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Silent Hill 3: Walkthrough PART 1


"Where am I?"

Note: This section of the game isn't really important and you can just get killed by enemies or fall down a hole and you will succeed. But there is an end to this part if you keep playing. No matter what you do, you'll always end up in the same place, which is the next section of the game.

When you start the game for the first time, you'll be in the Silent Hill Amusement Park which wasn't explored in Silent Hill 2. Heather has a Knife in her hand and she's ready to fight any monsters. Once you can play, press Select to go to your inventory. You may notice that you also have a Steel Pipe and a loaded Handgun and Submachine Gun. You also have a Health Drink, a First-Aid Kit, and 30 Handgun Bullets. You have two items which are the Flashlight and the Radio.

In front of you to the left is a large size door. Equip your Handgun and go through it. Inside this room, there are some enemies. A Double Head should approach you and try to attack you. Use the Handgun to kill it. It should take around 5 shots, depending on the Action level you chose.

Follow the pathway to the right and you should encounter a Closer. Use the Handgun to kill it with around 10 shots. When both enemies are dead, find the door with the standing sign by it. This door is unlocked and it's a store, but there's nothing you can pick up inside. So continue along until you reach the end of the pathway and go through the small door with the light by it.

In this area, there will be two Closers in front of you. Run to the right and equip the Submachine Gun. Wait for the Closers to come close to each other, and then when you're close to them, fire away at both of them with the Submachine Gun by using the left analogue stick to aim to the left and right. If done correctly, they should both fall to the ground. Finish them off by kicking them if you need to and go through the next gate.

In this next area, there will be a lot of noise. Watch out for the oncoming Double Head and run to the left. There is also a Pendulum to the right but don't worry about it because you're running away from it. Run under the Mountain Coaster sign and keep running. A Pendulum might come from the left so watch out if it does. When you reach the end of the pathway, turn right and go up the stairs. Try to run up the stairs as fast as you can and when you get near the top, beware of the Pendulums as they will probably come up there and attack you.

Once at the top, there is a small control room for this ride. The door is locked, so the only way to go is through the small gate by the control room and onto the tracks of the roller coaster ride. To Heather's left is a hole. You can fall off the tracks and you will die, but this is good if you want to end this quick. There is no difference whether you fall down a hole or get to the end of the Amusement Park. You will always lead to the same place.

Since you've made it this far, why not just do the rest? You're almost there. Instead of falling down the left hole, take the right route and keep following the tracks. You can actually fall off certain parts of the track if you're on Hard Action Level. Just stick to the inside area of the track and follow it, and you will come to a straight. There will then be a video. The Roller Coaster comes and Heather has nowhere to go and the Roller Coaster runs over her. This is inevitable so don't worry about it.


"My Daddy always told me not to talk to strangers."

Heather wakes up to find herself in the Central Square Shopping Centre. Thankfully that was just a dream! She exits the diner, which is the same Happy Burger that was also in Silent Hill 2. She calls her dad and then a strange man wants some of Heather's time. His name is Douglas Cartland and he wants to know about Heather's birth. She avoids him and enters the Women's Washroom. When you can play, there's a Save Point on the mirror to Heather's left.

If you check your inventory, you'll notice that you have a House Key, a Pendant, and a Knife for a weapon. You cannot go back out the door because Douglas is still there so the only thing you can do is go out the window. But there is a closed stall and you can knock on it, but Heather thinks someone's in there. Once outside, you'll find some boxes and a fence to the left, so head to the right and run until you reach a door. You'll notice a van further down the alley and Heather says something funny about it if you examine it. When you're done, go through the door.

Once you're back in the mall again, there are many doors with broken locks. From where you came in, go down the hall to the right and you'll find some locked double doors on your left. There is only one other open door in this hallway and it's at the end. Continue following the hallway after you reach the locked double doors and then go through the double doors at the end of the hallway. You'll find yourself in the normal area of the mall again but the floor is dirty. There's no one else in this area and all the stores seem to be closed and have their shutters down, except for one store.

Find the half closed shutter and enter the store to see what's inside. Heather will find a Handgun on the floor and then sees a Closer having a snack on a corpse. It's just like her dream, the monster! The Closer will come towards her and she will shoot it 7 times, killing it. When you can play, find the green bench to find Handgun Bullets x2. Heather will be looking around the room, but it's only the monster and the corpse that she's looking at.

There's nothing else you can do in here, so find the other exit behind the counter and exit this shop. Now you are on the other side of the locked double doors. Move to the right towards the elevator area. It doesn't seem to work so check out the message board for the Shopping Mall Map. Now that you have the map of this place, it will be easier to navigate, and furthermore, easier for me to describe where to go.

There rest of the doors on this floor have broken locks except for the door marked "EXIT" which is a stairwell. Enter it and go up to 2F, since you're already on 1F, and go through the door at the top. Equip your lousy Knife and move forward and to the left to find a Numb Body. You can use the Knife to kill it but it may take a while since the Knife is pathetic. Move back to dodge the Numb Body's attacks if you can. Take the north-west hallway and enter the first room on the right from when the rooms are aligned heading north-west, which is a Store Room.

In the Store Room, you'll find a Double Head eating something in the corner. It may stop and approach you. Use the Knife to kill it and dodge its attacks by using the strafe buttons. Don't stay in the same place for too long while battling the Double Head, or you may lose a few pounds. When it's finally dead, get the Beef Jerky on the left boxes. So the Double Head was eating Beef Jerky, eh? Beef Jerky is not a weapon, but it can be used to distract certain monsters, including Double Heads. Exit the room.

Now continue down the hallway and enter the Store Room two doors down from the other Store Room on the same side. Inside you will find 2 Health Drinks and some Handgun Bullets on the shelf to Heather's left. And as you can see, there is a Save Point further along on the shelf. If you head towards the camera, you'll find a skid (a wood object) with something under it and some heavy boxes are on top of it. Heather can't reach it with her hands and it's too much of a pain for her to move the heavy boxes so you can't get it now. Heather will mark it on her map and then you'll have to exit the room to move on.

All of the other rooms over here can't be entered, so head back to where you came from and head down the south hallway and go through the white and blue door. Now run forward and then you should see a lit sign above an entrance that says "Helen's Bakery". Go through the door under the sign and enter the bakery. Inside, there's some bread but Heather's not hungry. To your left, you'll find something that looks useful. Take the pair of Tongs from the counter. There is a flyer on the counter but it's not really important.

