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Silent Hill 2: Walkthrough PART THREE


First Room
As soon as the video is over you should know what you have to do. Eddie has gone mad and now you have to kill him before he kills you. In this first room, there are many weapons you can use. But there are two strategies I recommend. The Steel Pipe and Great Knife.

With the Steel Pipe, right from the beginning of the battle, just hold R2 and X tightly to continuously bash Eddie over the head. If you do this, he shouldn't ever get a chance to hit you; however, he may be close. This strategy is intended for Hard Action Level; getting a 10-star ranking. This strategy is not recommended for Easy, though, as it works horribly.

The other strategy is using the Great Knife because of its power. It is a great choice if you know what you're doing. It is the most powerful weapon in the game and you will only need to swipe Eddie 1-3 times, depending on your action level. You can also slay him, which is best. It will make him run to the next room after one successful slay (two on Hard Action Level). If playing on Easy, you can just swipe at him but on Normal and Hard, just try to slay him. However, I don't recommend this strategy on Hard because you'll probably get shot and/or take some hits from Eddie. On lower action levels, don't worry too much about being hit either because Eddie will move away from James after he hits him. This is good because he will be in your range and he won't attack you for a bit because he just did. So try this strategy on lower action levels and the above strategy for hard.

Although melee weapons are the way to go in this first room, guns are good as well. But if you use them, Eddie will probably shoot you. After you hit him enough, you can hear him panting and he will run into the next room.

With the Shotgun and Hunting Rifle, just start blasting him away until he runs into the next room. But you should try going right up to him with the Shotgun and give him a few blasts. The Hunting Rifle should only be used if you decide to stay away from Eddie and fire at him. But if you're far away, he'll probably shoot you. If you're close, he will punch you, which inflicts a lot less damage. Recover your health safely and be sure to use some Health Drinks for minor wounds, First-Aid Kits for larger wounds, and Ampoules for painkillers if you really need them.

I don't recommend the above strategy for Normal and Hard, but it can work well for Easy and Beginner.

After you shoot Eddie a number of times, he will end the draw and run into the next room. After he leaves, be sure to get the Rifle Shells and the Shotgun Shells. Reload all of your weapons if you need to and make sure you have good health. Then enter the second room.

Second Room
In this room, there are giant racks of meat hanging from the roof so you can use them to block Eddie's shots. Eddie has 2 attacks: Either raising his .357 Magnum Revolver and shooting James, or he will run up to him and punch him. In this room, it is best to use your Shotgun first because you should have plenty of ammo for it and not as much for the Hunting Rifle. The Shotgun has amazing power at close range as well and can have two more shells loaded into the gun.

A punch from Eddie will only take off around a tenth or so of your health, however, a shot will take off a quarter of your health. Try to get close to Eddie so he only gets to punch you and inflict less damage. If he does do so, let him walk away a bit and blast him. Quickly strafe out of the way so he can't punch you; try it again.

When Eddie runs after you, just use the strafing buttons and directional buttons to get away. Hide behind the meat racks and then come out and shoot Eddie. Then do it again. When he starts hiding behind the meat racks, you may want to equip the Handgun because it is faster and pretty good for this part. Find him hiding behind the rack and let him run, but since the Handgun is easy to ready your aim, aim at Eddie and take off some shots. Repeat this process for a while and he will finally die in a brief video.

That may work but the Shotgun should work better. When Eddie starts hiding behind the meat racks, one good shot (possibly more) should kill him. If you want to use it, there is a different strategy here below.

After the first video in the second room when Eddie approaches you, shoot him once, then run away so he can't get you back. This won't work on Hard so don't try it. It is best to try to attack Eddie at close range because he will run up to you and try to punch you, which is much better than being shot by his gun because it's much more powerful. James' health can still go red after 4 or 5 punches so be careful, and be sure to use health often after contact from Eddie.

Try to sneak up on Eddie from behind. To do this, simply hide behind the meat racks so Eddie can't see you. When he runs somewhere, run out and shoot him. After about 8-15 Shotgun or Rifle blasts, Eddie should fall to the ground. He is dead now. So continue by exiting through one of the two large doors where you haven't been yet.


"Mary... Did you really die three years ago...?"

