At about the middle of the high camera angle is where the blood footprints are, but continue down the hallway while you're waiting, to find Valtiel turning a valve, and what looks like two hanged Nurses with curtains over them. Go back to the blood footprints and examine the wall that they lead to, to reveal a hidden door. Go forward and enter the room to the right.

This room is the exact room from the first Silent Hill that was Alessa's. Examine the book on the chair to get the "Fool" Tarot Card and read the Aglaophotis memo. Behind you to your right is a pack of Handgun Bullets on a shelf along with drugs you can't take. Get the Ampoule on the back side of the TV on the large nightstand by the bed. Exit the room and you'll hear louder static than before. There's an Insane Cancer waiting to Heather's left when you go back in the long hallway. Since it's not in your way, ignore it and head north to encounter another one.

You can just simply go past this one because it's only blocking half of the hallway, and then enter the north room again. If you killed the two Closers in here before, there will be three more! Don't even try it and exit the room through the north door. Go west in this corridor to find Valtiel hanging a Nurse to the left. Continue down the corridor and go through the south-east door. This is also an exact same room from the first Silent Hill. To the left is a Save Point on a piece of paper.

Get the Brass Key from the butterfly collection on the wall with the broken glass. On the bed is Heather's sketchbook from when she was 7. It's used for an upcoming puzzle. You can also find a locked door with nine engravings of cards, however, only five will be used. You can't do the whole puzzle now because you need one more tarot card, so exit the room. Make your way through some corridors and head to the elevator on this floor to move up to the upper level.

Make your way all the way back to the only corridor that was originally drawn on your map, ignoring the two Scrapers and the Slurper in the closest room to the corridor, and go through the south door, using the Brass Key. Go down the corridor and go through the first door on the left around the corner. Go up to the desk in the middle of the room and examine the front of it to find a desk very similar to one on the first Silent Hill. You can also read a note from a teacher in the first Silent Hill on the teacher's desk. Exit the classroom from the door you entered and there will be a Scraper on your right. Try to kill it before it gets to attack you (if you don't enter the classroom, the Scraper will come from behind you, and yes, appearing from nowhere). Continue east down the hallway and push your way past the Insane Cancer.

Enter the first room on the west of the southernmost part of the corridor. Go up to the cassette player on the shelf and use the Cassette Tape from the menu. The tape mentions something about people trying to use the Seal of Metatron to stop the birth of God. Remember that, and when the tape ends, read the memo on the desk in the room and then exit. Enter the next room on the west side of where you are and take the "High Priestess" Tarot Card. Read Claudia's Diary on the shelf and then examine the Birthday Card on the desk. When you're done, exit the room.

You can enter the east room but there are only four Scrapers ready to attack you. Now that you have all five Tarot Cards, make your way back to the elevator to go down to the lower level. The Church will start to get very bloody for some reason. Make your way all the way to the southwesternmost room on this level.


There is a sketchbook on the bed that will tell you how to solve the puzzle. It deals with the five Tarot Cards you have and the locked door with the nine card engravings on it. The solution is different for each Riddle Level. Use one card on the door from the menu, and to choose a certain card to put in a slot, select it in the blue box in the bottom right corner of the screen and put it where it belongs. Below are the solutions for each Riddle Level.


Examine the sketchbook on the bed and it will show you a diagram of the placements for each card. It's pretty simple, but if you can't make out what each picture is, here you go:

"Fool" Empty "Moon"

Empty "Eye of Night" Empty

"Hanged Man" Empty "High Priestess"


"The door sure does rattle, but it's stuck tight.
A secret is hidden out
of your sight!
You may be thinking,
"What could it be?" You'll need five magic cards
if you want to see.

What to do, then,
with all these?
I'll tell you straight
and I won't tease--
Just as long as
you say "please".

Now the first thing you must know
Is that there's something
in each row.
But that is not the half of it:
Three would be too hard to fit.

The upside-down man
under the ground:
To his right, to his left,
there's no one around.
Leave him alone, though
his tears are profound.

The moon is up above the sky,
Full or crescent, floating high.
Twinkling light sits like a crown
On the head of a crazy clown.

Your Excellency,
praying to God most high
Do you think you
can tell me why
You always look up
at the night sky?

Do you have it now?
You didn't forget?
One major point you
must not omit.
And now at the last,
before you take a whack
Here's one more hint to
help keep you on track.

Scary and hateful, that
thing in the night
Better be careful --
it's not on your right!
Turn to the left and
you'll keep it in sight.

