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Sherlock: The Final Problem

Okay, ladies and gentleman. You know the score now.

Have you seen both episodes of the current series?


Then walk away right now, go and watch them. Catch up on BBC Iplayer and come back.

Full spoilers! I am going to talk about the full ending of the last episode. Last chance to not read on.

Sherlock Holmes has a sister?!!! That’s a new one on me, even from reading the original books and many of the spin off’s. Correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I know only a younger brother was ever mentioned? I actually thought that the girl would turn out to be Moriarty’s sister/daughter/wife or even him dressed as a woman. Like in the Beekeeper’s Apprentice, penned by Laurie King. Amazing book and a wonderful author of Holmes's later life.

We start the episode with Mycroft at home watching an old movie on projector. The movie cuts with scenes from his childhood, and eventual noises and people running around the house. (I don’t want to give too much away from this amazing opening scene). Scare Mycroft enough that he decides he has no choice but to go to his younger brother for help on the matter of their sister.

He tells the tale slowly, of a past that Sherlock doesn’t remember. A sister, one year younger than him. A sister who was far more skilled, who could do things that no one else could. A sister who taught Sherlock everything he knows. And a puzzle from his childhood that was never solved. Eurus (the east wind) loved to experiment, to learn things. However, her experiments were not easily explained or permissible in a young child.

It is hardly acceptable for a child to cut herself to see how her muscles work. Or to kidnap Sherlock’s dog and set a riddle for them to find him. A riddle which they could not solve, and they never found the dog. Although as she sung about the dog being drowned they knew there was no point. Pictures with Sherlock’s face crossed out scared her whole family. Until she finally burned the family home to the ground and was taken into mental care. Sherlock’s young mind buried the events, rewrote his memories to remove her as only a child could. Her parents grieved, her Uncle did his best for her and eventually so did Mycroft when he faked her death and moved her to somewhere more secure understanding that she could not be helped. Telling everyone who remembered her that she had died, as a ‘kindess’ so they would not suffer any longer. Mycroft also made mistakes, he would bring her gifts in return for her talents to working things out. One of these ‘gifts’ leading them to the problem we have today.

How she escaped the mental hospital/prison she was kept in.

After a bomb goes off at Baker Street, Eurus planned of course. Holmes and Watson head off to break into the facility where she is being kept. Where they discover that all is not well, and Eurus and a figure from Holmes’s past have all the cards stacked against them as they are drawn into the final problem. A series of complex and deadly games, fighting for their lives.

What an emotional roller coaster ride this episode is! Continuing to show the deep bonds between the main characters as they struggle to cope with a scenario that no one should ever have to. Trying to keep each other strong, and tell each other today we have to be soldiers. No matter how much these ‘games’ torture us emotionally. I see this episode as Hunger Games meets The Crystal Maze.

Special mention has to go to Moriarty’s amazing entrance to the episode, flying in by helicopter to ‘I Want to Break Free’. Just goes to show, that villains always know how to make an entrance! Loved seeing Brian May posting about the piece this morning.

This is a fantastic episode, this series has been the best so far. I really hope that it isn’t the end to Sherlock, although there are a lot of rumours it could be. At least if it is, we are let with a good solid ending. No loose threads, no regrets. Unlike too many axed shows.

I can only give this episode and the series over all 10/10.

Loved it!

Sarah Beth James