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Silent Hill 2: Walkthrough PART ONE


"In my restless dreams, I see that town. Silent Hill"

When you start, a video will play. After it's over, check your inventory to find that you have a Letter from Mary and a Photo of Mary. If you ever examine these items, you'll have a less chance of receiving a certain ending. Do whatever you want but you can check the Endings section for more information.

Exit the washroom and another video will play. After it's over, run over to the driver's side of James' blue car and take the Map of Silent Hill on the seat. Then run west until you see "Toluca Lake" on a sign by some stairs. The road to the west is blocked so go down these stairs. Keep following the path until you reach well. If you examine the well, you can find a Save Point inside it. Go through the steel gate further down

Follow the path and it will diverge into a graveyard. Head towards the graves and James will meet a young dark-haired woman and asks for directions to Silent Hill. She tells James the town in dangerous but he doesn't care and that he'll go anyway. From now and on, use your map to know where you go. After the video is over, head to the north-west gate in the corner and go through it. Now follow this path for a while and then you'll need to go through a gate near the fenced area. Now you're on Wiltse Road so continue all the way to Sanders Street. When you reach Sanders Street, head to the other side of the road and move east past the Flower Shop. Grab the First-Aid Kit on the table run west to Lindsey Street.

James finds some blood streaks on the road and a monster is seen in the distance on Lindsey Street. If you want a Health Drink, there's one up some stairs at the south-west corner of Sanders and Lindsey Street. Head north on Lindsey Street on the east sidewalk since Katz Street is blocked off. Get the Health Drink sitting by the garage door and continue to Vachss Road, where blood streaks are seen again. There's another Health Drink by another garage door on Lindsey Street, past the opening of Vachss. Move east down Vachss and enter the fenced area to find 2 Health Drinks and a Save Point on a table. Exit the area and continue down Vachss Road, past a gate, until you reach a construction site where some weird static is heard; enter the site through the wood planks.

A video will play and James finds a Radio inside that seems to be making the racket. Then he sees a Patient Demon and takes a Wooden Plank from the barricade structure to fight it. From now and on, use the Wooden Plank until further notice. Now hold R2 and walk up to the demon, and then whack it with the X button until it falls down. James will confirm that the demon is killed. Exit the construction site and James will take out the radio, which then makes more static and a voice similar to Mary's is heard; but it's not very clear. Run back to Lindsey Street.

There are some more Patient Demons around here so just watch out. Feel free to practice your plank skills and kill them. Near the Katz and Lindsey Street intersection, you'll find a stone monument with partially readable words engraved into it. When you're done here, head to Katz Street to find that it's not blocked anymore.

What you want to do is to get to Rosewater Park but it won't be so easy. North Neely Street is blocked and west Katz Street is blocked off with a locked door, and there's a locked gate that leads to the apartments; so expect to go back there. Your next step is to try Saul Street. So head there, and if you want some health, there is a Health Drink past halfway down the south Martin Street/alley on the east side. You'll probably encounter an annoying Giant Roach and some Patient Demons by the alley though. Also be sure to pick up the First Aid-Kit at the east side of Happy Burger on the way to Saul.

Once at Saul Street, you'll notice that it's blocked off with a locked gate door, but there's a motorhome very close to it; so enter it. There is a memo saying "I'll wait at 'BAR Neely's'" on the couch, so that's your next destination. There's also a Save Point on the bed. Exit the motorhome through the left door and head to Neely's Bar. Once inside, look at the map on the counter and James will notice a question mark at the top of Martin Street. Read the strange message on the paper-covered window and exit the bar. Make your way to Martin Street past some Patient Demons and you'll here a Roach somewhere when you get there. Move north up the street, getting the Health Drink by the left fence on the way.

If you want a surprise, run right beside the white van. The Patient Demon will be moving on the ground for a while so just ignore it and move north to find a corpse where the question mark is. You can find an Apartment Gate Key right by the corpse. Finally, you have a key; there's a locked apartment gate at west Katz Street so head there.

On the way, you may want to head north up Neely Street for a corpse with six memos near it giving you tips on the monsters. There will also be Patient Demons moving on the ground there so kill them before reading the memos. At the corner of Katz and Neely Street, you can find a First-Aid Kit and a pack of Handgun Bullets. Continue west, past some enemies, until you reach the gate where the camera angle changes. Go through the gate door, using the Apartment Gate Key, and then enter the apartments in front of you, which is called Wood Side Apartments.