So you'll open the door?
I'm just sure that there'll
Be nothing beyond it but
frightening peril.
Forget about that!
Just stay and play!
Or else I'll be left
here alone all day."

The sketchbook on the bed will describe the locations of each card. You may be smart enough to solve it yourself, but if not, this should help you.

The riddle tells you "there's something in each row. But that is not the half of it: Three would be too hard to fit." So there's at least one card in each row, and this means there will be two cards in two rows, and one card in one row.

The riddle goes on, telling you "The upside-down man under the ground: To his right, to his left, there's no one around." Okay, so the Fool is in the bottom row, and he must be in the middle because there's no one to his right or left.

The next part, "The moon is up above the sky, full or crescent, floating high. Twinkling light sits like a crown on the head of a crazy clown" states that the Moon is in the top row and below it is the crazy clown, which would be the Fool. You can't really determine the column for these cards just yet, but you know which rows they are in.

Furthermore, the riddle states "Your Excellency, praying to God most high; Do you think you can tell me why you always look up at the night sky?" The person praying would be the High Priestess, and the God would be the Eye of Night, the only card left. So the Eye of Night is the High Priestess. Just like the last verse, you can't determine which column these cards belong in.

Ah, but there's more: "Scary and hateful, that thing in the night; Better be careful -- it's not on your right! Turn to the left and you'll keep it in sight." The "scary and hateful thing in the night" would be the Eye of Night. The riddle claims it's not on your right, it's on your left. So the Eye of Night is in the left column and the High Priestess below it.

The riddle hasn't been completely solved yet -- the column for the Moon and Fool hasn't been mentioned. The only two columns for them are the middle and the right. Trying the middle column, nothing happens -- try the right and the door will unlock, leaving you with this solution:

"Eye of Night" Empty "Moon"

"High Priestess" Empty "Fool"

Empty "Hanged Man" Empty


"I had a dream. In my dream, I opened a door.
But was that really me?
I had a different name.




5 are true and 4 are lies---
and there are some lies mixed
in with the truth.

That's 'cause it's scary to write
only the truth.
But dreams...dreams are like lies,
after all."

The main point of interest here is this diagram:




Each of the nine double lines represents one of the nine slots in the Tarot Card door. But only roman numerals count, so you must eliminate all the non-roman numerals in each double line. If you don't know roman numerals too well, the following are all roman numerals: I, V, X, L, C, D and M. So any letters in the diagram that aren't any of the above should be taken out. After you do so, you should be left with the following:




You may be wondering where the 0 came from. Since there are no roman numerals in the middle of the diagram, the answer is 0. And there is no roman numeral for 0, so it's just 0.

Now if you examine each tarot card in the menu, you'll notice they all have roman numerals on them. So for the first one, you'll find that the "High Priestess" Tarot Card has II printed on it, so the top left tarot card is the "High Priestess." But all of the above roman numerals won't be used, only the ones that match the numbers on the tarot cards will be used. Here's what you will find on each tarot card:

"High Priestess" - II "Hanged Man" - XII "Moon" - XVIII "Fool" - 0 "Eye of Night" - XXII

If you match these with the roman numeral diagram above, you'll come up with the following solution:

"High Priestess" "Eye of Night" Empty

Empty "Fool" "Moon"

"Hanged Man" Empty Empty After you solve the puzzle, the door will unlock.

After the puzzle is solved and the door is unlocked, go through it. Follow the barely descending stairs to the bottom and go through the north door. A cutscene with Vincent and Claudia plays. Heather eventually enters. After the very long cutscene, it's just you and Claudia and you can move. You have limited time to do something, and whatever you do, do not try to damage Claudia or you will die. So don't use any weapons.

The Seal of Metatron didn't work so you need to use something else. Look in your inventory and now is the time to use the Pendant. If you don't do anything and just move around, you will just die after a while. Heather eats the red jewel and she spits out "God." Claudia eats in and finally, you get to laugh at Claudia while she receives some pain. After the cutscene, Claudia is now down the hole in front of you. Go up to the hole and Heather will jump down.

Down here, Valtiel is assisting God and then it's time for the final fight of the game.


So this is the god, eh? This battle isn't that hard and you can beat it with just a melee weapon. You will unlock an extra item if you kill the god with a melee weapon, so why not do it? You can use whichever weapon you want to start, including guns, but the killing blow must be with a melee weapon. There is something in this area that will help you a lot. There is a semi-circle on the floor. As long as you're standing outside of that, the God cannot attack you -- it can spread fire toward you, however.