Now you have some tongs, so go back to the room with the skid. Exit the room, go back through the door you came from, and head for the room with the circle in it on your map and enter it. It's the last door on the right in the north-west part of this corridor. Go up to the skid and use the Tongs. Heather uses the Tongs and gets the Key taken with Tongs. Funny name, eh? Since the name provides absolutely no information on where to use the key, go in the menu and examine it. It says "My Bestsellers" on the tag - must be a shop in the mall. Exit the room to find three Numb Bodies - deal with them (there are so many so just run past them), then go through the southernmost door in this corridor again.

In this area again, you may encounter one of the two Closers patrolling the area, or both. Just simply run past them and when you get to the other side you may notice a store called "My Bestseller" which is on the tag of the key you just got. Enter the store with the Key taken with Tongs. Now you're in a bookstore. Take the right walkway and you'll find some books on the floor. If you're on Easy Riddle Level, there will be two, and any higher Riddle Level there will be five. If you're on Easy, pick up Shakespeare Anthology 1 and 3. If you're on a higher difficulty, pick up Shakespeare Anthology 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.


Examine the shelf where they fell off and Heather wonders if she should just align the books in order. This puzzle is different for every Riddle Level so use whichever one you're on. But first, there may be a clue to the puzzle depending on your Riddle Level. It will be by the door in the north-west corner of the room. You'll need to get to the code for the keypad to unlock that door.


There will be no memo here. There will be some numbers seen among the three books already on the shelf but the number is not complete because two books are missing. Use Shakespeare Anthology 1 and put it in the first slot. Then use the cursor and select the next book, which is Shakespeare Anthology 3, from the blue box and put it in the next open slot, which is the third slot. A code will then be revealed.


"Fair is foul, and foul is fair. Put these books out of order."

From the clue in the memo, you have to arrange the five books on the shelf, but not in order. So do as it says; put all the books on the shelf randomly at first, then rearrange them so the four digit code among the five books looks proper. Once you've done so, you have the code. It is random by the way so I can't tell you what it is.


"In here is a tragedy--- art thou player or audience?
Be as it may, the end doth remain:
all go on only toward death.

The first words at thy left hand:
a false lunacy, a madly dancing man.
Hearing unhearable words, drawn
to a beloved's grave---and there,
mayhap, true madness at last.

As did this one, playing at death,
find true death at the last.
Killing a nameless lover, she
pierced a heart rent by sorrow.

Doth lie invite truth?
Doth verity but wear the
mask of falsehood?
Ah, thou pitiful, thou
miserable ones!

Still amidst lies, though the end
cometh not, wherefore yearn
for death?
Wilt thou attend to thy beloved?
Truth and lies, life and death:
a game of turning white to black
and black to white.

Is not a silence brimming with
love more precious than flattery?
A peaceful slumber preferred to
a throne besmirched with blood.

One vengeful man
spilt blood for two;
Two youths shed tears for three;
Three witches disappeared thusly;
And only the four keys remain.

Ah, but verily...
In here is a tragedy---
art thou player or audience?
There is nothing which cannot
become a puppet of fate or an
onlooker, peering into the cage."

If you know Shakespeare well, you're in luck! But if you don't, well... That's probably why you're here. Over by the locked door, you will find the above memo, which describes the puzzle. Read it carefully and then examine all the Shakespeare Anthology books in your inventory. You're going to need to use the books and the memo to solve this puzzle. Unless you already know the code.

First of all, the first verse is just an introduction, so don't worry about it. In the second verse, "The first words at thy left hand" indicates that the books will go from left to right. The rest of the verse is a description of Hamlet's plot. Shakespeare Anthology 4 contains Hamlet, so place it in the first slot on the shelf.

The third verse is quite obvious; it would be Romeo and Juliet. So place Shakespeare Anthology 1, which contains Romeo and Juliet, in the second slot on the shelf. The fourth verse is just meant to confuse you and has no relevance to the Shakespeare books.

The fifth verse is referring to Othello, in Shakespeare Anthology 5, by the words "black and white". So put that book in the next slot. The sixth verse contains a quote from King Lear, which is in Shakespeare Anthology 2. So put that book on the shelf in the next slot and take a look at the rest of the sixth verse. It mentions "a throne besmirched in blood", which describes Macbeth, contained in Shakespeare Anthology 3. So put that in the last slot on the shelf.

Now you have five roman numerals in a certain order on the shelf: IV, I, V, II, III (4, 1, 5, 2, 3)

The combination to open the locked door only has four numbers so you've got one too many numbers. But don't worry, there's still more of the memo left to read.

It says "One vengeful man spilt blood for two", which represents Hamlet being doubled. Hamlet is number 4, so you now have 8 instead of the 4. Then it says "Two youths shed tears for three", meaning Romeo and Juliet being multiplied by 3, and Romeo and Juliet are number 1. 1x3 is 3 so that replaces the 1. And then it says "Three witches disappeared thusly", meaning Macbeth is out of the picture, which is number 3; so take that number out and you should be left with the following code: 8352.

You don't need to put the books back on the shelf and you can just figure it out by looking at the books you have, using a piece of paper if you have to. And on Easy, you can just look at the rest of the books on the shelf to form the rest of the number. But the downside is you'll have them for the rest of the game if you don't put them on the shelf, and they're pointless. You should always put them on the shelf, even if you've already solved the puzzle.

Reading the code on the books (Easy, Normal) may be difficult because some numbers are usually in the cracks between the books and are hard to read. The number is random each time so don't expect it to be so easy. But if on Hard Riddle Level, you won't have this problem.

Once you have the code, keep moving along the walkway and go behind the counter. Get the Handgun Bullets on the counter and try to open the door. There's a keypad. Use the code you got from the Shakespeare books. The door will unlock; go through it. There will be a cutscene when you go in this hallway and you meet a woman named Claudia.

Claudia seems strange and leaves you after making Heather go through some pain. After the cut scene, you're alone in the hallway. Every single door in this hallway has a broken lock. So head south and enter the elevator. Once inside, you'll find no controls for the elevator, oddly enough. The elevator starts to go down. Some static is heard in the elevator, similar to something in Silent Hill 2...

Something red falls from the top of the elevator. Pick up the Radio that fell and Heather will explain that the radio was making the noise. When you pick up the radio, the elevator doors will open. Walk out of the elevator and walk into dark, freaky area ahead. The door shuts behind and it seems to be another elevator. After it reaches the bottom and you're out of the elevator, it seems to be different.


"Not even a kid could believe in this. But when am I going to wake up?"