As soon as you exit through one of the doors, continue along the dock to find a Save Point on a barrel. Continue to the left until you see a boat, and get in it. Now you have to row the boat across Toluca Lake. If you are playing Beginner, Easy, or Normal Action Level, it will be much easier to control the boat. Use the D-Pad buttons to go in the direction you want to. Hold up to go forward, left to go left, and the right to go right.

But if you are playing Hard Action Level, this could be hard for you. You will have to use both analogue sticks. By rotating both analogue sticks in a clockwise fashion at the same time, you will turn to the left. If you turn both analogue sticks in a counter-clockwise fashion at the same time, you will turn to the right. To move forward, simultaneously turn the left analogue stick counter-clockwise and the right analogue stick clockwise.

Now you know how to control your boat, so get moving. Try to do this very fast because the time you take to complete this will count in your final ranking at the end of the game. Under a minute is really good, but it will be very hard to get under a minute on hard. If you get under 1m20s, that's good.

At the beginning, turn your boat right for a few seconds and then stop. Move forward as the boat gradually stops turning. If you do it right, the light should be on the screen. If you're still turning as it appears on the screen, stop and counter steer. Now row forward towards the light until you reach the dock to your "special place", which is the Lake View Hotel.

"Waiting for you..."

Finally! You have reached your "special place", the Lake View Hotel. After the boat stage, equip your Shotgun until near the end of the game, if you haven't already. Now run forward to the courtyard of the hotel. On the left fountain, you will find the "Little Mermaid" Music Box. Take it and look around for the main entrance stairs to the Lake View Hotel and enter through the double doors. You will need to find a map.
Look to James' left and on the wall is the conveniently placed Hotel Map (For Guests). When you look at the map, you'll notice that in the box of Room 312 it says "Waiting for You..." The room James and Mary stayed in - Could Mary really be here? Next, enter the "Lake Shore" Restaurant and go over to the area with the tables. Grab the "Fish" Key on the set table and then try to head for the exit. As you see in the video, Laura is here. She scares James by playing the piano.

This video is pretty important. You get Laura's Letter which tells you a few things, including Mary saying "Happy 8th Birthday to Laura." Laura says she turned 8 last week. So Mary couldn't have died three years ago! Laura apparently lost another letter and runs away to find it. When she's gone, examine piano for a funny comment on Mary. You are done here so exit to the main hallway.

There will be two Doormen out here and they are coming after you. Shoot them both twice with the Shotgun so they fall to the ground, then kick them. If you need or want Rifle and Handgun ammo, go through the 3rd door on the left of the west side of this corridor, which is a Store Room. Kill the Mannequins in the area and enter the open room through the doorway at the end to the left. Get the Rifle Shells on the boxes and Handgun bullets x3 on the shelf. Exit the Store Room and enter the lobby through one of the two large doors.

There's a Save Point on a chair in the north-west. Head to the Reception to find a note on the counter about James' videotape. It says that his videotape that he left is in the safe in the Office on 1F. Go through the door to the inside of the Reception. Grab the Key to Room 312 in one of the key boxes and exit the Reception. Then go back to the main hallway and go down to B1F. Once down here, make your way past the two Mannequins and grab the Thinner in the elevator. Then go back upstairs.

You are done on this floor so go up to 2F via the slim staircase. Also, don't count on getting to Room 312 soon. You'll notice that there is a locked gate blocking the 3F hallway. On 2F, enter the Cloak Room to find a First-Aid Kit on the counter. Move behind the counter and get the Shotgun Shells x2 and Handgun Bullets x2 on the shelf. Then examine the locked briefcase on the counter to the left. Use the "Fish" Key to open it, and take the Key to hotel Room 204 inside. Exit the room and go to James' left, down the corridor and get the Handgun Bullets x2 on the semi-circle table by the window. Check out the Reading Room for Shotgun Shells to the right on the small table in the corner, and a Health Drink further back. More Shotgun Shells are on the middle-left shelf. Exit the room.

The next thing to do is to go to the west wing of rooms. Kill the two Doormen in the hallway and enter Room 204, with the Key to Hotel Room 204. Inside on a desk, you will find the Employee Elevator Key. Continue investigating, and you will find that there is a hole in the wall to the left, so you can access Room 202. In this room, you will find a funny looking briefcase and some pictures on the bed.