"You too, huh. Something just brought you here, right?"

When you enter, turn left and get the Map of the Apt Bldg on the bulletin board. There's a Save Point on the wall to the right and a Health Drink on the small brickwork by the stairs. The door leading to the courtyard is locked so go up to 2F. It's too dark here to read your map so head to the right, ignoring the north hallway, and when you reach the Patient Demon go through the door there, which should be Room 205.

Inside you'll notice light coming from a fashion dummy wearing clothes similar to Mary's. Grab the Flashlight on it and then a Mannequin monster will get up from behind it. Kill it if you want or just exit. Head back towards the stairwell, moving past a Patient Demon on the way, and go through the open blue doorway there. Examine the garbage shoot to find some stuck garbage in the shoot. You don't have anything for it now, so enter the stairwell and go up to 3F.

On the other side of the gate thing here, a key is seen. Try to grab it and a little girl will step on James' hand and kick the key away. She'll laugh and run away. Since you can't get the key now, enter the only open room up here, which is Room 301 at the end of the hallway. After you enter, walk up to the shopping cart in the middle of the room and take the Handgun (make sure your Flashlight is on so you can get it). Try not to use the Handgun yet, even if you have ammo for it. Exit the room and run back down to 2F.

Now head east and try to head north up the hallway and you'll hear a muffled scream. So head north, where it's coming from, and you will see a demon glowing red on the other side of the gate blockade! What is going on here!? Enter the close by Room 208 to find someone murdered sitting in a chair with the TV on. Notice something shining on the shelf and take the Key to Room 202. If you go through the doorway next to the shelf, you'll find a clock in an empty room. You can try to push it but it won't budge, so just exit the room.

The monster is gone now and since you have the key, head to Room 202 past a Patient Demon, using the Key to Room 202 to get inside. First, get the Health Drink on the kitchenette counter, then enter the open bedroom. Go up to the hole in the wall with green liquid coming out of it. Examine the hole to get the Clock Key. There's a clock in Room 208 so exit the room and run to Room 208 again. Go in the clock room, go up to the clock and use the Clock Key on the clock face.


First, there's a memo on the side of the clock that says:

"The scars from the past shall remove the nail that stops Time."

The idea is to move the clock out of the way but you can't so you have to do something. You'll need to find more clues. In the main section of this room, there's a memo by the phone on a small wall table. The memo is different depending on your riddle level:


"Three different sizes, time on the run.
Three young men circlin'
round the sun.
Henry is short and
very, very slow,
Scott can't stop,
he's always on the go."

The memo uses the names as the hands of the clock. So Henry would be the hour hand on the clock since he's "short and very, very slow" and Scott is obviously the second hand as "he's always on the go."


"Three needles stand of three different heights.
The fat, the tall and the thin.
From slow to fast they
move to the right.
Scott rests not on three,
but fifteen."

The "Three needles" are easy to understand. They are simply the hands on the clock. "The fat, the tall and the thin" - Hour, minute and second hands. "From slow to fast they move to the right" describes the order of the hands: Hour, Minute, Second.

There's also another way to tell the names of the hands and this is how you're sure who is the minute hand. Look at the first letter of each name:

(H) Henry - (H) Hours (M) Mildred - (M) Minutes (S) Scott - (S) Seconds

Go to the small room with the clock to find something written on the wall that the clock is facing. The memo has three names and directions for each of them. There are Henry and Scott from the other memo and Mildred. Mildred would be the minute hand since that's the last one left, and you determined that with the first letters of each name and hand. The arrows for each name are as follows:

Henry: 9 (9 hours) - hour hand Mildred: 2 (10 minutes) - minute hand
Scott: 3 (15 seconds) - second hand

So that leaves you with 9:10 and 15 seconds. But if you check the clock, you'll notice that the second-hand doesn't move and it's already on 15 seconds, so don't worry about that one.

You now have the solution so turn the clock hands to 9:10, and you should hear a clank. That would be the "nail that stops Time", from the memo, unlocking. You can now push the clock and move on. No matter what Riddle Level you're playing, the answer to this puzzle is always 9:10.