Use the Handgun from outside the semi-circle and it should be fairly easy. But be ready to run away when the fire is thrown at you. If you're standing still, the fire WILL get you, so be sure to be moving away from it at the time it happens. Whenever the boss falls over, consider switching to a more powerful weapon like the Shotgun or the Submachine Gun, but the Handgun is the only weapon that works well while the God is standing up. Make sure you're always ready to stop what you're doing and run away when the fire comes. If the fire touches you, it will inflict a lot of damage.

You'll probably have to use many health items in this fight, but hopefully, you'll have enough. You may have the Bulletproof Vest on, but it isn't very convenient -- it will just slow you down a lot. When trying to escape the fire, strafing can work perfectly, but make sure you know where you're going. If you plan on unlocking the extra weapon and you've shot the God a lot, switch to the Katana, or the Steel Pipe if you don't have the Katana.

The god has four types of attacks. A swing of its arm while standing is its most powerful attack and takes off a lot of health! While the God is down, it can do an arm swing and a bite attack, which both inflict a lot of damage. The last is when it throws fire. If you get hit by it, you lose a lot of health. When using the Katana, try to only do three swings when the god is down, then run away and wait for the fire. You may have to wait a while each time for the god to come down again, but it will.

Repeat this process and make sure you're using the Katana while the god is on the ground because that's where it will die (if you don't care about the extra weapon, keep firing the Handgun at the God until it dies). Once you take a swing, a cutscene plays and the god dies.

Congratulations, you've beaten Silent Hill 3. There will be a short cutscene and then your ending will play. Check the Endings section to see how to get the other endings. If you're familiar with the first Silent Hill, you'll probably like the credits song.


The system, if you will, for endings is processed by points. For the two normal endings - Normal and Possessed - you will receive the appropriate ending for how many points you've received. If you exceed 4000, you will receive the Possessed ending, if not, the Normal ending. Here's how the point system works:

-Killing an enemy: 10 points

-Receiving Damage: 1 point for each damage point

-Confessional Box (Church): Forgive - 1000 points
Say Nothing - 0 points


This is the normal ending. You can only get this ending the first time
through the game, no matter what you do. To receive this ending in an
Extra New Game you must receive less than 4000 points, which is an easy
task. To give you an idea you what you should do, follow these steps:

-Beat the game killing under 100 enemies -Try your best not to take much damage -Say nothing to the person in the Confessional Box in the Church

If you have under 4000 points, in the end, you will receive this ending.


The whole idea of this ending is to exceed 4000 points. Killing each enemy is worth 10 points, so 100 enemies will be 1000 points. Try to kill over 200 enemies if you can. The amount of damage you receive in points counts too. Try to receive around 1000 points in damage and run around with not a lot of health often. So let monsters hit you and damage you a lot. This may not work out too well on Hard Action Level because you'll probably die. Try it on Easy or Normal - I recommend Normal because monsters have weak attacks on Easy. Another 1000 points come from the confessional box in the Church. Say "Yes" to the person and you will receive 1000 points; if not, nothing. So if you want to receive this ending, try to get as many points as possible. You can try your own method but here is what I recommend:

Note: The number in brackets beside each suggestion is how many points you will receive for doing that.

-Beat the game killing over 200 enemies (2000+) -Forgive the person in the Confessional Box in the Church (1000) -Try to receive at least 1000 points in damage (1000+)

This equals 4000 points, which is what you need. To ensure that you'll get the Possessed ending, kill every enemy you see.


You can only receive this ending in a replay game. You must first unlock the Heather Beam, which is received upon killing a total of at least 333 enemies in your save file. This means you can do this over several times through the game, and not just once. Once you have a total of over 333 enemies killed from all the times you've beaten the game in the same save file, you will unlock the Heather Beam.

The Heather Beam is never in your inventory and is always equipped when no actual weapon is equipped. Hold R2 and press X to use it. Find more information about the Heather Beam/Sexy Beam in the Extras section.

To receive the Revenge ending, you must kill at least 31 enemies with the Heather Beam/Sexy Beam before you reach Daisy Villa Apartments. You can kill enemies with other weapons or kick them and still get the ending, but why waste kills for the Heather Beam? When you enter your apartment, the game will end there and you will get to experience this wacky ending.

The End

Please note that these walkthroughs are all available on the internet, but I was given permission by the owner of to use them. Thanks knliss