As you can see, this briefcase is locked. You need to enter a combination of 4 letters, which make up an actual word. No, it is not Mary. Go to the bed and investigate it. James will notice that one picture is of the case and the combination, but it is crossed out in black ink. Now is the time to use the Thinner. Go in the menu and use it. If you don't have it, it's in the B1F elevator.

Now the combination will be revealed. Go back to the case and enter the same combination as in the picture, and the case will open. Inside is the "Cinderella" Music Box.

Now you want to go to the Employee Elevator Room, which is across to the east side of 2F since you have the key now. So exit this room, unlocking the door first, and exit the corridor as well. Enter the middle corridor of 2F and enter the east corridor. Grab the Health Drink on the semi-circle table to the left and the Rifle Shells on the weird stand thing. Then enter the Employee Elevator Room, using the Employee Elevator Key.

Use the Save Point near the door if you need to and get the 2 Health Drinks on the janitor cart. Go over to the small elevator and walk in. An alarm will sound. That means that the elevator can't support this much weight. James is not fat, it's just his items. Check the panel on the elevator to find a note about weight allowance. You need to check the panel so James knows he needs to get rid of his items.

Just outside of the elevator is a shelf. Go and investigate it. In order to use the elevator, you must empty your whole Inventory into the shelf. You actually don't have to put Mary's Letter and Photo on the shelf, but you might as well since you don't need them. But even if you have any other single item, like Laura's Letter, James can't use the elevator. If you can't put your items in yet, you still need to check the panel in the elevator so James sees the note on weight allowance! After putting all your things on the shelf, go back to the elevator and go down to 1F. You might feel scared discarding your weapons for now but you will be just fine.

On 1F, just outside of the elevator, grab the Hotel Map (For Employees) on the corkboard.
Find and enter the Pantry and grab the hard to see "Snow White" Music Box on the shelf to the left. Now you have all the Music Boxes. Exit the room and enter the Office. If you remember from the note to James, this is where James' videotape should be. Inside, grab the Videotape and Can Opener in the safe to the right, then exit the room. For ammo, enter the Employee Lounge. Get the Rifle Shells x2 on the fridge in the far corner, then exit the room. If you go back to the elevator, you may notice that it will not move. So you have to find another way back to 2F.

For a start, go through the blue door in front of the Office. Inside, go down the stairs and enter the basement through the door at the bottom. In this area, there will be two Mannequins that you will have to run past and you have no weapons to use on them. The area is a bit dark to see your map, so push yourself past the first Mannequin, then enter the room to James' left -- the Boiler Room. Take the First-Aid Kit in front of you on the ground, and the Bar Key hanging on the other side of the boiler, then exit
the room.

Move forward a bit so you can check your map. Then push past the next Mannequin and enter the Kitchen. Get the 2 Health Drinks on the back shelf and the Health Drink on the right counter. You can find a large tin can at the corner of the counter. Now is the time to use the Can Opener. After you've opened the can, you will find light bulbs inside. Who keeps light bulbs in a can, honestly? James will take a Light Bulb. Continue on by entering the "Venus Tears" Bar through the right door. Inside the bar, it is dark and James can't see clearly enough to put the Bar Key in the keyhole to unlock it.

Behind the door is a lamp on the bar. Use the Light Bulb and James will put it in the lamp. Now exit through the door, using the Bar Key, since it's bright enough now. Now you are in a familiar place - the basement for guests. Go up the stairs to 1F, then enter the lobby. Go up the stairs here to 2F and enter the east side of 2F.

Here there will be two menacing Mannequins in front of you. Quickly run past them and enter the Employee Elevator Room. Reclaim your things from the shelf and exit. Sadly, the two Mannequins are gone now. Go back down to 1F in the lobby. Once you're down the lobby stairs, examine the large Music Box player at the bottom.


In each slot the same thing is written:

"When the Lost One is returned the sour note shall turn sweet"

No real puzzle here; just put the 3 Music Boxes in random slots. The quote from above just tells you what will happen after you insert the three music boxes.