You appear to be on 1F in this new area. You can hear some monsters in the area. There are four Double Heads here so watch out. You can put some Beef Jerky on the ground, kill them separately with the Knife, or use the ammo you have for the Handgun. The best thing to do is neither but you can put Beef Jerky down to distract them if you like. If one is bothering you, go ahead and kill it; but try to keep running if there's more than one.

This place is a little dark now so you'll need to find a light source. There are no open doors in the east section of this hallway, so make your way to the west side and enter the room right in front of you after coming from the east section of the hallway (the room second from the bottom left of your map). This room appears to be an Infirmary so you've come to the right place for health. Check out the shelves near the doors to find 3 Health Drinks. On the desk, you'll find an Ampule. On the bed behind the desk is a Save Point. Once you're done here, exit the room.

Now head north in the corridor and head for the door at the top of this corridor on your map. On your way, you'll find one or two Double Heads chomping on some meat. Run quickly against the other wall and they shouldn't chase you. Go through the door at the end of the hallway. You can go through one of the mall doors in this area but you need to get some items first. There are three Closers in this area. Two to the east and one in the middle of the hallway where you want to go. Head north up the upside down "T" hallway, dodging the Closer. Find the door at the end of the hall and go through the next door on the same side.

In this room, move towards the far corner and you'll find 2 packs of Handgun Bullets on the shelf, as well as a First-Aid Kit. Head back for the door but do not exit. You'll find a memo on the wall near the door. It pretty much says to turn off the light before you leave. So examine the light switch and turn it off. You'll notice the room isn't fully dark just yet. If you turn to the left you'll notice some glow between some boxes. Go over to it and get the Flashlight.

You don't need to turn off the light, you can just get the Flashlight by examining the boxes - that's how I did it my first time. When you're done, exit the room. Now you have a light source and you can see much easier. Enter the Women's Washroom just beside the Flashlight room. Get the Bleach on the counter. This item will not be here on Easy Riddle Level and you won't need it.

Now knock on the only fully closed stall by pressing X and walk away. You can hear the stall door opening; go back and check it out to find... Blood everywhere. There's also something else you can do in here.


If you have a Silent Hill 2 save on your memory card with the game beaten at least once, you can experience extra scenes and references to Silent Hill 2. There is one in the area you're in right now:

You can examine the toilet with no blood on it and you will be asked if you want to remove the blockage. If you say "Yes", Heather will bend down, ready to pull it off and then wimp out. She says some funny things afterwards.

After done in the washroom, exit the room and move east down this hallway and go under the indented shutter that isn't fully closed. In this area, there is a Closer and a Double Head. The Double Head shouldn't attack you if you stay by the shutter. Kill them both if you have the ammo and you feel like it. After you kill them or if you haven't, run south down this area and enter the sports store, under the shutter, where you found the Handgun in earlier. But this time it's different.

Once inside, look to your left and get the Hanger on the clothes rack near the door. Then head towards the camera and get the Bulletproof Vest on the other clothes rack. If you try to open the other door in this room, it has a broken lock and you'll hear a noise from somewhere, like a shelf falling. But nothing appears to be different; exit the room. When you come back out, there will be another Closer. Just ignore it and go back under the shutter you first came from. Head west back down this hallway and then south until you reach the bottom of the upside down "T" hallway. Now enter the store at the north-west part of this south-west area through its door (the store furthest to the left on your map at the top section).

Go to the middle of this room for a wicked camera angle of a ladder above you. Go to other side of the table for another view. Heather claims she can't reach it even from the table. She mentions that if only she had something long to snag it. Go in the menu and use the Hanger. Heather will go on the table, make it long and then try a few times and get it on the fourth try, and pull it down. Now go up the ladder to 2F - you'll have to move up some of the ladders manually.

Up here, you can find some corpses on stretchers, oddly enough. From your map, head south, past the escalators and examine the TV with the snow. If you've played Silent Hill, you'll find this familiar. Past this TV, further south is another TV with a Save Point on it. Head back north and enter the shop by the first TV.

Inside here you'll find three Numb Bodies. You should have around 50 Handgun bullets so use some here if you like, but don't get used to it, Rambo. You can just run past them if you like, and get the Health Drink and the Handgun Bullets on the counter and exit this shop via the other door, unlocking it first. Out here, you can hear a monster; it's a Closer. It's south of you; just forget about it now and head south. The door furthest to the east is locked, so keep heading south, past the Closer, and enter the shop at the south-west part of this corridor.

In this shop, move forward and get the Walnut on the cushion in the smashed display case. If you examine the jewellery in the other smashed display case, Heather says there was a silver ring last time she came in and it's gone now. Once you're done, exit the room through the other door. You're done on 2F for now so head north up the hallway past the TVs and go up to 3F via the east escalators because you can't access 1F from here - the escalators are apart from the ground on 1F.

On 3F, climb up the rest of the escalator and at the top, there will be a Closer there. A Double Head should come up from somewhere. Try to ignore them and quickly go through the double doors to the right, after the escalator, and you'll be in a restaurant. Find your way to the middle of the room to find a cooked dog on a plate with other food. It's not a Double Head and it's no enemy so don't expect it to get up. Examine the cooked dog to find a Cooked Key in its stomach. Go over to the south-east corner of the room and get the First-Aid Kit and the Health Drink on the shelf and exit the restaurant.

There is a locked door to the east and at the north part of this corridor is an open Women's Washroom, but there's nothing you can take inside. So head back down to 2F, remembering you got a key. Down on 2F, enter the shop by the TV with snow and use it to pass through to the other corridor. Find the door that's furthest to the east on your map, which is locked and named Café Turn Mill. Go through the door and you'll use the Cooked Key. On the shelf beside you, you'll find 2 Health Drinks. Go past the shelf and you'll see something of interest. Examine the pipes by the steam to get the Steel Pipe.

The Steel Pipe is a great melee weapon so equip and use it for further enemy confrontations. Find the double doors in the room and exit the Café. Out the door, you can hear some Numb Bodies. Head north and kill the Numb Body about halfway there with the Steel Pipe. There's another Number Body in this area, so hunt him down and give him some whacks to finish him off. There's a locked door at the east section of this area but you don't have a key for it. Find the pale orange double doors in the south-east section of this area and go through them.

You're now in what's left of Helen's Bakery. Head to Heather's right and go through the doorway to find a cart. Get the Detergent (this item isn't here on Easy Riddle Level and it isn't needed) on the cart and exit the "baked" bakery through the other door. Head south down this corridor to find a fan. Konami seems to love fans in the Silent Hill series. Examine the fan switch and turn it off. Then go through the door on your left.