Now go to the right side of the clock and push it, for a hole to be revealed. Go through the hole to find yourself in Room 209. Enter the main section of the room to find a Save Point on a pushcart. Move into the kitchenette to find a Health Drink. Exit the room and go through the blue door, which is the north stairwell. Go up the stairs and get the Handgun Bullets placed on the ledge.

Go through the 3F door and go past a couple of doors with broken locks, then enter Room 307 to see a video of a pyramid-headed creature doing something with two Mannequins. James hides in a closet and fires at the monster when it comes close, which causes it to leave the room. After the video, get the Courtyard Key in the closet where James was hiding. Exit the room and head south past the Patient Demon to the end of the hall. Then move west and get the Fire Escape Key that the little girl kicked earlier.

Enter the laundry room to the left and get the Handgun Bullets on the floor. If you want some health and ammo, enter Room 303. There is a Patient Demon in the right room, but there are no items in there. Grab the First-Aid Kit on the left small cabinet in the main room. A pack of Handgun Bullets is on the bed in a room to the left, and a Health Drink is on the tipped over fridge in the kitchenette. Exit the room when you're done and enter the stairwell at the east end of the hall.

Go down to 1F and go down the open hallway. At the end, take the Canned Juice in front of Room 107. Go back and exit through the double doors, unlocking them first. Run west to the other double doors and go through them. Go up to 2F and go in the laundry room beside the stairway door. Go up to the garbage shoot and enter your inventory see if you have any heavy items. The Canned Juice should do, so use it and the garbage will be knocked down.

Go back down to 1F and exit through the lobby doors. Go to the bottom of the garbage shoot, which is around the corner to the right. Take the Coin [Old Man]. There is also a memo in the garbage. Study the memo, because later you will need to know something about it. Go back through the lobby doors and go through the courtyard door, using the Courtyard Key. Now is a good time to equip the Handgun as there will be more enemies here and in the near future than previously.

Check your map and head for the pool. The pool has no water in it so go to the edge and fall in. There are three Patient Demons in here that may drain your health. Kill the Patient Demons with the Handgun if you must, and go up to the baby carriage to find the Coin [Snake].

Once you have the coin, use the north-west steps to get out of the pool. Now enter the east door in the courtyard (not the door you came through, the other one). Move to the right, killing or moving past the two Patient Demons, and enter Room 101. You should hear someone vomiting, but check out the area first. You can find a bloody open fridge with some legs coming out of it in the kitchenette, and a pack of Handgun Bullets in the far right corner of the room. Enter the washroom, where the noise is coming from, and a video will play. James now meets Eddie. Although no key items are procured here, you must see Eddie or else you cannot continue further into the game later.

Exit the room after the video and if you want ammo, enter Room 104. Kill the Patient Demon in the room and grab the Handgun Bullets on the chair. Head back to the door and note the tourist pamphlet on the desk. Exit the room and head back to the main section of 2F. There are two ways: Up the stairwell right here and pass through Room 209 and 208, or head outside and through the other door and go up to 2F there. There's one last open room in Wood Side and it's Room 210. Go there if you want ammo.

If you enter Room 210, kill the Patient Demon in the main section of the room and take the Handgun Bullets on the small table. In right room, you can find more Handgun Bullets on the corner table. Exit the room and head back west all the way to the end of the hall and go through the door, using the Fire Escape Key. There is a window that leads to another apartment replacing the fire escape, so move on, leaving Wood Side.


"What did you say? How do you know that?" You are now in a bedroom in Room 203 of Blue Creek Apartments. Go to the washroom ahead and examine the toilet to find a memo in a wallet. Look at the memo and go to the living room of the apartment room to find a safe to the right. Go up to the safe and examine it.


The point of this puzzle is to open the safe with the combination in the wallet. You don't have to open the safe; it's an optional puzzle. But there is plenty of ammo inside. The puzzle is a bit different on certain Riddle Levels; rather the combo. So use the solution that matches your Riddle Level to complete the puzzle. But first, you may need to know some basics on how to use the safe. You get a memo with the combination on it. There are arrows that indicate which direction to turn after moving to each number (except for the last, of course). So you would move to the first number in whichever direction. After the first number, there are two right arrows. So that's the way you move the dial. But you must PRESS the direction it says, even though the dial will move the opposite way. You must do that to complete the puzzle.