Here, you will have to put the boxes in specific places. When you examine the empty slots, you'll find readings that describe which Music Box goes in which slot, and the order below is from left to right.

"Seat of the Princess who fled at midnight."

"Seat of the Princess who awoke from death."

"Seat of the Princess who spoke no words."

This is a rather easy puzzle, especially if you have basic knowledge of Cinderella, Snow White, and the Little Mermaid. Cinderella was the one who fled at midnight, and she also left a shoe. So the "Cinderella" Music Box goes in the left slot. Who awoke from death? That would be Snow White. After she ate the poisoned apple from the Queen, she died, and the Prince resurrected her. So the "Snow White" Music Box goes in the front slot. And lastly, we have the Little Mermaid. But to make sure she belongs in the last spot, does the sentence match her? Yes, she gave up her voice so she could marry the Prince. So put the "Little Mermaid" Music Box in the right slot.


On Hard, it's a little different. The rectangular identification slots have more detail, but at the same time are harder to recognise the character. The order is from left to right below.

"Twas shameful greed did stain her shoe with blood."

"Even so, I still want to believe that she was happy."

"Beauty - Both a blessing and a curse thou be."

Let's look at the first one. The word "shoe" sort of gives it away. But the part about the blood refers to the original "Cinderella". You may or may not remember about the blood because there are apparently over 3000 versions of "Cinderella". Anyway, in the original, Cinderella ultimately goes to the party with the curfew and loses her shoe. The Prince then sets out to find out whose it was by making women try the shoe on to see if it fits. When he comes to the home where Cinderella is, with her stepmother and her two daughters, the stepmother hacks the first sister's big toe off for the slipper to fit. It does and she leaves with the prince, but some birds cry out: "Look! Look! There's blood in the shoe! The shoe's too small! The right bride is still at home." So the prince goes back and the stepmother hacks off the heel of the second sister to make the slipper fit, but the birds warn the prince again. So he goes back and Cinderella tries on the slipper and it fits since it's hers. So what the sentence means is: "Twas shameful the stepmother's greed for the prince's riches did stain Cinderella's shoe with the sisters' blood." Pretty long sentence but that's what it means. So place the "Cinderella" Music Box in the left slot.

The second sentence refers to the Little Mermaid. She had the finest voice of all mermaids and better than all humans. But once she saw the prince she fell in love. She gave her voice away so she could at least have a chance of being with the prince, becoming a mute. She ultimately did and that's what the sentence is referring to. "Even though she's a mute, I still want to believe that she was happy." So put the "Little Mermaid" Music Box in the front slot.

The last sentence refers to Snow White and how beautiful she was. She was so beautiful that she was the "fairest of them all" so the Queen tried various attempts to kill her. For one attempt, she gave Snow White a poisoned apple, which she ate and died from. A prince came along and took her corpse, then later he resurrected her. Thus being so, the Queen ultimately did kill her so she could be the "fairest of them all". "Beauty - A blessing to everyone around her yet a curse to her as the Queen wanted to kill her." So put the "Snow White" Music Box in the right slot.

Once the music boxes are in their correct locations, play the music box and it will play correctly. The music boxes will turn to the inside of the large music box on a turntable and three more music boxes will be revealed, with a key on the one in the middle. If the music boxes aren't in their correct spots, the music will play unpleasantly.

Take the Hotel Stairway Key, then go up the stairs behind you and go through the west double doors. From there, head up to 3F via the stairs right beside you to the right. Use the Hotel Stairway Key and open the gate blocking the way. Then use the Key to Room 312. If you didn't get the key, it's in the Reception in the 1F Lobby.

Inside, walk towards the other side of the room and go up to the VCR on the floor to the right of the TV. Put the Videotape in. Watch this important videotape, and when it's over Laura will enter the room. James tells her the truth and she leaves. After the video, James can hear Mary talking on his Radio. She must be in the hotel then! Exit the room.


"James. Where are you? I'm waiting. I'm waiting for you."

Once in the hall, you'll notice that the hotel is different. It seems to be leaking from the roof. Also, your Flashlight doesn't work and it won't for the rest of the game. You don't really need it, so don't worry about it. Down the hall is a Save Point on the door of Room 313. Head down to 2F when you're done here.

