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Sherlock's amazing New Year come back.

Finally the long awaited new episode of Sherlock hit our small screens this New Year, the last series having ended in 2014. While Stephen Moffet took time off to concentrate on other projects as working on both Sherlock and Doctor Who full time was proving too difficult. Clearly the rest has done him good, as we have returned to good storylines, and high quality dialogue.

Baby Rosy is now born, Mr and Mrs Watson are suffering sleepless nights trying to take care of her. While Sherlock is picked as god father, seeming to have softened up with time. They still solve cases together, although now it means taking Rosie with them or finding a babysitter. Mycroft wants Sherlock to find Moriarty and complete the final game. Sherlock is happy to wait, until it begins knowing that looking for it is useless until the time is right. Busying himself with other cases while he can.

John still can’t adjust to all the lies Mary gave him about who she was, even though he burned the data stick of her past. In fact his eyes start wandering to another woman, in a very un-Watson like affair. A part of the episode I have to admit I hated, as it’s is not in his character to do this. Plus Sherlock would notice what was going on, as would Mary. The man can not keep a secret. There are some fantastic lines between John and Lestrade as they identify Rosie to Sherlock, with him asking are you two making a joke? I don’t get it. As well as a few places where Sherlock has grown a strange twisted sense of humour, using his powers to ‘make up’ things about a person to put them back in their place.

However the main storyline is that another of Mary’s old team has survived. Now he is coming after Mary, putting her whole family in danger. As they struggle to work out what has happened. There is very little I can say about this storyline and the smashed busts of Mrs Thatcher without giving away huge pieces of the plot and the ending. An ending which has fans up in arms already, we can talk about next week after the new episode airs.

I have to admit, although there are some gaping problems in the plot towards the ending I can’t talk about yet. I have to admit I really loved this episode and how the characters were portrayed. It was a perfect start to the new series.

If you have missed the episode during the party season, it will be on BBC I player for the next month.

8/10 stars

Sarah Beth James