Here, you get a simple combo with plain, old numbers. The code is random but here's an example of a code: 15 >> 8 << 12 >> 6. If this were your code, you would turn the dial in any direction to 15. Then you would press right to turn the dial until you reach 8. Now you would press left and stop at 12. And then finally, you would press right until you land at the final number, which is 6. But your code will most likely be something else, as it is random.

Okay, now you get a code with some normal numbers and some roman numerals. Remember the code is random and the following is just an example of a code: 11 >> X2 << 7 >> 3. If this were your code, you would turn the dial to 11. Then press right until you reach 12, which is X2 (X=10, +2=12). Now press left until 7. And finally, press right until you reach the final number, 3. There can be more than just the "X" roman numeral. There can also be "V", "VV", "XV", and "XX". And like above, there can also be roman numerals mixed with regular numbers such as "X5", "VV2", etc. In these cases you would add them together. "XV"=15, "VV2"=12, etc. You should know roman numerals, but if not: V is 5, X is 10. XV is 15, and XX is 20.

Here, it's very easy once you figure out what to do. In the memo, there are now letters of the alphabet, as well as normal numbers. The code is still random but here is an example of a code: 3 >> j << 4 << b. If this were your code, you would turn the dial to the first number, 3. Then you would press right until you reach 19. Then press left until 4. And finally, press right until you reach the final number, which is 11. You're probably wondering where the numbers "19" and "11" came from. The numbers in the
combination only go from 1-9. After that, letters take their place. The letters represent the number they are in the alphabet, plus 9. So a=10, b=11, c=12, and so on. So in the above example combination, "j" would be 19 (9+10), and "b" would be 11 (9+2). The safe numbers go from 1-20 so there can only be 11 possible letters for the combination, along with the 9 numbers. The number for each possible letter is below to save you some time.

a - 10, b - 11, c - 12, d - 13, e - 14, f - 15, g - 16, h - 17, i - 18, j - 19, k - 20

After you finish the safe combination puzzle, take the 4 boxes of Handgun Bullets inside the safe. Also, take the Health Drink on the counter of the kitchenette before leaving. Exit the room and to your left will be a Patient Demon. Ignore it and head right, looking for the glowing "EXIT" sign on the roof to locate the stairway door; enter the stairway. Get the Map of the West Apt. Bldg on the floor by the door to the left. Go down to 1F and go through the door in front of you to the right.

The sound of a Giant Roach is heard - if it comes near you, shoot it. Move left and go in the laundry room for a First-Aid Kit on a washing machine. Then enter Room 109 down the hallway, ignoring the Mannequin ahead. If the door won't open then you have missed something. If you haven't done so, you need to see Eddie in Room 101 1F in the north building of Wood Side Apartments.

When you're inside, find the couch and grab the Handgun Bullets. Then go through the white door and a video will play. James meets the dark-haired woman again and finds out that her name is Angela. She gives James her knife and leaves. If you check your inventory, you'll notice that you have Angela's Knife in there. You can examine it but if you ever do so during the game, it may influence which ending you receive at the end of the game. Examining the knife may lead to the sad ending so do as you wish. If you don't know whether to examine it or not, you can read the Endings section to figure out which ending you want to get. But I recommend you do what you want.

Take the Coin [Prisoner] on the nightstand and exit this room and Room 109 itself. Enter Room 105 and examine the secretarial puzzle desk.


The solution to this puzzle is different based on which Riddle difficulty you choose. When you examine the desk, it will tell you how the puzzle works. The solutions to this puzzle on each Riddle Level are listed below, as well as why they are the solution. But to understand the puzzle, you must know what is on each coin.

If you examine each coin, you'll notice that each have a picture on them:

Old Man - Picture of an old man; hence the name
Snake - Picture of a snake; hence the name
Prisoner - Picture of a lady


To the right is the lady. To the left is the old one.

In the centre draws the other.

Now just two spaces remain, But fear not for now,
The puzzle is done.
The puzzle is done.

Old Man, Empty, Snake, Empty, Prisoner

According to the memo, "To the right is the lady", which is the Prisoner. The "right" would be the slot at the right end. "To the left is the old one", which would be the Old Man in the left end slot. And "In the centre drawls the other", which would be the Snake. The rest of the riddle just tells you the puzzle is done because you only need three coins. Now that you have the solution, put the Coin [Old Man] in the left slot, the Coin [Snake] in the middle, and the Coin [Prisoner] in the right slot.