If you check your map, you can notice some purple marker, as well as a red marker for broken lock doors. If you enter the Reading Room on 2F, there are headphones on the desk. If you listen to the headphones it may affect which ending you receive at the end of the game. It is your choice if you want to listen to them or not. For more information, check out the Endings section. Now, enter the west corridor and if you go through certain doors you will be warped to different areas, but on the same floor.

Room 207 and Room 204 warp to each other. Room 202 warps you over to Room 219. Room 219 warps to Room 220. Room 220 warps you to Room 207. And lastly, Room 212 warps over to Room 202. To make more sense, here is a list of which doors warp to which door:

Room 207 - Room 204
Room 204 - Room 207
Room 202 - Room 219
Room 219 - Room 220
Room 220 - Room 207
Room 212 - Room 202

The idea is to get to the east corridor, and you can't get there without using these doors. So just try to enter Room 202 and it will warp you over to in front of Room 219 (on the opposite side of the hotel). From here, get the Handgun Bullets x2 on the window sill to James' left. Make your way to the south of the corridor and enter the next corridor to the west. Find the elevator and take the 2 Ampules on the semi-circle table, then enter the elevator. Examine the right panel and go down to B1F (B), which is the only elevator button that works.

After going down to B1F, you can see that this floor is completely flooded. You will have to work on this floor like this. Exit the elevator and go past the Patient Demon moving around on the ground. Enter the "Venus Tears" Bar to the left. Go behind the counter to find 5 Health Drinks on the back ledge with the other bottles! They camouflage with their surroundings but you can still notice them. Once done here, enter the Kitchen. If you need ammo, here is the place. There are Shotgun Shells x2 on the Kitchen counter to James' left and Rifle Shells x2 in the back on the shelf. Also on the counter by the fridge is a First-Aid Kit.

Exit the room through the east door and make your way to the blue staircase door, past a Patient Demon on the ground. James will meet Angela in an unfamiliar place and the stairs are on fire. If you have or have not yet examined the knife she gave you, it may affect the ending which you receive. For more information, check out the Endings section. After the video, you are left with fire in the middle of the stairs. Don't try to go through it as James will just lose health. Exit through the door you came in from.

Now you find yourself in the real stairway. It is the same as before (when you came down here without your items). Continue up the stairs and go through the door at the top. You are now on 1F again. Move to the south-east towards the washrooms and take the 2 Ampoules on the heater. On this floor, it really looks like the hotel had been on fire. Find the northeast path and take it. Get the Rifle Shells x2 in the small alcove by the Manager's Office and continue following the path. Go through the door at the end. Follow the unmapped grate path past two Underhangers and go through the door at the end.

In here you will find 9 Save Points! Nine Red Squares. I think Konami is trying to tell you to save your game here. After this point, there are the final two bosses in the game. Equip the Hunting Rifle and keep it ready for the rest of the game. Brace yourself, and then go through the double doors in the middle of the room.

James will see Maria ahead, hanging above with two Pyramid Heads. One will skewer her to kill her once more. James realises he knows the truth, and now it's time to end this.

You've already fought one Pyramid Head before; now you are about to fight two! Right at the beginning, run to a corner (preferably the corner furthest away from the two Pyramid Heads). From there, try to fire off 2-4 shots on Easy and Normal Action Level, then strafe out of the way using either L1 or R1 appropriately. Strafe to the next corner or the corner directly across from your current location before either Pyramid Head stabs you. Don't under-estimate their range - they can stretch pretty far. The two Pyramid Heads only have one attack that is coming up to James and stabbing him with their spears. On Hard Action Level, try to fire only 1-2 shots at them because the Pyramid Heads move much faster.

It is better to take only 1 shot and get away clean than to take 2 shots and receive a stabbing. But if you are sure you can make it, take 2 shots. Then strafe out of the way by using either L1 or R1. Hold L2 to position the camera on the Pyramid Heads while shooting them. Each Pyramid Head will usually be impacted by the second of two shots. When this happens, it does buy you some time but the other Pyramid Head may try to lock you in. So when that happens, strafe the other way.