If you try to go down this hallway, you'll find that it's blocked by some mysterious small flying creatures and Heather loses very little health when you touch them and she backs off (on Easy Riddle Level, there will be nothing here and you can just continue on). You can't go through the hallway like this so go back to the door and stand in front of the convenient empty bucket. Go in the menu and combine the Bleach and the Detergent and use them. Heather will pour them into the bucket and then the chlorine gas seems to go in Heather's eyes or something and she goes through the door behind her. To mix the stuff around, turn on the fan and go back through the door or Heather won't go through the door. Continue past the bucket and the empty bottles, past the dead insects on the ground, and enter the room far down the corridor beside the stairs.

On the shelf to the left you'll find 3 packs of Handgun Bullets and to the right on some boxes is some Beef Jerky. Exit the room and head north, and then enter the shop with the pale orange door at the northeast part of the corridor. Inside this shop is a Closer. If you have plenty of ammo, kill it if you want, but you don't need to. Just run past it and go through the double doors behind it.

Out here you can hear some Pendulums. Don't waste your time killing them and try to stay away from them. Head west in this area, and past halfway you should find a Double Head. Ignore it and enter the shop near it, which is at the north part of this area, about 3/4 to the west in this area. On the table to your right, you'll find a vice that you can use to crack open something; just what you need. Go in the menu and use the Walnut. After cracking it open, you'll get a Moonstone.

On the wall at the other side of this room is a Save Point. Once done here, exit the shop and head west, running away from the Double Head. On the way, you'll find another Double Head eating some meat. Keep running and unlock the door at the north-west part of this area and go through it. You can hear more Pendulums in this area; watch out and just try to get back to the Café at the south-west part of this area. You should pass a Numb Body on the way; ignore it and enter the Café.

Great, more Numb Bodies in here now. One's near you - find it and kill it with the Steel Pipe and find the next one behind the counter and do the same. Once this is done, exit Café Turn Mill through the other door. Find the door a little north-west of the Café and go through the shop as a passage to the other side. There will be three more Numb Bodies in the shop but just run past them and go through the other door. If you want to save your game, use the one on the TV here because a boss fight is coming up. Once ready, use the escalators to get up to 3F.

Head forward and use the Moonstone on the crest door, then go through it. Now you can see a ladder in front of you from the balcony and you need to get to it. If you didn't kill it earlier, you can hear a Numb Body on 2F and you can actually see it walking down there. Laugh at it and head to the east section of this area and go west on the ledge to find a ladder. Go on the ladder and start going down yourself until you get close to 1F, and it will show a cutscene of you climbing down to BF. Heather walks around the area and the ladder breaks! Guess you're stuck down here for now. Some noises are heard and the controller vibrates madly! A monster comes from a hall-type area and now it's time to fight it.


Equip your Handgun for this boss and if you haven't wasted any ammo yet, you should have 90 Handgun Bullets (on Normal Action Level). Wait for the Split Worm to come out, let him open its mouth and shoot it about 5 times until it closes it and goes back in the dirt. Wait for him to come out again, open its mouth and shoot it a few times. The Split Worm should go back in the dirt and he may come out from the other side of this area soon, so watch out and shoot its mouth. He should go back in again and come out from the same side but a different tunnel. Shoot him some more and the fight may be over here. After around 10-20 shots on Normal, the Split Worm should fall to the ground and the fight will be over.

You can tell where the Split Worm is going to come from by holding L2. The camera will focus on the tunnel the Split Worm is going to come out next. Do this and if you think you might be in the way, back away. The Split Worm has four types of attacks. One, he will bite you normally which is a pretty powerful attack, another one where it does a strange bite - This is the most powerful regular attack of the Split Worm. It can also hit you while you're moving; this won't do much and it can also smack itself on the ground, which does no damage; just stuns you rather. On Hard Action Level the Split Worm has an instant kill attack which will kill you, regardless of your health. It will roar before it does this so that's your warning.

This fight is fairly easy; don't expect other bosses to be this easy.


Once the fight is over, the mall then turns back to normal. Heather seems confused and looks like she has a headache. When you can play, find the shutter to the west that's not fully closed and go under it. Go down the hallway and enter Happy Burger, going under the shutter. On the desk to Heather's right is a Save Point. On the counter past the save point is a First-Aid Kit and to the left of it are 3 packs of Handgun Bullets. Go to the north-west corner of the restaurant and take the Beef Jerky on the stool. If you find the table where Heather was sleeping earlier, she makes some comments. Exit Happy Burger when you're done.

There are no other open doors in the corridor, besides the doors to the west where you would normally enter the mall. Go the doors and a cutscene will play. Douglas is out here and Heather gets all mad at him but he doesn't really understand. He tries to explain and then Heather goes down the stairs to enter the Subway for a ride home, thinking everything's normal.


"I'm taking the subway home."

You have no map for this area yet so use these directions for now: Follow the path around the corner, and then head right and through the door at the end. Move forward and turn left when you can. There is a map of the subway routes here but it's not a Subway Map. If you examine it Heather says her stop is Bergen Street on Platform 3. Continue past the Information sign and you can find a newspaper on the ticket machines. Read it and go to the left. Go through the passage to the right of the ticket booths to enter the east section of this floor.

Move forward and around the corner and get the Subway Map in the smashed map case.

Now use your map for compass directions. Go down the stairs just by the map when you're done up here.


First of all, this is optional; you don't have to do it and there's a chance of dying. If you don't want to do this, just continue from under this part. But there is Health Drink down on Platform 4, so go there for that if you like.

To do this, you must read two memos: The one on the Ticket Machine and the one on the ground in the three staircases area to Platform 4. From after you go down the stairs after getting the map, go south and down the west stairs. Read the memo on the ground and go down to Platform 4 via either of the two staircases going down. Head west and go near the tracks and a cutscene should play. Heather will be walking and then stops in front of the tracks. A ghost is heard and she gets pushed onto the tracks. A train horn is heard; quickly turn around and press X on the platform and climb back up.

If you try to go further along the tracks, you will just get hit by the train in a cutscene and the game is over. This extra cutscene only occurs if you read both memos mentioned above. After you're done, find the bench with the Health Drink on it and take it. After you've done this, go back up the stairs and then go up the staircase you came down in the first place.