"Three bright coins in five holes be

At one end sits
the Seducer of she

The wind from behind
the woman doth play

The Formless One,
Null, lies furthest from they

The Old One beside
the Serpent sits not.

Tis to the Prisoner's left
that he doth rot"

Empty, Old Man, Prisoner, Empty, Snake

The first sentence "Three bright coins in five holes be" just means three coins fit into the five slots. "At one end sits the seducer of she" is saying the seducer sits at an end. The seducer, in this case, would be the Snake, seducing Eve to eat the apple (Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden). The next line "The wind from behind, the woman doth play" describes which end the Snake sits at. Behind is the to left, so there is no behind if it's at the left end, which determines it's on the right. It also determines that the lady is in the middle spot, which is to the left of the "wind" (behind the wind) which is the empty slot beside the Snake. And the woman is the prisoner. The next line "The formless one, null, lies furthest from they" is saying there's an empty slot at the opposite end of the Snake, which is the left slot. "The old one beside the serpent sits not" is pretty self-explanatory. The Old Man doesn't sit next to the Snake and "Tis to the prisoner's left that he doth rot". So the old one sits to the left of the prisoner. Now you have the solution, so to complete the puzzle, place the Coin [Old Man] in the second slot, the Coin [Prisoner] in the middle, and the Coin [Snake] in the fifth slot.


"First lies the seat of He who is Peerless
Silent and empty,
heartless and fearless
Beside him sits one who knows
The place of the servant is
next to throne

Dozens of feet,
yet not a single toe
The One that is Hidden
beside him doth go
Seducer of dreams,
creature of Hades
Lying further from
Man and closer to Lady

Man and Woman seeing all
Heedless to the Raven's call

Silent and Hidden the two may be
They be not there for you to see

Return them to whence
they would be
And blessing shall
descend on thee

I speak thus with
the North Star behind me
The birth of the sun is
the start of the story"

Empty, Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner

This one is a little harder. "First lies the seat of He who is Peerless; Silent and empty, heartless and fearless" describes the first slot, which is the left, and we do not know who or if someone goes there. "Beside him sits one who knows" determines someone is in the second slot. "Dozens of feet, yet not a single toe" means there is no human between the second slot and the fourth slot. "The One that is Hidden beside him doth go; Seducer of dreams, a creature of Hades" is easy to understand. The Snake is both the seducer and creature of Hades. The meaning of "Lying further from Man and closer to Lady" is quite obvious. So the Snake is closer to the lady, and further from the man. "Man and Woman seeing all Heedless to the Raven's call," tells you that between the man, which is the Old Man, and the woman, which is the Prisoner, they must see all five slots between them. If the Snake is placed in the fourth slot where it belongs, the woman in the fifth slot, and the man in the second slot, it all works out. The man and the woman can see all five slots and the Snake is closer to the lady and further from the man. But the riddle is not done yet. "Silent and Hidden the two may be, They be not there for you to see" determines that the first slot, which is "silent", and the middle slot, which is "hidden", are empty. This leaves you with the solution. So put the Coin [Old Man] in the second slot, the Coin [Snake] in the fourth slot, and the Coin [Prisoner] in the fifth slot.


"Like coins in the hazy aether tossed
Our souls must by
their sinful weight
Descend to earth
with lightness lost

To "right" the sins
that they hath laid
When thrice in falling they intone
The Happiness shall be thy own

The first note be not by
the Horned One rung
Though it be there that
all sins be sprung

The Bringer of Life and
the Bringer of Shame
The sins of the latter be
even more tame

Though coming
in the Aged One's wake
The Formless One's soul
in fear doth quake

The Needless One, silent,
with hungers all sated
Is least then in sin
with his lusts all abated

For the gravest of sinners
His place be appointed
And if he be lucky
May his soul be anointed"

Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner, Empty

The sentence "Our souls must by their sinful weight; To 'right' the sins that they hath laid" means that the more sinful the person or thing is, the further to the right it belongs. "The first note be not by the Horned One rung; though it be there that all sins be sprung" determines that the Snake is not the biggest sinner, but is the cause of the sins, as it's represented as the Devil. "The Bringer of Life and the Bringer of Shame; the sins of the latter be even more tame" says that the woman, which is the bringer of life, is more sinful than the snake, which is the bringer of shame. The word "latter" means the second of two things mentioned, and the word "tame" determines that the "latter" (the snake) is less afraid, therefore less sinful. "Though coming in the Aged One's wake; the Formless One's soul in fear doth quake" mentions that the snake is afraid of the old man, thus they cannot be together. "The Needless One, silent, with hungers all sated; Is least then in sin with his lusts all abated" states that the old man has put an end to his eagerness, or if you will, craving for qualities such as power, life, etc. Thus, making him the least to sin.