You can actually trick the Pyramid Heads, too. If one is close, strafe towards him which should trigger him to try to stab you, and then strafe the other way quickly. This is great for buying time, which will allow you to fire more shots in the next corner.

Another strategy is using the Great Knife. First, you should get a good distance away from the Pyramid Heads, then pull out the Great Knife. Ready the knife and when they start to get close, press X hard enough so James performs the slay attack. This will heavily damage the Pyramid Heads and it can also make them spin with their spears, which is quite strange. This strategy is fun to try, but the Hunting Rifle should be sufficient.

After about 20 shots on Normal Action Level, the Pyramid Heads should stop and go towards the centre of the room. They then stab their spears through their heads and die. How ironic; they are invincible to James, yet they kill themselves in the middle of the battle. On Hard Action Level, you will have to shoot either Pyramid Head more times. Also, it doesn't matter which Pyramid Head you shoot because it's like they share their health. When you defeat the two Pyramid Heads (they defeat themselves, but oh well), you'll find that you can go back to the previous room and save your game, and there are two other doors in the Lobby which are locked.

Examine the Pyramid Heads' standing corpses to find a Rust-Colored Egg and a Scarlet Egg in both Pyramid Heads' hands. Use them to open the two exit doors by inserting them into either door. It doesn't matter which one goes in which door; as long as they're both in a door. So go to the doors and use the Rust-Colored Egg and the Scarlet Egg and they will both be unlocked.

After you've inserted the two eggs, go through one of the doors. Find the entrance doors you came in the hotel to start with and try to exit the hotel. You are now in a long hallway. A recording of Mary when she was sick will start to play. James is heard as well. If you stay and listen to the whole recording or run quickly and go through the door at the end of the hallway, it may affect which ending you will receive. Do what you want but you can also check the Endings section for more information. Make a decision and go through the door at the end of the hall when you're ready. Now you are actually outside, and it is raining.

Move forward and then head to the right along the railing. Find the stairs and go all the way to the top. It will take a while. When you're at the top, move forward to the window or bed, depending on which ending you're about to receive. A video will play and you now have to fight the Final Boss in the game.

This boss is quite similar to the Hangers but it's quicker at moving and has better attacks. This last boss has two attacks. It will spit out a cloud of black moths that will swarm around James to prevent him from moving. To get out of this attack, wiggle the movement controls and the shoulder buttons. This attack is easy to avoid though. When it spits out the moths, just start strafing around so they can't get you and they will go away. Just avoid the hole in the grating where the staircase was and the bed, which may slow you down. The demon will perform this attack many, many times so try to get shots off when the moths go away.

The other attack is very lethal so try not to let it happen to you. The demon will try to get close to you, hovering above, and it will snatch James with its long black tail. Beware of the speed of this attack because it is fast. Just make sure the demon never gets close to you and it won't happen. But to get out of this attack, wiggle the movement controls and shoulder buttons, then run away. If the demon is close to you, you should consider strafing in either direction to get away.

So in order to beat this final boss, try to stay as far away from the demon as possible and use the Hunting Rifle's great range and accuracy to get the job done. When strafing, watch out for the gap and bed that may cause you to get attacked. You should be able to fire two shots with the rifle before the demon spits out the moths. Always reload in the menu; with any gun.

If you run out of Rifle Shells, use the Handgun because of its quick firing rate and easy manoeuvrability. Use L1 and R1 to sidestep while shooting if the demon is close. The Shotgun is also good because of its power, but it is slow as well. Try to get close but not too close.

After you shoot the demon several times, it should fall to the ground. Go up to the helpless demon on the ground, hearing Mary's voice. Choose your weapon of choice (I personally enjoy the Great Knife - hold X tightly so you slay the demon). Then finish off the demon with one final delivery.

Good Job, you have now beaten the game. Enjoy your ending and remember that there are still four more endings (five in the Greatest Hits version) left for you to get. Use the Endings section below to figure out how to get each ending.


There are various different endings that are available and all depend on certain actions you take within the game.

Requirement: To receive this ending James must act like he wants to survive. Keeping stamina healthy, not doing suicidal things, and acting like you want to find Mary by going in the correct directions. This ending is the easiest to achieve and if you just play through without aiming for a certain ending, this is the one you're most likely to get. Do the following and you should get this ending.