From the stairs you came down after you got the map, turn right and go around the corner to find a Save Point on the wall. Save your game if you like and continue past it and go through the door. Once in here, go to your left to find some phones; go up to them and one will ring once. You don't need to do this though; head east now. Once you get to the end, head north and take the stairs down to Platform 1. There will be a Double Head near you down here - kill it if you have a lot of ammo. Head south and you'll find two more Double Heads on the grate floor covering the tracks.

Go down the stairs on the west side of this area. Go around the corner and take the 2 Health Drinks and the Handgun Bullets on the small table. You'll also find some blood and a newspaper covering a corpse, but nothing important, so head back up the stairs. Find the east stairs leading down and take them. Go around the left corner and get the Nutcracker on the small table. No, these aren't to crack the guy's nuts down the east stairs, they have an actual purpose. Go back up the stairs.

There will now be two more Double Heads up here if you killed them all previously. Make your way to the stairs you came down in the first place and go back up them to exit this area. Once up here again, head south and go towards Platform 2 to find a chain stuck to the door with a nut holding it. Go in the menu and use the Nutcracker and the chain will break, making the door open. Now go down the stairs to Platform 2.

Head south and you can see a train. Don't go in it yet; instead, go to the other end of it and enter it at the south. You may notice Heather's head turned somewhere. Find what she's looking at to see a handle coming out of a opened present box. Get the Shotgun inside. Don't use this yet, save it for later on in the game (I will specify when to use it). Head north in the Subway car and get the 2 packs of Shotgun Shells at the other end of the train. Go through the closest door to leave the train, hearing some static from your radio.

Waiting by the stairs you came down from earlier is a new monster - an Insane Cancer. It has too much health so just run past it, staying to the left and not going up the stairs. Go down the other stairs behind the stairs leading up. Go around the corner at the bottom of the stairs and head north. You can go down to Platform 4 but all you'll find are three Double Heads, which is just a waste of time. Continue north and go down the Platform 3 stairs.

Head east on Platform 3 until you get the view of the door on the tracks with the red glow above it. That's where you want to go and you need to do it fast. Keep in mind, the door has a broken lock so you must run back and get back on the platform fast. Once you're ready, fall on the tracks and run for the door and try to open it. Stay close to the left; if you go too far to the right, you will die in a cutscene of a train hitting you. After you try to open the door, run back and dodge the Double Head that just appeared here, along with the other two Double Heads. Run to a close spot where you can climb back up and press X and a cutscene will play.

The train will come but Heather makes it back on the platform and the three Double Heads get killed by the subway car. Put an evil grin on your face, imagining the Double Heads getting nailed. The Subway train will stop and a door will open at the other end. That's where you want to go. As the radio static fades away, head west past the stairs, unlock the gate door and go through it. There are two Double Heads here; just run past them and continue west, then go up the stairs at the end.

Just hold forward and go down the stairs in front of you. Thankfully no enemies are here so grab the Health Drink on the first bench and go towards the end of the train for a nice view of the open door. Walk into the Subway car and a cutscene will play. The doors will shut behind you and Heather bangs on the door as the Subway Train leaves the platform.

Subway Car 1

You can see some blood on the ground ahead, but even more interesting, turn around and go through the door to go on the back of the subway train. This is an amazing view! Whatever you do, do not move forward at all, even one step. It will show you falling off in the first person and you'll die. After enjoying the view, press L1 and R1 simultaneously to turn around and go back in the subway car. Go forward and you'll find a Save Point on the floor. Continue to the next door and enter the next car.

Subway Car 2

In this car, you'll find a medium-sized Numb Body and a small one. Kill them with the Steel Pipe. If you go back through the door you came from, you'll be on the back of the train, just like in the other subway car. The cars appear to be falling off as you go to the next one. Go back inside and enter the next subway car.

Subway Car 3

No lights on in this one, no enemies either. Make your way to the end and enter the next subway car.

Subway Car 4

In here you'll find a large sized Numb Body. Kill it with the Steel Pipe. Behind it is a small one; do the same and enter the next subway car.

Subway Car 5

Run down the car to about half way and get the First-Aid Kit and the Shotgun Shells on the left sitting bench and enter the next subway car.

Subway Car 6

Nothing in this subway car, make your way to the end and enter the next one.

Subway Car 7

There's an Insane Cancer in this car, but it's lying on the ground. Take advantage of this and run past it and enter the next car.

Subway Car 8

Nothing here, make your way to the end and enter the next subway car.

Subway Car 9

There will be a cutscene in this car of Heather walking and it will come to a halt, causing Heather to fall. When you can play, find the exit and examine the door that would lead to the next car. Heather says there are no more cars and the conductor must've already gone on. Or maybe there was no conductor... Leave the train.

After leaving the train, there is a Save Point on the wall. You are on an unknown station platform so let's find out where you are. Head to the left and go through the blue door.


"A wheelchair? Why would a wheelchair be thrown out here?"

Once you go through the blue door, go down the stairs and go right at the bottom. When you finally reach the large door, go through it. There's a Numb Body near you and two Pendulums in the area as well. You can kill them if you want, but it may be difficult to them all near you. So run past them to the left and when you reach the blue door on the right, go through it. Once in here, you can hear some Numb Bodies. One is down the hall - kill it with the Steel Pipe. There is another Numb Body down the hall to the left, but you don't need to go there.

There is a corridor you can enter here, but it only has two Numb Bodies in it. So go through the blue door on your right, after you've killed the Numb Body mentioned above in the previous paragraph. Run forward for a while, and then to your left there are three Numb Bodies. If you have the skill with the Steel Pipe, kill them all. Or just run past them and go through the blue door.

On the chalkboard to the left, you can find the Underpass Map.

To the right of the map is a Maul - take it. There is blood all over this wall and on the ground - the Maul was possibly involved. Leave this area through the blue door to the right of the safety helmets and use your map for the compass directions that will now be used. Head south to find a large Numb Body. Behind it is a small Numb Body, kill them both with the Steel Pipe and continue south.

You'll find another small Numb Body to the south. Kill it and enter the hallway to the west. Head west down the hallway and examine the wine rack to get the Wine Bottle. To the right of it on a box you'll find some more Beef Jerky. Turn around and head back east and go back through the door. If you killed the Numb Bodies before, there will be two more out here for you. Kill them if you wish and go south, then west down the hallway at the end.