Now that you have the solution, put the Coin [Old Man] in the first slot, the Coin [Snake] in the middle, and the Coin [Prisoner] in the fourth slot.
After you've solved the old coin puzzle, the secretarial desk will open; take the Lyne House Key inside. Directly behind you after the puzzle is a small path that leads to a Save Point. Exit the room and go back up to 2F. Use the Lyne House key to open Room 209. Inside you may hear some whispers but that's not important right now. Move to the balcony, which leads to Room 208. Get the Handgun Bullets on the chair and take the Apartment Stairway Key on the envelope on the bed. Use the Save Point on the wall because a boss is coming up very shortly.

Go back to Room 209 on the balcony and exit the room. Head to the west stairway, past the Mannequin, and enter the stairway using the Apartment Stairway Key.


Once you're inside this stairway, you can't get out. The door is locked and the stairway is filled with water. So you'll have to deal with Pyramid Head.

This is pretty easy. You actually don't even have to fire a single shot. All you have to do is run to the other side of the room when Pyramid Head gets near you. But he may swipe you with his Great Knife if you don't do it at the right time. So wait in the corner at the beginning until he gets near you, and let him swing his Great Knife - it shouldn't hit you. Right after he swings, run to the other side of the room. Let him come up to you again and if he swings, do the same thing, run to the other side of the room. After a bit, he will stop swinging and he will try to slay you in each corner. This is better because it takes more time for him to do it, however, he will kill you if it hits you, no matter what health you have.

He will nail his Great Knife right into the ground where you were, leaving you with plenty of time to get to the other corner if you haven't already. Remember that you can always use the Handgun to slow him down. It won't hurt him but it can buy you some time.

Keep in mind that this battle is harder at the beginning and Pyramid Head will try to swipe at you when you exit a corner. Just run fast and try to stay as far away from him as you can and he shouldn't hit you. And if you're playing on Hard Action Level, his reaction to you running away will be faster. You may receive a slash but it won't kill you if you have good health; it won't do too much, too. Near the beginning of the fight, dash to the other far corner because he may just close you in. Do this for a while until you notice he's starting to do the slaying attack, where he lifts the knife over his head and swings downward.

Pyramid Head wields a mighty blade so heavy that he has to drag it behind him. So that means he will walk pretty slow. Pyramid Head has three attacks. One is placing his Great Knife behind him so he can lift it over his head and slay James - this will kill you no matter what. Another attack with his knife is where he just swipes across at you; usually at the beginning of the fight, which is the hardest part to not get hit. And in the other attack, he grabs you by your neck and tries to strangle you - in this case, you would have to be very close and in front of him. So stay as far away from him as possible.

Whatever you do, make sure he does not get a swing at you with his Great Knife. It probably won't kill you if it's a sideways swing, but if he lifts it up and swings downward, you're dead. That is if it hits you. If you see him stop, that means he lifting up his Great Knife so he can take a swing at you. When this happens, run to other far corners of the room. Stay away from him while running away because he may hit you while he lifts the knife up which is very fast and can kill you, as it did to me once when I was fooling around with the wooden plank.

After you move to a different corner from where you started, wait for him to stop and lift his Great Knife, and then leg it to the other corner - where you were before. Just keep repeating this strategy for a while and the fight will be over. An alarm will sound off and Pyramid Head will turn around and head down the stairs. Don't follow him or he may try to slay James. Doing this strategy will save you a lot of precious bullets so you should always do this. The fight is timed (its duration varies on Action Level) and Pyramid Head will leave eventually, however shooting at him can end the battle faster.

After Pyramid Head exits to outside, the water drains. Go down the stairs and go through the door to outside.

End of part one:

Please note that these walkthrough's are all available on the internet, but I was given permission by the owner of to use them. Thanks knwLss