-Recover your stamina (health) as soon as it drops. Try to keep green stamina throughout the whole game -After meeting Maria in Rosewater Park do not head east and do not make Maria tell James which direction the Hotel lies -Listen to the entire sick in bed conversation of Mary in the last long corridor before the last boss fight -Do everything that is recommended to avoid the Maria Ending

Avoid the Leave Ending:
-When your health drops, don't be too quick to heal and don't worry too much when you have red status

Requirement: You will receive this ending if James shows a lot of comfort with Maria and spends a lot of time with her. Thus making James think of her as a new Mary. Do the following to get this ending:

-Immediately go where Maria tells you to go. Do not go the opposite direction or make her tell you twice -Make sure Maria suffers none or very little damage -Spend a long time with Maria before leaving her in room S3 3F of Brookhaven Hospital -After you leave Maria in room S3, return and check on her often -After leaving Maria's cell in the Labyrinth try to re-enter the room (the white door, not down the stairs) -At the last long corridor before the Final Boss after the Pyramid Head Duo, don't listen to the entire conversation and quickly run forward and go through the door at the end of the hallway

Avoid the Maria Ending:
-Hit Maria with the wooden plank a few times but do not kill her -In the Inventory, examine the Photo of Mary and the Letter from Mary -After you meet Maria in Rosewater Park run as fast as you can to room S3 on 3F in Brookhaven Hospital

Requirement: In order to receive this ending, James must act in a suicidal manner. So if you are careless and keep your health low and do other things that might give James an idea of killing himself you should get this ending. If you wish to get this ending, do the following:

-Examine Angela's Knife in your Inventory -Read the Diary on the Hospital Rooftop -See the message to James on the wall in Neely's Bar, Dark South Vale -After viewing the videotape, go down to the Reading Room on 2F of the Nightmare Hotel (Lake View Hotel) and listen to the recorded conversation with the headphones on the desk -Listen to the entire last corridor conversation of Mary sick in bed before the last boss fight -Go through the game with red health status often

Avoid the In Water Ending:
-Do not let your health get to red status at all or too often, and use health items immediately when this happens -Never examine Angela's Knife

Requirement: In order to receive the Rebirth Ending, you must beat the game at least once. Start a new game and there will be four extra items that you will have to collect (not including Chainsaw, Hyper Spray, Dog Key, and Blue Gem). Collect the following four secret items so you have them in your inventory when you beat the game:

-White Chrism - Blue Creek Apartments, Room 105 1F -book: Lost Memories - In newspaper stand at the Texxon Gas Station -Obsidian Goblet - Silent Hill Historical Society Museum in the smashed display case in the second room -book: Crimson Ceremony - Behind the headphones on the bookshelf in the Reading Room on 2F, after you view the videotape, Nightmare Hotel

Requirement: To get this ending, you must receive the three normal endings, Leave, In Water, and Maria, or just receive the Rebirth Ending in a replay game. Once you have these endings in the same save file, load it and start a new game. When exiting Rosewater Park for the first time, just head straight and you will enter an open yard just west of Jack's Inn. Inside is a Dog House with a Dog Key inside. Get the key and use it to enter the Observation Room on 3F of the Nightmare (Lake View) Hotel, after viewing the videotape in Room 312. The game will end there and the ending will start. Enjoy it and feel free to laugh as it's a joke ending.

Requirement: Greatest Hits Version only. After you've beaten both scenarios (with James and Maria), you can pick up the Blue Gem in the Restroom at the beginning of the game in the main scenario. It is by the furthest stall from James. Once you have it you must use it in the following three places to receive the UFO Ending:
-Nightmare Hospital in the Garden 1F, after you've beaten the Hangers Boss -Right in front of the boat on the Labyrinth dock of Toluca Lake, after you've beaten the Eddie Boss -Room 312 3F Lake View Hotel, near the window by the TV, before you watch the videotape

Once you use the Blue Gem at these three places, the game will end and the ending will start to play. This is another joke ending so don't take it seriously.

Please note that these walkthroughs are all available on the internet, but I was given permission by the owner of to use them. Thanks knwLss