Take the Shotgun Shells on the barrel and go back east and then north. When you reach it, go east down the hallway and through the large door. You can hear some Pendulums in the distance, unfortunately. Check your map and find the only other door in this area - that's where you want to go. Run east down the hallway for a while, then run between the two Pendulums and go through the blue door (there's another Pendulum past the two by the door, but it doesn't matter}.

In this hallway, there's something that looks like a metal pipe on the ground near you and there's another one at the end - they're nothing important. Run north down this long hallway and go through the blue door at the end. Now go east in this hallway, then south after the corner and through the large door. South, you will find two large Numb Bodies - kill them with the Steel Pipe and go west in the 2nd hallway - the one closest to the south - and enter the room. On the desk in front of you, get the Handgun Bullets and Shotgun Shells. On another side of the desk, you can find 2 Health Drinks. On the north wall is a Save Point.

Beside the save point is a heater - there's some kerosene in it. Use the Wine Bottle from the menu and you'll get an Oil-Filled Bottle. Exit the room and you'll hear more Numb Bodies. Go west and kill the Numb Body there with the Steel Pipe. Two more Numb Bodies should come from the left; kill them too. Now take the north hallway by going east down it and enter the room. At the north section of this room there's a ladder leading down, but the area down there is filled up with water.

Find the machine in the room with the open tank and use the Oil-Filled Bottle to fill up the machine with kerosene. Find the switch to the far right - examine it and turn the machine on by selecting "Yes". After the cut scene of the machine working, go back to the ladder and go down it. Locate the stairs and go up. Then go up the metal staircase and go through the blue door. Go east, over the bridge, and then down the stairs after the flat ground, and go through the blue door at the bottom.

Stay on this side of the sewer and head south. You'll encounter a large Numb Body. Either beat it to death with the Steel Pipe or fall into the sewage water and climb back up after you pass it. When you finally reach the blue door on the west side, go through it. Climb up the stairs and continue down the hallway, over the bridge to see a Slurper in the water below, and then go through the blue door at the end. In this room, go to the chair and get the Dryer. On the shelf to the right and ahead of Heather is an Ampule.

Oddly enough, there's a busted wheelchair in one of the bins filled with junk from the sewers. There's also a radio in one. Anyway, exit the room and go all the way back to the sewer water area. This time you'll notice that the Slurper under the bridge is gone. Once back in this area, go through the large door in front of you however you like. Head east to discover a large Numb Body and two small ones. Either kill them with the Steel Pipe or run past them and go through the blue door at the northeast area of this place.

To the left on the ground is a Save Point. There's a Health Drink on the desk, and at the far side of the desk is a memo about a monster in the water past the door you haven't gone through yet. The author of the memo says "If only I had a hand grenade..." You won't find a hand grenade but you've got something that will work. There's a Danger sign by the door - when you're ready, go out the door.

Out here you'll find a bloody walkway - whatever you do, do not cross it yet; you will die! Go over to the outlet beside the door you came from and use your Dryer from the menu. Heather will throw it in the water and it will kill the monster -- you can see one of its tentacles come up to the surface.


In an Extra New Game, press X by the water and you will be asked if you want to drop your Steel Pipe into the water (if you're using it, equip another weapon). Select "Yes" and a woman will come up and ask you three questions. Answer honestly, saying No, No, Yes, and you'll get both the Gold Pipe and Silver Pipe, and you'll get back your Steel Pipe as well. These pipes are no stronger than the normal Steel Pipe and using them will just lower your ranking.

Whatever you do, do not throw in any Pipes again or you will permanently lose them.
Go across the now safe walkway and go through the bloody exit door at the other side. In here, head south and go through the blue door. There are four Pendulums in this area; try to ignore them. From the blue door, fall into the water and climb up the other side. Head south, ignoring the two Pendulums at the end of the south, and head west down the hallway and through the blue door at the end. Go down the stairs, down the hallway, up the next stairs, and through the blue door. Locate the metal staircase and go up it. Move up the ladder at the top that leads to outside.


Head to the left and around the right corner. Move around the next corner to find a Save Point on the barrel ahead. Find the double doors and go through them to enter the Construction Site.


"Lots of empty bottles and cans. It looks like somebody was living here."

Once inside, go around the left corner and keep going until you reach the white door at the end, and go through it. Go up the stairs until you reach 5F, and go through the door. You can't enter 3F and 4F for safety's sake and the 2F door has a broken lock. Go straight down the 5F hall, past the open washroom, and through the green door on the right side. Go straight and go around the corner to notice a section of the wall that's different from the rest, just like in MGS1. Equip the Maul or another melee weapon and use it to break the wall. You can use a gun but it just wastes ammo.

After the wall breaks, take the Silencer on the ground. The Silencer can be equipped with the Handgun or the Submachine Gun. It prevents enemies from knowing exactly where you are, but it weakens the power. You can see some legs in the wall -- it appears that Solid Snake was doing some business here and he forgot his Silencer, possibly for his SOCOM. Turn around and get the Handgun Bullets on the box with boards on it and examine the bed. You will be asked if you want to drop the bed down the hole -- select "Yes."

Go around to the other side of the hole and get the Health Drink on the boards, then fall down the hole -- don't worry, it's okay. You'll land two stories below on the mattress. Find the broken wall in the area and go through it, onto the scaffold outside. Out here there will be two Pendulums; one on each side of you. Kill the one to Heather's left with the Handgun or Shotgun and continue that way. Go around the corner and keep running to get a view from a window -- go through the window into the adjacent office building.


"This box is filled with mannequin heads. I think I'll pass on this one."

You appear to be in an interview room or something, but nothing important is in here, so exit the room through the brown door. Follow the corridor to the other end and go through the open door beside the boxes. Move between the shelves to find only one mannequin with a head; examine it then go back and navigate yourself to the other side of the shelves for a sudden noise. But first, get the Handgun Bullets and the Shotgun Bullets on the box on the shelf under the mannequin. Go back to see what happened and then exit the room.

Go around the left corner and go through the first door on the right. Around the left corner are two Double Heads. Kill them with the Steel Pipe and find the elevator with the doors slightly open. You can't do anything yet but this is where you want to go later. Find the door you came through and turn around, head straight and go through the door into Monica's Dance Studio.

The door on Heather's left just leads to two Double Heads and an Insane Cancer in, so don't go in there unless you feel the sudden urge to be eaten. Go through the other door in the view. Locate the small table by the two chairs and take the Office Building Map.

On the wall to the right is a Save Point. You can also find a drawer in the desk that is slightly open and you can see some rope inside. On Easy Riddle Level the drawer is open, so if you can, get the Rope. When you're done, exit the room for now.

Check your map and enter the south-east room in this corridor. In this room, move forward and take the two Health Drinks in the locker. Exit the room and reenter the middle corridor on your map. Head west and then north when you can, and enter the stairwell with the "EXIT" sign above it. Go up to 5F and go through the stairwell door there.

Find the KMN Auto Parts door in the south-west area of this corridor and go through it. Make your way down the hallway and kill the Numb Body there with the Steel Pipe. Two more will come, kill them too. The door to the left of the red light just has an Insane Cancer in it, so head north a little and then enter the first room on your left. On the desk in front of you to the left is a Health Drink. Make your way to the south-west part of this room and get the Jack on the shelf. Exit the room and unlock the door in front of you and go through it.

Note: If playing on Easy Action Level you can just go back down to 3F and use the Jack and the Rope to get down to 2F via the elevator shaft. But getting the Katana is recommended. Use the instructions below to get the Katana, skipping the Screwdriver part because it won't be there.

Head east and enter the Gallery of Fine Arts on your left, through the double doors. Go to the north part of the room to find a missing painting with the caption "Flame Purifies All". Forget about for now and go through the door beside the office door. Go north up the corridor and get the Screwdriver on the box (this item is only here on Normal and higher Action Levels). Then head south down the corridor and enter the room on the right from the ground view. Move forward and take the awesome Katana on the shelf. There's another one there but Heather claims it will just slow her down if she takes it.

Exit the room and pass through the painting gallery to get back to the main corridor. Enter the stairwell and go back down to the main 3F corridor. Check your map and head to the "Drawer" room (if you don't have it marked it's the first door on the east side of the Monica's Dance Studio area). Go up to the drawer in the back desk and use the Screwdriver from the menu.

Heather will pry open the drawer. Get the Rope and exit the room. Enter the main corridor again and locate the elevator with the slightly open doors. Go in the menu and use the Jack. Return to the menu and use the Rope. You will then be asked if you want to use the rope to get to downstairs -- select "Yes".

You are now on 2F; navigate yourself to the north part of your map to find a Save Point on a vending machine. Turn around and head south and then west, and go through the door in front of you to the right a little. Head towards the camera and pick up the Beef Jerky on the floor. Then go through the door to the right of Heather. Make your way past the washroom set to the other door in the area and go through it.

There appears to be another bathtub in this area. Go behind it for a cool view and examine the knobs. Heather will turn one in a cutscene and something mysterious happens. The area turns into the "Nightmare" version right before Heather's eyes. When the screen fades black you'll hear a familiar voice.


"Oh, it gets to me all right. I find it most fascinating."

Go around the bathtub and go through the orange door in the room. Ahead of you is a costume hanging by some scissors, and it looks similar to Pyramid Head's costume from SH2. Find the other door in the room and go through it. Out in this hall, there will be a Slurper in front of you. If you want to kill it, use the Shotgun and don't fall for its playing dead trick -- it's dead when blood pours out.

Go north from the door you came out and go through the door there. Find the table for a strange memo and a picture of Heather. There is a Save Point on the wall; use it if you want to. Then enter the room with the room name "Examination Room" beside it. Inside, you will meet someone new. Heather will exit the room through another door in the room after a while.

Examine the shelf beside you and take the Oxydol. Also, take the two First-Aid Kits and the Health Drink. Read the memo on the desk. It won't really make much sense to you now, so exit the room through the west door, unlocking it first, because Heather won't go back through the north door because of Vincent. Exit this area to the main corridor.

Make your way to the elevators and kill the two Double Heads there with the Katana. Then enter the east elevator and go down to 1F. If you try to go north to the exit of the building, you'll find a messed up monster blocking the way. You can't kill it with weapons or anything; read the memo on the ground near it to understand what's going on. It appears to be a fairy tale book and the whole thing isn't here. Enter the Last Drop Café through one of the doors in the south-east part of the corridor.

In here you'll find an Insane Cancer lying down. You can kill it with the Shotgun if you want, but you can be quick in this area and get what you need without getting hit. Get the Shotgun Shells on the table beside the monster and examine the fridge by the counter to get the Pork Liver. An odd item but it may come in useful. Head back towards the door - foolishly enough, Heather doesn't take any of the cash on the counter so exit the room. The east door in this corridor is locked, so get back in the elevator. The 3F button doesn't work and all you'll find on 4F are two locked doors and some holes in the ground, so go up to 5F.

The only place you can go in this corridor is through the west door, so do so. Around the south corner are two Slurpers. Run past them and enter the south-west room on your map. Get the two packs of Handgun Bullets on the table and take the Matchbook on the other side; then exit the room. The other room here just has a fence blocking two Slurpers from getting to you so head east down the corridor to find a glass wall with a wheelchair behind it (Session 9 reference). Go through the nearby door with the blue light above it.

Enter the gallery through the door in front of you to the right a little. On the wall in the screen is a Save Point. Make your way to the north part of the room and you'll notice that the missing painting from before is now here. There's a bucket in front of the painting, and the caption reads "Flame Purifies All" -- let's make a flame. Go into your inventory and combine and use the Oxydol, Pork Liver and Matchbook. The painting will set on fire and a small set of double doors will be revealed; go through them.

Look to the right and move down the stairs (you are now on 4F). You can find some more pages about the fairy tale on the desk here but you have yet to find the end of the story. Go through the door down the stairs and start moving south down the corridor. You'll encounter three naughty Slurpers around the first corner and another one further down the corridor! Unlock the door leading to the main corridor but don't go through it; go south and enter the south-east room on your map. Locate the bed in the area to find some blood under it, and furthermore, some items on it. A Slurper will dash out from under the bed -- it doesn't have much health so kill it with the Handgun or Shotgun. Get the Handgun Bullets and the First-Aid Kit on the bed and leave the room.

Head west and go through the door there, leading to the west corridor. Move west and then north up the corridor. Unlock the door with the blue light above it and move to the west. You will encounter a Slurper and two Double Heads in the corridor that may attack you. Try to just run past them and enter the room and the end of the corridor. Examine the coins on the desk to get a Silver Coin.

Head over to the northeast part of the room to find a memo on the wall next to the vending machine. Use the Silver Coin on the vending machine. Heather gets an empty can with something inside making a noise. She will open and shake it. You'll get the Life Insurance Key. If only all life insurance came in cans... Exit the room and there will be another Slurper in the corridor. Run past it and go through the door leading to the main corridor, unlocking it first, and then enter the elevator and go down to 1F again.

Go to the south-west part of this corridor and go through the door there. Follow the corridor south and then west, to encounter two Slurpers eating some meat. Take advantage of this and enter the room with them. As you can see, the people that were in this room seem to have run out of life insurance. You can never have enough! You can find the end of the fairy tale on the bloody table. Heather will say "Tu fui, ego eris" after seeing it in the story and she'll hear a monster noise -- how come she doesn't comment on other monster noises? Exit the bloody room and exit to the main corridor.

Move and you can see that the Glutton is gone! Exit this nightmarish office building through the double doors.


You will be on the streets now. Turn left and go that way, which is west, but you don't have a map of this area anyway. Go past some cars, and then after the cop car turn left (south) and go down the alley. Then turn right (west) and go up the stairs ahead and enter Daisy Villa Apartments.


"I'll be waiting, where all begins. In the town of Silent Hill."

You can only go in your room, for now, so you have to find it. Go down the apartment hallway. When you reach the elevator, go to the right a little after to find a Save Point on the cork board. I'd recommend you save your game because a boss fight is coming up very soon.


If you have a Silent Hill 2 save on your memory card with the game beaten at least once, you can experience extra scenes and references to Silent Hill 2. There is one in the area you're in right now:

By the save point on the other side of the wall are some mailboxes. Heather will say "The mailbox is empty" when you examine them. She will say some more things if you keep reading that are significant to Silent Hill 2.

Continue down the hall until the view changes -- this is your place. Enter Heather's apartment, using the House Key. There's a cut scene in here and I don't want to ruin anything for you so see it for yourself because it is a very important scene. After the cut-scene Heather will run up to the roof of the apartment building. Claudia is there. After the conversation is over you'll have to fight a boss.


Equip the Shotgun and the Bulletproof Vest for this battle. The vest will slow you down but it will prevent some damage -- choose whether to use it or not. If you shoot the Missionary as it comes towards you, it will impact it a bit. You'll hear the sound of metal (bullets hitting the blades) when you shoot -- the Missionary blocks the shrapnel from the Shotgun. So you'll have to go for shots from behind or the side.

This monster likes to run around a lot and can attack while doing so. Strafing comes in handy. After shooting the Missionary from the side or back once or twice, it should fall to the ground, but it's not dead yet. While it's on the ground shoot it some more and then it will get up again and run around some more. Hold L2 to keep the Missionary in your view. When it comes for you again, dodge it and blast it from behind. When it gets blown down to the floor again, shoot it some more.

Try to use the strafing buttons in this fight if you need to get out of the way of an attack. The Missionary has eight types of attacks. Some are a thrust, a cut while it's running, and an attack while getting up from the ground. All these can be with its blade or its handle on its arms. It can also do a swing attack and a counter attack. Try not to let the Missionary get too close to you. The Shotgun should help with that as it blasts the Missionary away.

This monster can deflect some attacks and melee weapons aren't too great. Try to reload in the menu when you need to. You can switch to the Handgun if you like, but it's very weak. However, if you equip the Silencer, you can shoot the Missionary from the front and he won't deflect the bullets. This is very useful, especially if you don't have many Shotgun Shells.

To get behind the monster, what you should do is unequip the Bulletproof Vest and let the Missionary come towards you. Then run out of the way using the normal movement controls or the strafe buttons, and then blast the Missionary from behind. Attacks from behind are very effective because no shrapnel is blocked -- it all hits the meat. After the Missionary falls down at least four times on normal, the fight will be over. It should take around ten good Shotgun blasts -- try to attack from behind for best results.

After the fight, Heather will go back down to her apartment and Douglas is there. She tells him to leave and he says he will and he does, but he's in another scene with Heather. Heather wants to go to Silent Hill because Claudia said she'd be waiting there. Douglas offers to drive Heather there and says he'll be waiting at the back of the apartment. When you can play, exit the room through the closed white door near you. Go forward and go through the door directly in front of you.

This is Heather's room. Get the Stun Gun and the 2 Stun Gun Batteries in her dresser in front of you to the right. Exit the room and exit the apartment room through the brown door ahead of you to the left. Go to Heather's right, turn left past the save point and go through the door. Outside, Douglas says he just met Vincent and he told him to look for a guy named Leonard in Silent Hill and has a map for you. Douglas also gives Heather a book her dad was holding. They get in the car and head to Silent Hill. There will be a very long cut-scene on the way and more of the story is explained and is very important, so watch it.


"I'm going to Silent Hill."

After the cut-scene in the motel room, you have to get to the hospital. Beside the TV ahead of you is a Save Point. In your inventory, you have a new item, Dad's Notebook, and you have a Silent Hill Map. And if you check your map you can see you're in Jack's Inn; exit the motel room.

There's a lot of fog out here and it's hard to see. Head north and exit the motel compound. Heather won't let herself go too far east and Munson Street is blocked at the intersection with Nathan Avenue.

Start going west and you'll encounter a Double Head. Kill it with the Katana if you want but you can easily outrun it - that's if it even tries to chase you. Continue west and you may encounter another Double Head. Kill or ignore it and continue west on Nathan Avenue. There will be two Pendulums by Texxon Gas but try to run past them. Pete's Bowl-O-Rama won't open and you can't go too far west down Nathan from here, so head south down Carroll Street. Stay on the west side against the wall, and when the view changes by Heaven's Night, go west and up the stairs of Heaven's Night and enter it.

Inside Heaven's Night, get the First-Aid Kit and the Beef Jerky on the table to Heather's left. On one of the round tables is a tourism pamphlet. It's exactly like the one in Room 104 of Wood Side Apartments from Silent Hill 2. On the bar, you can find some Shotgun Shells.


If you have a Silent Hill 2 save on your memory card with the game beaten at least once, you can experience extra scenes and references to Silent Hill 2. There is one in the area you're in right now:

On the stage near the green door is a poster of Maria from Silent Hill 2. But she has long black hair. Her hair was probably dyed blonde in Silent Hill 2.
There isn't anything else to do here so exit Heaven's Night from where you came in. Go down the stairs and exit the alley and then continue going south down Carroll Street. You will encounter two Pendulums on the way -- just run past them. When you finally reach the hospital you can hear a Double Head, and it may come towards you. Kill it with the Katana if you want. There's also a Pendulum and another Double Head near you too, but just forget them and enter the hospital through the double doors.

End of Part 1

Please note that these walkthroughs are all available on the internet, but I was given permission by the owner of to use them. Thanks knwlss